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Now you can read from the Beginning

of Sharisax is Out There

A “Reverse” Table of Contents

You can read from my first post — and follow my journey along Social Media Revolutionary Road — or scroll through the article titles to see what might strike your fancy. Happy learning. Join the conversation. — Shari

Grow your business with social media strategies

Grow your business with social media strategies, tactics, and tools,

Sharisax is Out There: What I’ve learned BEFORE beginning this blog

Press Releases and Advertising are Dead

Comment on other blogs to get your own blog noticed

When Communication adds up to a big fat ZERO

Robert Scoble tells my SFSU students that we are All Connected

Jack Dorsey — the original Tweeter — comes to SFSU

Facebook is a Waste of Time

Is Facebook better for your business than your social life?

Student guest post: Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Social Media strategies work in everyday life as well

Wise up on social media: Here’s some recommended reading

Twitter 101 – Lesson ONE – Twitter does not have to be Stupid

Twitter 101 – Lesson TWO – Whom to follow

Twitter 101 – Lesson THREE – Installing Tweetdeck to make Twitter life more organized

Twitter 101 – Lesson FOUR – What to tweet

Blogging advice from Robyn Tippins, Yahoo Community Manager

Personal Branding is a powerful social media strategy

Twitter for Business: Beyond Twitter 101

Why BabyBoomers like me should DIVE IN to Social Media

15 Social Media Maxims for Marketers

A Day in the Life of Justin Fog – new PR guy

What to Tweet about – Part TWO

Russell Volckmann says Business will rebound when practices change

Les Ross explains how to power your ideas

Find time to manage your online presence

Shijia Yu has learned all about Twitter for Business

Performance Social Media fan page on Facebook

OUT with the OLD Rules of Marketing

Managing my online presence

Viral Video, Twitter Tips, Future of Advertising – weekend reading

What to blog? My story of Peter

Listening Redux: First rule to business success

Networking DO’S and DON’TS

With 100’s of social media, which do you choose?

2-week checkup on my managing my online presence

Viral video article one from student Ashley Hall

No guarantees, but here are DO’S and DON’TS for going Viral

Online Video: Advertising or just entertainment?

Life Well-Led Advice from Marty Nemco

Beyond the Hype: Roadmap for Social Media panel discussion

Get found on Web thru Online News Releases [SEO]

Social news releases REPLACE old hat press releases

Bay Area Ad Pro John Gumas advises students & biz heads about the future of marketing

Is social media the answer when traditional PR “sucks”?

10 Steps to Convincing your Boss to GO SOCIAL MEDIA

Introducing Brian Solis’ book Putting The Public Back in PR

Facilitating Online Conversations – Part 2 of Book Review

Social Media Tools are NOT Strategies – Part 3 of Book Review

Community Managers: Your company’s social media leader – Part 4 of Book Review

Gen-Yer Zahid Lilani: Guest Poster talks about Web Future

Microblogging, i.e., Twitter can contribute to conversation – Part 5 of Book Review

Change isn’t easy, but you’d better do it – Part 6 of Book Review

Pump your own Google Juice with Ning and Squidoo

Getting Started: Marketing 101, Social Media 101, Twitter 101

Twitter Basics continue: Now you can Tweet, what’s next?

Decorate your Twitter background – step by step

Go Pro: Fix up your LinkedIn Profile

Start a Blog: Step by Step directions

Pick a fancy Design for your blog

Social Media Success 101 – A video blog

Social Media: Tips, stats, and updates

LinkedIn Questions & Answers – guest post

Top Trends in Blogging & Twitter via Mashable

Circle of Reciprocity begins with FREE

To Blog . . . or not To Blog

Web designers still in demand – guest post by James Hilton

Creating BUZZ and real-time trends

Making News in the Digital Era – book review

Media Relations by the book – David’s book

List on Twitter Lists

Follow Friday Family – my “baby”

Technorati’s Annual Blog Stats

Use your Blog to be the GO-TO Source for information

Ten reasons I love Social Media and Yoga

Facebook for Business, Blogging, Posterous & More

Mold Social Media Success — report from SM Tools Week

So you’ve joined a LinkedIn group: Now What? — guest post by Delores Williams

728 LinkedIn FAQ’s — Who knew?

Do we need an Emily Post for Social Media Etiquette?

Social Media has a PR problem

What to Tweet? Mix Personal with Business? YES

More STRATEGIES to get you started with Social Media

Best Twitter Tips from Small Business Trends report

Counting the ways I love Twitterville

Twitter Basics – Workshop Cheat Sheet & Links

Be Social to learn Social – 200 Profs learn about Social Media

ABC’s of PR – guest post from Magan Jenkin

Ten Mistakes Made by Social Media Newbies

“Get Laid, Get Paid, and Don’t Die”– What People Want

Review of Tamar Weinberg’s “The Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web”

Mafia Wars & More: a comment for newbies

Resolve to Manage Your Online Presence

Checklist for Online Time Management

How to Achieve your 2010 Goals

Why Social Media is Like a Day at the Beach

How to Choose a Blog to Read

How to Handle the Web Like One of Our Superkids

Laid Off and Bored? Use Your Brain and the Net to Become an Expert

Here’s How Social Media Works to Build Relationships

9 Blogging Blunders

Beginning Blogger’s Workshop

What I Learned About Blogging and Life from Julie & Julia

Why Do People Do What They Do Online?

The Science of RE-TWEETING

What Are the Educational Needs of Social Media Marketing?

How Many of These Social Media Questions Can You Answer?

Turning Your Passive Passion into Active Income

Social Media Enables Companies to Become Part of the Recommendation Chain

Everyone is Someone’s Customer: Use Social Media to Reach Them

Just Starting Your Blog — Meet Lyndit, Who Didit

Should You Set Up Your Own Blog?

Social Media Sites Surpass Porn, and J-Students Take Note

Can Social Media Predict the Academy Award Winners

Ad Agencies Can Survive . . . IF

What’s the ROI of Blog Comments, Anyway?

Social Media Helps Students & Teachers Learn from One Another

Marketing Profs Describe the Ideal Qualities for New Hires

Marketing Should Be the Last Department to be in Social Media

Art of Selling

How to Improve Your LinkedIn ROI by Tweaking Your Profile

Inbound Marketing: Build Genuine Relationships for Mutual Gain

How Social Engagement Like the Net is Like the Nature of Luck

The Future of Advertising: A Google AdWords How-to

10 Videos on How to LinkedIn

Social Media Victories — and how to win them

How to Help Your LinkedIn Group Members

Social Web to Get More Social

Your HR Dept Should & Can Help You Become a Human Talent Organization

Can This Blog Help My Sister and Her Beau Win a Global Honeymoon

“Please contact me if I can be of assistance” — Gregory Stringer

How to Write That First Blog Post on

Social Media Best Practice: Thing BIG, Start small

Social Media is Really All About Building Community and Supporting One Another [My interview]

How To Do Facebook Right . . . If You Have a Business To Grow

Friends Become Good Clients Through the Social Web

How To Do Social Media By The Book

Webinars Work . . . When Everything Works

What You Can Do With Your Facebook Friends

Social Media Monitoring: Critical to Business Success

PR Pros Must Become Technology Pros

Why I’m Here

If Press Releases Are Not Dead, Then What?

How To Do the “New” PR Right

Should You Be Doing Webinars? Should I?

Do or Die. There is No “Try”

How to Un-Bury the Book You’ve Got in You

If Webinars are the Way to Go, Here’s How to Do Them

8 Tips to Get Astounding Results from LinkedIn

Which Side of the Digital Divide Will Your Company Be on in Two Years?

No Time for Social Media? Try a Virtual Assistant

Local Businesses Need Foursquare

WordPress 3.0 Features “Featured” at Meetup

Nook Beats Out the Kindle

The NEW MARKETER Needs to be Social Media Savvy

Don’t Make These Webinar Blunders

The Main Reason You Should Find & Attend a Linchpin Meetup

Will a Free WordPress Theme Work for You?

What Should Your First Blog Post Be About?

How To Create Your Own Success on LinkedIn

Nook Goes After Baby Boomers With Low Prices & Large Type

Please Do My Social Media for Me

Tips and Tabs for Facebook Fanpages

One-Shot Social Media Classes Don’t Do the Trick

What Do Blogging and Twitter Have to Do With Schoolwork?

Why Your Website Really Needs a Blog

Listen To Me . . . BEFORE You Tell Me What To Do

You Don’t Have to Have Perfect SEO to be Number One on Google

What to Tweet to Stand Out from the Masses

WordPress is fast becoming WORLDpress for Blogs and Websites

BNI-ers, Talk to your social media person

When the Mayo Clinic openly values social media, can the rest of the world be far behind?

7 ways to tweet for profit

7 minutes to improving your LinkedIn profile

5 lessons we bloggers can learn from soap operas

Are blog carnivals worth the trouble?

How to inspire the AHA Moment

What to Tweet so your company becomes a Brand All-Star

How to put excerpts and thumbnails on the first page of your WP 2010 blog

How social media reunites friends

Online opinion can make or break your firm

Optimize your multi-tasking by modeling LI Q&A Expert Wallace Jackson

Simple answers to 6 basic social media questions

Farmville will fool you with its value

Is this how YOU use LinkedIn?

Influence vs. Popularity: What’s really wrong with the LIKE button?

Include your customers when you frame social media strategies

Please don’t make these social media faux pas

How one British Wit dissects Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn can help you plan your PR strategies

IMHO: A silly Social Media Succsss Story

New LinkedIn features to help customize your profile

Social Media Marketing is not an automatic WIN

Protect your online reputation with a Social Media Policy

5 tips to trigger social change – Briefly Stated

20 Facebook mistakes to avoid

How I used LinkedIn to buy my new car

Future of Advertising – Briefly Stated

Givers Gain: the secret to on- and offline success – Briefly Stated

We are all evolving in the social space – Briefly Stated

10 lessons I learned about blogging AND the 6-part series about How To Say NO to New Business

What social media myths would you uncover or debate?

Why do people read blogs?

Brands are failing to engage properly online

How Twitter has changed from 2009 to 2010 – Briefly Stated

Ask 14 questions for success in 2011

Do you want to be an A-List Influencer?

Stats on social media marketing – Briefly Stated

To Yelp — or not To Yelp

Tech Predictions for 2011

Social Media Resolutions — for Newbies

Do you have an online presence — or merely a website?

What should you talk about at a networking function – Briefly Stated

When Less is More – Briefly Stated

What’s one big difference between journalists and bloggers?

Which comes first: the medium or the message?

Twitter Week for Journalists begins

Tips to become a Twitter Pro — before your first tweet

Top Ten Twitter Terms to get you Tweeting

How NO INTERNET is redefining news

Tweetdeck Installation

Adding columns to your Tweetdeck

Simple Answers to Six Basic Social Media Questions

So you need to be playing Farmville?

Is the NEW technology the END of marketing?

7 steps to get started in Social Media

Telemarketing needs to change Briefly Stated

10 steps to maximize your LinkedIn personal profile

Mother Nature attacks, Social Media assists

10 Easy Steps to create your own LinkedIn Group

Is Curation the future of Journalism?

How to add your Company to LinkedIn: Step ONE – Creating your Company Page

Power up your LinkedIn Company Page by adding Products & Services

LinkedIn Basics: the Why &  How

Blogging 101: What is a blog & Why you should write one?

How to increase blog readership by commenting on other blogs

How social media works: it really is all about engagement

11 Do’s and 7 Don’ts for marketing with Facebook

What works for your blog? Here are some tips

Blogs as Cartharsis: here’s how one journalist started his blog

Does our Constitution protect bloggers? Should it?

19 Steps for Getting Found Online

What’s the Future for [with] Social Media?


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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   5 December 2009
Aug 8, 2011
4:00 am
#1 Yorinda :

Hi Shari,

this is so good to have all your posts on one page.

That way people can choose something from the big list.
Obviously this list is not recent, but that is what I enjoy, reading some of your earlier posts.

Thank you so much for making this available.

Author Aug 9, 2011
1:13 am

Yorinda, how sweet to notice and comment on the table of contents. It was designed to list articles from the very beginning, but I probably have not updated the very end. “Life” has taken an amazing turn for me which has inhibited my blog posting opportunities for the time being. Glad to see that you have discovered how to read many more of my posts, though.

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