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Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities

Remember when Saturday morning meant cartoons?

This BabyBoomer does. But nowadays Saturday morning seems to be a great time to catch up on a lot of web stuff that’s going to get me thinking about the FUTURE . . . of marketing, advertising, PR, media and our lives.

So I figured I’d share some of what I liked this morning:

1) Seth’s Blog: “Fidelity vs. Convenience” – Seth commented on a new book that shows us that successful new products/services must EXCEL [x10] vs. their competition in either Performance [fidelity] or Convenience, e.g. movie theater vs Netflix.

2) Future of Advertising slide show by Paul Isakson: One of my favorite quotes tells us that Revolutions Happen When Society Changes Its Behaviors, Not Its Tools.

3) Ad Age story on how Advertising Will Change Forever: The OLD ways do take a long time to “die,” but the future is clearly digital and social.

4) Viral Video: The Ulltimate Word of Mouth. 17-year-old sparks huge sales of Web Cams – Logitech paid $0 for advertising.

5) 21 Tips for Twitter from Forbe’s Mag: (a) short & direct; (b) coupons; (c) viral; (d) customer service; (e) focus groups — to name a few. You can even let customers know their deliveries will be delayed. And don’t forget Employee Recruitment is another use, i.e., publicizing open positions.

6) Creating Newsletters that Work: 5 steps: (a) Plan; (b) Don’t sell too hard; (c) Offer value; (d) Be consistent; (e) Make it interactive.

7. Nourishing Web Relationships: I actually read this blog post a few days ago, but Adam Singer’s “The Future Buzz” is my favorite blog, so I wanted to include this. I love his take on current — as well as “evergreen” — ideas and strategies. As a teacher of public relations, I do know it truly is All About Relationships. Do check out The Future Buzz.

8. A Brief and Informal Twitter Etiquette Guide: I like DM’s for 1-to-1 plans, rather than:  broadcasting personal business to everyone. And . .  . not every DM or @mention requires a reply. We don’t return every phone message, do we?

9. Five Ways Traditional Media are Using Video: This idea is my understanding of the Future of Advertising, so I was really interested. What I read, however, was a bit disappointing . . . for me. It shouldn’t have been, though, when I thought about it. The Mashable article simply outlined the ways that traditional media are using video . . . to advertise their “wares”: e.g., magazines with private online video channels and publishers using online videos to promote literary works.

10. Social Media Marketing slide show: Pretty basic, but good principles, examples, and tips. Shows what Wal-Mart has done wrong by trying to “control” the process. Also points out how offline activities translate online for entrepreneurs: large and small.

TEN social media marketing slices is a pretty filling meal for one post. But I think I’ll try this again. Let me know what you think. What was most interesting to you. What other sites have you read lately that you’d suggest?

Next post: What to blog?

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   1 August 2009
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Aug 6, 2009
9:55 pm
#1 johnny :

Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

Aug 11, 2009
9:54 pm
#2 Liz Looney :

Thank you for posting the “Advertising Will Change Forever” article! It is truly remarkable how much advertising has changed since I was a young little girl. Who would have thought mobile marketing and social media would skyrocket into such a phenomenon?! I can honestly I had absolutely no clue it would become what it is today. Just look at how Twitter has exploded and all the vast opportunities out there in social media. I cannot express how utterly amazing it to see how advertising has change. Thanks again for the article!

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