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Twitter is like my personal bookstore, but so is most of Web 2.0

photos by Howard Blum

photos by Howard Blum

Sharing is one of the amazing benefits of Web 2.0, so it’s no wonder that Twitter is so important to me — both as a source and a repository. Here are some of the articles I read and Tweeted and Re-Tweeted this week:

  1. NYT article on Facebook for Business
  2. Blogs better Hubs than Twitter
  3. Social media will be your local marketing tool
  4. Future of Marketing – PR Squared
  5. Scoble’s video interview with Posterous

New York Times tips for Marketing on Facebook

Quick Tips worth repeating over and over [until people get them ingrained]: (a) Identify goals; (b) Share personality; (c) Engage, don’t shill; (d) Use Facebook data Here are some article highlights:

  • Be where your customers — and prospective customers — hang out.
  • Start small and add tools & apps slowly
  • Enliven page with photos and useful information
  • Buy-buy-buy messages do not work
  • Offer value and be patient

NYT article on Facebook for Business

HUBSBlogs are best HUBS for your content

Here are seven reasons why:

  1. With a blog, you control the agenda, whether you’re communicating on behalf of a company, or for personal reasons.
  2. Your blog can cater to a sub-group of your Twitter friends or a different audience altogether.
  3. A blog is less dominated by spam than Twitter.
  4. You can embed images, audio and video on your blog.
  5. Blog posts can be of unlimited length. You can express yourself in more than 140 characters.
  6. With some environments, you have almost unlimited control over the appearance, functionality and arrangement of your blog.
  7. Many blogs include the ability to offer contact forms, polls, chat and other functionality. You can even embed your Twitter stream into your blog.

Blogs better Hubs than Twitter

Local audience — where the money is

flowers Nope, even traditional media admits social media is NOT a fad. Local bloggers are being paid for page views. Viral nature of social media is fountain for success. Social media provides 2-way communication. Social media will be your local marketing tool

Facebook & Google win social network marketing race

“In the future, the Web you know will be based on the Web that knows you.”

“Social Media has simply become an unstoppable force.”

“Making special offers based on known behaviors and connections, will be automated.”

Future marketing outreach: “Maybe you’ll also reach out to one of the baker’s dozen’s worth of active baking-related groups on Facebook.”

Future of Marketing – PR Squared

Robert Scoble interview with POSTEROUS for the “GEEKY-ER” among you:

Top Geek-Thought-Leader Robert Scoble posted a video interview with the two creators of Posterous, a platform on which anyone can post content via email. Steve Rubel  stopped publishing his highly regarded marketing communication blog Micropersuasion in favor of a Posterous stream. Video is 17 minutes long and features Robert’s questions for Posterous founders: Sachin Agarwal and Garry Tan. Highlights:

  • Purpose is to provide a simple, clean platform for rich media and mobile application.
  • Only four full-time engineers do all the work.
  • To serve 1.8 billion people who don’t want the hassle of a traditional blog
  • Future business model to offer Premium features — far in the future.

Check out more of Howard’s Awesome photos on his website: http://faces-and-places.net/indexa.html

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   12 November 2009
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Nov 15, 2009
8:30 pm

I thought the interview Scoble had with posterous founders was very interesting in two ways.

1 – Neither Sachin nor Garry were able to clarify what exactly is posterous and why it is different from other publishing platforms like Tumblr.

2 – It seemed like Scoble was being nice to them as he himself knows that they are not doing anything different.

I have been playing with posterous and there is nothing that it offers me that I can’t get out of wordpress. I understand it is not for bloggers, their target audience is anyone who wants to share something using email.

They talked about a new iphone app releasing in coming weeks allowing you to post photos to posterous in real time for everyone to see. That is already being done with another iphone app called Clixtr. I think that Clixtr is even better because all you need to do is upload pictures and it will figure out if there is already an event going on at that place a collaborate pictures using geo-targeting, everyhting is in real time. That allows you to see all the pictures taken at that event, not just yours.

Lets see what the future holds for Posterous.

Author Nov 15, 2009
9:33 pm

I, too, like WordPress and don’t feel like learning something new until I master what I’ve got. Hate to look at it this way, but Posterous seems most useful to people who don’t want to put in as much “work” as a blog requires. Am I far off with that?

Mar 13, 2010
4:07 am
#3 Pepper Joe :

I posted a Question on LinkedIn recently….if you could only pick ONE Social Media….which one?
My answer was Facebook…..and the survey results indicate the same for the majority of Linkedin responses.
Common reasons…we like the Facebook platform for networking, building a Brand, navigational ease and some of the functionalities. Some being posting pics, videos, taking surveys, customer interaction, instant feedback and more. Besides the Business side of it I’ve reconnected with so many cool people from years ago. Join my Facebook page and become a Fan at

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