Yes, Shari, Micromedia can support and inspire great conversation

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See how things intersect & support

See how things intersect & support

When I first read chapter 13 in Putting the Public Back into PR, I had my doubts as to whether Twitter was really the place for great convo — i.e. conversation.

But two recent experiences convinced me that rapid-fire, off-the-cuff, succinct wordings could in fact power “engaging” and “enlightening” experiences — not to mention the opportunity for community-building.

Last night I moderated the #smbookclub discussion for Part 3 of Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge’s Putting the Public Back in PR. This morning I participated in their discussion at #PRStudChat. Both complete discussions are archived and be followed simply by searching the hastags.

Content/conclusions from the book discussion:

“Relax and let chaos reveal its relevance to you.” Susanna Stinnet

  • The conversations [“convos”] are happening. If you are part of them, you can affect change and make a difference.
  • Companies that use today’s tools will be ahead of the game, even if those particular tools change or lose their vitality.
  • Social media will continue to evolve; it will not go away.
  • Social media platforms are great ways to meet people.
  • Before engaging anyone, first observe and understand the cultures and behaviors necessary to participate in these communities.
  • Marketing jobs have moved from monologues to dialogue.
  • Avoid the clutter and build relationships.
  • Build meaningful relationships that will contribute to company’s brand equity, resources, and overall bottom line.

“Twitter and Facebook are really good for listening and developing relationships — and then driving to where you can talk in more depth either via email or phone.” Paul Salinger

“Social media is forcing changes that should have happened a long time ago in everything related to business.” Cherisse Rivera

Notes for further “conversation/content”:

1) Check out #PRStudChat for hour dialogue between Brian, Dierdre, PR students and pros.

2) Read my reviews of Putting the Public Back in PR:

3) Join the chat next Tuesday on #smbookclub 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT

For those of you who do check out #PRStudChat OR if you attended, please comment with your favorite quotes from that conversation.

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   16 September 2009
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Author Sep 20, 2009
12:21 am

After my three TweetChat experiences in the past two weeks, I thought I’d try a hand at inventing a TweetChat “game” — which I played this morning with my English students.

WOW . . . did we talk! You can check out the hashtag #zahid in which we all discussed Zahid Lilani’s guest post about GenYers and social media.

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