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As both a PR teacher and professional journalist for many years,

I was blown away when I found the perfect new text:

Making News in the Digital Era

by David E. Henderson

If elections were held today for Social Media Expert, David gets my vote. His 2009  narrative/guidebook is perfect for helping learners on all levels understand — and properly apply — Best Communication Practices in this whole new social media world of ours.

Technology is changing our lifestyles on a daily basis . . .

so many would agree that claiming “Expert” status has to be “qualified,” i.e., conditional based on the newest data.

But let’s consider “qualified” in its other sense as well.

If anyone has built the chops to thoroughly discuss the news business, journalism, public relations, and social media marketing, then David Henderson qualifies:

  • Emmy Award–winning CBS News correspondent and public relations executive for dozens of years, David has been online with his blog www.DavidHenderson.com since 2003.

Some of David’s best advice:

  1. Let go of Old Ways and embrace Change.
  2. Present ideas for developing a company’s reputation with communication approaches that underscore transparency, openness, and credibility.
  3. Messages need to focus on audience benefits, not talking about the greatness of an organization.
  4. Avoid jargon and “gobbledygook” and use clear, direct, easy-to-understand language.
  5. Key communication practices: Listening, engaging, story-telling, and always speaking the truth.
  6. Today’s executives must be involved in online strategies that require inspiration, passion, purpose, and focus.
  7. Forego Mission Statements and carefully create a concise and appropriate Positioning Statement.

“Strategic communications in today’s fiercely competitive world mandates clever positioning, understanding audience needs and knowing how to craft timely and meaningful messages that excite people and create results” [p. 23]

My opinion: This is a book that ought to be used both in university public relations/communications courses as well as in the offices of every public relations organization and department.

Further posts from David E. Henderson’s book will feature tips, best practices, and insights on the following topics:

A)     Media relations

B)      CEO blogging

C)      Online newsrooms and other PR 2.0 strategies

Thanks, David, we need this handbook. Lots of PR and business execs don’t know where to start, and your book will surely help them.

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   1 November 2009
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Nov 3, 2009
5:37 pm

Great post, Shari! I totally agree with you. This sounds like an ideal teaching tool that should be used at the university level as well as within public relations offices.

As a public relations student at the University of South Carolina, I can tell you that we do not read many outside books, beside our textbooks. This is such a crucial part of learning–getting other professionals’ opinions about what is going on in the field of public relations and communications.

There are, however, many business classes that require students to read books that contain relevant subject material. This would be a great one for marketing/public relations.

Having said that, I have not had the pleasure of reading Mr. Henderson’s book, but plan to do so in the very near future.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. We can all use updates on the ever-changing world of technology and public relations.

Author Nov 3, 2009
9:33 pm

Rebekah, my suspicion is that too many instructors tasked with teaching public relations today may not have the depth of experience in the field — either past or present — to really know what students need. Our industry needs new blood with creative ideas to fix an old system that has lost much of its relevance in our New Media world.

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