How am I doing? My online presence roadmap 2-week checkup

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My Gold Star

My Gold Star

Two weeks ago I made a commitment to manage my online presence. Discipline is key, but broadcasting intentions into cyberspace has a way of keeping one on the straight and narrow. Too many people to make excuses to if objectives aren’t met.

So how have I done?

Below is my “roadmap” list, followed by my actions:

1) Make a list of WEEKLY goals {I believe I can hold to that) and check off my accomplishments EVERY Sunday night.

OOOps, I didn’t exactly write the list — except on my blog. But I am checking this Sunday night.

2) Prioritize those goals to make certain that the ones on the top of the list are done for sure.

The priorities were in my head since I didn’t write the list . . . except on the blog. Is this admission helpful to anyone? Maybe it’s a way to show the importance of ACTUALLY WRITING DOWN the list, especially if it’s a “check off” list.

3) My original intention, way back when I first posted on April 23, was To Become an A-List Blogger — and that continues to be my Long Term Goal —

Blogging is my NUMBER ONE priority; the first week I only got to write two posts. This week, though, I’m doing well . . . one-a-day since Friday.


4) Next, because I really believe that Twitter will become all that its creators are envisioning, my goal will be 3-5 Tweets Every Single Day! I will continue to follow my own advice on What to Tweet.

I went to check on my exact progress by looking at my profile page @sharisax: That was actually Cool as it reminded me of some of the “insights” that I’d tweeted, especially one that was RT’d several times: “If success=receiving, then first comes giving.” Anyway, I met my goal of at least 3 Tweets a day.

Most of my Tweets are posted via Friendfeed, but not always. Even though both are “microblogging” platforms, I don’t personally feel they are “interchangeable.” Friendfeed’s capacity for conversation makes some updates more appropriate for that site.

5) Facebook is a HUGE priority, especially since my partner Les Ross and I are building our Social Media/Internet Marketing consulting business Performance Social Media, which recently set up a Fan Page. We’ll be including the opportunity for small and large companies to find social media interns through us, so I’ll be monitoring and updating both my Facebook Profile and my Facebook Page EVERY Day. That means NEW content on the Facebook page at least four days a week.

Check πŸ™‚

I’m even adding more Business Apps to the Page, and I’ll continue reading everything I can on “Facebook for Business.”

6) I may be running out of time for Daily Tasks, but I thinking checking in and updating LinkedIn is essential. So besides that commitment, I plan to contribute to at least two LinkedIn Group Discussions every week.

OOOOps, I really did want to engage with LinkedIn groups, and TSK TSK . . . have not gotten to that yet. πŸ™

7) Finally, my new Road Map will highly suggest that I check out at least one New social media tool, strategy or app every week; by checking out, I do mean more than reading about it.

HOORAY, this one I did in spades. My previous blog post is the proof: 15 social media sites my students and I checked out last week.

Looks like I get a few gold stars and a few TSK TSKs. But the great thing is that I’m traveling faster along Revolutionary Road. And I hope I’m pulling some of you along with me. Anyone else want to report progress in managing online presence? Let us know.

Next post: Viral videos – the future of advertising

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   9 August 2009
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Aug 10, 2009
12:12 am
#1 Jessica Bux :

The idea of a roadmap list sounds like a very good way to get organized and doing the things you need to do. Looks like you are completing many of the items on your list just fine. For the items you have not completed yet, it looks like you can accomplish them soon as well.

Aug 10, 2009
9:44 am
#2 Ray Magbitang :

Professor, It is great to see that you are always creating a checklist and preparing your priorities for the week. I have been trying to do that myself so I can create my own roadmap. I may not write down a list every week, but I do make sure I remember to complete all of my important task before they are due.

You seem to have a goal in sight and I believe that you will never let go of your dreams. I’m glad to see you have aspirations, so please continue to motivate the students to show them that there are huge opportunities in the world out there; they just have to go out and find them.

Like you said, once a door closes, another one opens. Great blog, see you in class.

Aug 10, 2009
6:26 pm
#3 Jessica Lim :

It is great to see that regardless of a busy schedule, things can still be done. Your “roadmap” list is a great way to stay organized.

I used to have a list in mind, but there is no way for me to be organized with what I’ve accomplished and have yet to do. I recently downloaded an application where I can post virtual sticky notes right on my desktop. Once I’ve accomplished a task I would delete the note. This helps me because I’m on my laptop often.

Great job keeping up with your list of tasks, and I surely believe you will one day achieve your long term goal of being an A-List blogger.

Aug 10, 2009
10:11 pm
#4 sharisax :

Thanks for the encouragement, Jessica. I was looking over my Roadmap and started to think that, perhaps, it might have been too ambitious . . . especially keeping up with groups.

But I really believe that conversations in groups will be extremely important and productive, so I’d better do it. πŸ™‚

Aug 11, 2009
12:49 pm
#5 Jessica Coghill :

As with all things new, learning how to operate these new mediums while effectively managing one’s time is a huge challenge to conquer.

Making the list is very smart. Personally, I love writing them down on paper. Something about physically checking off each item with a pencil gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

I am planning to begin a blog for a Theatre Company based out of SF, as well as a Twitter and Facebook accounts. I will start after the summer sessions ends so that I can devote most of my energy towards making the effort a success.

Reading your blog posts have been so great for helping me decide how I am going to write my blog and what I want to get out of it. The idea of managing online presence and making sure to reach weekly goals is inspiring. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Shari, and keep up all your good work!! I am very excited to get out there and explore the world of social media and put it to work for me!

Aug 11, 2009
6:08 pm

My Revolutionary Roadmap has evolved from the different things I’ve learned in your class Shari. First I took some of Louis Gray’s advice and have all my informatin funnel down to several sources where I can access them. Like you, I hope to be an A-list blogger.

I first read all my content through my Google Reader. There I have all the blogs I follow and I even labeled them as, “The blogs I like to comment on.” I choose about 4 or 5 blogs posts that I like and comment on them, yours included.

Then I go to my twitter page and tweet at least 5 things. I use the tips given by a group in class about the 5 techniques of tweeting. The 5 techniques include:

1. Filter information (tweet and link to an interesting article I read from my google reader)
2. The Tip (give a tip that I would tell someone or that someone has told me which I thought was cool like: JFiver bartender’s hate it when you ask for a “strong island!”
3. The Announcement like: Facebook acquired FriendFeed
4. The Response which could include responses to my fellow tweeters like: @sharisax tweetdeck is awesome!!
5. The Retweet, probably the most I use when I read someone’s tweet and it interests me, I just hit the retweet button on my tweetdeck.

After Twitter is my Facebook where I connect with my friends and I’m actively involved for a ong period of time.

After all the updating on my Facebook I then go to my LinkedIn and check for new messages and contact request.

So this is what I’ve been actively doing so far which I think is really organized for me.

Aug 11, 2009
9:16 pm
#7 Liz Looney :

First and foremost, I would like to say you are doing an amazing job at accomplishing your β€œroadmap.” I admire more than words can say because you teach numerous classes and still have time to blog, tweet, and grade homework, all in addition to fulfilling your own goals.

I only wish you the best in becoming an A-List Blogger and truly believe you can reach that goal! You have taught me more than I ever thought possible about social media and are an inspiration to all who are just starting to enter the world of blogging. Keep up the fantastic work!

Aug 12, 2009
12:05 am
#8 Christine Ferraris :

Even though you say you have not met some of your goals, I think you should be so proud of what you have done thus far. I think your current goals will become habit before you know it. Your efforts in social media are admirable – I really don’t know how you are involved in so many different areas!

Because of you, I AM inspired and excited. Thank you for sharing your goals along with your successes and ooops moments! I feel like I can relate to you and tracking your progress is fun. Even though I am still in the beginning stages, I am now breaking away from my confusion and silence. You are twenty steps ahead of me, but that helps because what you have done helps give me guidelines as to what directions I should be taking.

Congratulations Shari and good luck to you! I look forward to your new successes.

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