The Life “Well-Led” – career and living advice from Marty Nemko

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blue agave scuptureWith his distinctive voice and great tips for finding money and work, Marty Nemko was certain to be a household name — or so I’d thought.

But many people, whom I told that I’d be going to hear him at the Marin Professionals meeting this week, didn’t know him.

So that’s one of many reasons I wanted to share his advice and relate it to “our”  journey down the Social Media Revolutionary Road.


Many people try to work as little as possible, so they have time for family and fun, according to Marty Nemko, but that’s why they are either un- or under-employed. And that’s why they are neither passionate about their work, nor satisfied with their lives.

Marty wanted us to think about this:

The life well-led is lived by the person who spends as many hours as healthfully possible making the world a better place

Too many people are procrastinators, but they’re really just plain lazy. And laziness will NEVER cut it.

Our work is defined by how much we make the world better.

Marty feels that the “vaunted” family is over-rated and the best role models — both moms and dads — are those who work hard and then spend quality time with family members.

People who feel good about their lives are very productive. Focus and effort are key. Dabbling is suicide. Real passion comes from being the Go-To Person, no matter what the job title.

So how do I connect the dots from Marty’s advice to Social Media?

1) Developing an Online Presence, whether personal, professional, or for an organization will take time, focus, and effort.

2) Understanding the unique opportunities we have — as individuals — to connect with family, long-time friends, and brand-new friends through social media platforms can build deeper relationships more easily.

3) Translating these practices from the simply personal venues to the marketplace will bring much needed changes to our business lives– AND MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

I’m reminded of a golden lesson learned from Margaret Mead’s Coming of Age in Samoa: In her research, Mead learned that for the aborigines, “Work was Play, and Play was Work.”  That was an idea, a message — a mantra, even — that I have never forgotten. And it really has made all the difference.

Next post: Beyond the Hype: a Roadmap for Social Media

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   18 August 2009
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Sep 12, 2009
3:01 pm
#1 Diana Litxayaleuth :

I really like this blog because a lot of people can relate to it.

Many families don’t have time to spend together because one or both the parents are not there. When you are working from home or have developed an online presence, it would be much easier to spend time with your family and get your work done at the same time.You would spend most of your time on the internet and still be in your family’s presence.

Sep 12, 2009
3:09 pm
#2 Donna B. :

I enjoyed reading this blog as I can relate to it.

I get disgusted with people who use schemes to get money and work over the system without having to ever work. I often wonder how can they do that, but it’s self-explantory: pure laziness, no motivation, and half of their excuses not to work are lies!!

A lot of folks are too dependent and always looking for handouts and pity. While most working families spend half their life at work and not at home — and honestly it’s for a good cause (pays the bill and the clothes/shoes we wear,allows us to afford shelter and food) — but children don’t have a good understanding and become resentful toward that working parent because they don’t spend much time with them.

I am a working mother of one living paycheck by paycheck and I would love to live a life well-led. The best way to succeed in the workforce today is to have a degree under your belt to get ahead in life and become your own manager to make your own schedule (dreamer)

Many times I sit and think about how my life would be if I did not have to work and spend more time with the family, but if you care it costs! Marty’s quotes are inspirational and very factual. I took the time to read about Marty on Wikipedia (thanks for the shortcut Shari) very informational. Kudos!!

Author Sep 12, 2009
3:43 pm

Donna, it’s so cool to know that the ANSWERS are out there. That is, if we have a problem, someone else has faced that situation — made the most of it, and then written about it to share their solutions. Good luck to you.

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