Adding columns to your TweetDeck Social Dashboard

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The Beauty of TweetDeck for me is being able to see several different columns of Tweet topics, lists, and followers constantly on view. And here is how to “Do It”:

Three icons to right of TweetDeck logo on main tool bar

1) Yellow dialogue box: click to post update

2) Plus sign: ADD A COLUMN [read below]

3) Red pointer on white cylinder allows you to search for a Twitter profile
Four icons below the Tweet update posting area

4) Auto URL shortener – toggle On or OFF

5) Tweetshrink: this will abbreviate wherever possible

6) Translate Tweets: a pop up box to select language

7) Search for recent hashtags you tweeted

Using the ADD Column option

The Pop Up box displays six icons in the top left corner.

The first one on the left is for Twitter searches.

The other five boxes allow you to add your Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Buzz, and Foursquare update streams.

Re: Adding a Twitter column

a) In the white search box, list keywords or phrases you want to see mentioned in a Tweet.

b) You can check the list under “Shari’s Previous Searches” for examples.

c) To the left of my previous searches, you will see the list: Search; Groups/Lists; Core.

d) If you click on the “Groups/Lists” option, you can create a list of Tweeple that will all appear in your new column.

3) The “Core” gives you all the Default columns including these: TweetDeck Recommends, New Followers, and Scheduled Updates.

Questions on columns? . . . or other Tweetdeck features? Next post I’ll be looking at Settings [the wrench in upper right hand corner].

In case you missed it, here is How To Install Tweetdeck.

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   8 February 2011
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Feb 11, 2011
1:52 am

Hmm…when I open the Add Columns under the twitter account, I get a menu off the side of the screen that lists options for All Friends, Mentions, Direct Messages and Favorites only. My interface also looks different than the screenshots – is this a part of learning Settings?

…ah, such a fun internet puzzle!

Author Feb 11, 2011
2:18 am

it is part of “having fun with Twitter” week

Feb 14, 2012
6:35 am
#3 maxden1 :

how can I make a column from tweets by a specific user? i can do it in the web based version but not on the one installed on my mac. I only see where you can add a search term but not a twitter profile/user what am I doing wrong?

Author Feb 15, 2012
12:41 am

sorry, I’m not a MAC person, but maybe a reader is . . . or you might post this question on LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers

Sep 23, 2012
10:29 pm
#5 Duncan Matheson :

I manage 2 accounts. For some reason, they got switched and the minor one has replaced my main one on Tweetdeck, so I no longer have a column I use the most on my Tweetdeck display, and can’t seem to get it back. Not sure what it is called – it’s just my tweets and those of people I follow. Can anyone help? Thanks. My username is DuncanFMatheson

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