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WordPress is The Bomb!

You read a lot about WordPress on this WordPress blog and you’ll be reading lots more. I’m convinced that WP is the easiest and best way for most of us to do our online publishing, and so does freelance website designer Todd E. Jones. A blogger and a social media nerd, Todd writes a blog that helps small business owners utilize their websites more effectively.

3 Reasons to build your website on WordPress

Guest Post by Todd E. Jones

WordPress was originally built to be the framework for blogs.  However, over the years, many website designers have begun to understand the power and flexibility it has to built a complete website.  Now, website designers all over the world are using WordPress to power their websites from the most basic blog to highly complex websites.

The WordPress framework is very feature-rich.  There are many good reasons to build your website on WordPress; however, in this article we are going to focus on three.

1.  SEO Friendly, Standards Compliant

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  Optimization is the act of maximizing one’s effort.  SEO is the act of maximizing a website’s visibility effort in the search engines, particularly in the big three: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Designers and other exports “optimize” websites for the purpose of attaining higher rankings in the search engines to increase the amount of traffic to the website.

The WordPress framework is inherently built to be SEO-friendly.  More technical tasks such as adding meta tags to pages and submitting a sitemap to the search engines can be automated easily in the WordPress control panel.  WordPress also has an automatic system to contact directories and search engines when your website is updated with a new article or post.

Further, the original WordPress themes are built standards compliant.  Standards compliant refers to the web standards that have evolved in the design community and which many of the search engines, such as Google, use to help find websites easier.  Google has said in its own documentation that the more standards compliant your website is, the better it will be indexed and crawled by its automated robots, known sometimes as spiders.  The result is a higher ranking for your website.

SEO involves a lot of different tasks, but a large part of them are accomplished simply by building your website on WordPress.

2.  User-Friendly CMS

CMS stands for content management system or software.  Website designers have been using content management software for websites for several years now.  A CMS allows the organization to update certain areas of its own website without having to pay additional fees to get the designer to update the website.

Several years ago, when designers started using CMS, the cost was very expensive.  However, the initial cost seems to offset the ongoing cost of maintenance by the designer, saving the designer time so that he or she could work on new projects.

WordPress is a CMS by nature.  Since it was built for the average user to blog, the framework allows for easy publishing.  WordPress also makes it easy to add new pages.

If you can use Microsoft Word, or some other word processor, you can be trained to use WordPress.

3.  Syndication

In the online publishing world, syndication, or web syndication is powerful.  Syndication helps you get your message or your articles in front of a larger number of people.  Using the technology RSS, which means Really Simple Syndication, a website is able to share its content with other readers all over the world wide web.  It is an automated process.

Some users take advantage of RSS Feeds, as they are called, through sites such as Yahoo Home, Google Home and feed readers like Google Feed Reader.  This allows web users to keep up with a variety of websites on a daily basis in one place.  There are also desktop feed readers such as RSSOwl.

RSS feeds can be delivered to readers such as mentioned above or to their email inbox through services such as feedburner.  RSS feeds give your website syndication and a larger audience.

Another benefit of RSS feeds is the ability to repost your articles via Facebook.  Facebook will let you integrate your articles into your profile through the use of RSS feeds giving your articles or posts a wider audience base.

WordPress, has this feature built in its framework.  It automatically builds the necessary file and data to syndicate your content.  All that has to be done, is make sure that readers know how they can access the RSS Feed.  Usually a icon with a link to the feed is sufficient.  Further, a website owner can submit his or her feed to other websites like Technorati, which distribute the feed automatically.

WordPress is a powerful, feature-rich framework for building easy-to-publish websites which are well indexed in the search engines.

Add to this its price tag, and it is no wonder business owners all over the world are using WordPress to run their websites. Are you next?

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   4 August 2010
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Aug 4, 2010
8:12 am

Thanks for letting me write an article for your website Shari! I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your readers.

Author Aug 4, 2010
12:13 pm

The pleasure is “OURS” — Thanks for your expertise . . . and willingness to help any of the “undecideds” out there make the switch and/or start the process.

Dec 24, 2013
6:18 am

I am a big fan of wordpress, i love every article related to wordpress. and this is the another one, thanks for write about wordpress.

Jan 21, 2014
2:20 pm

Yes, you are absolutely write. WordPress is the most popular platform of all time. Even, I am using WordPress since two years and I believe there would be no blog software better than this. If we look into blogs, about half of all using WordPress. So, it is the best and recommended choice by all. I think WordPress best things are lots of plugin for different purposes like seo, themes and so on.

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