The Art of Social Change [begins new blog category “Briefly Stated”]

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just heard on Nov 1 FIR podcast:

5 tips to trigger Social Change

from Michael Netzley’s Singapore report:

1) Create a sense of urgency

2) Respect all sides

3) Attract local influencers

4) Create institutions, not just rhetoric

5) Aim for widespread application

Click here to read full article

Note: One key to the evolution of communication strategy is that we are continually “making it up as we go along.” In my 1.5 years blogging, I have learned that some people need short posts in order to even want to read  — while others demand longer more thoughtful articles to spark their interest. [Great titles are essential in either case.]

Beginning today, I plan to share “briefly stated” posts of things I read, hear, and/or think about.

If you do take a moment to read this post, please take another moment to write down one thing that comes to mind. Thanks.

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   11 November 2010
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Nov 13, 2010
9:44 am

Hi Shari,
Just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for the visit and post! Look forward to visiting again.. 🙂

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