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I love Twitter Search!

Because I use Tweetdeck . . . and because I’m interested in the tweetdeck

Future of Advertising,

Twitter for Business,

Twitter Lists,

Facebook for Business,

and the Future of Newspapers,

I can have a constant stream of TWEETS about all of those subjects.

Today, in my Twitter for Business column of Tweets,  I found a link for the Small Business Trends report on Twitter Tips. I checked it out for the Twitter workshop I’ll be conducting next week.

A digest of some of the tips I liked best:

I. Getting started

  • “Lurking” for awhile before making a move can be beneficial
  • Use Twitter Search to follow your company mentions.
  • Decide you will schedule some time, even just a half hour, to monitor your stream and write Tweets.
  • Follow LinkedIn contacts and others in your industry, and then follow whom they are following.
  • Listen to conversations, join in, and add value.

2. Smart Marketing

  • Create a custom Twitter background to reflect your brand.
  • Do Not SPAM. Do Not just talk about yourself and your company.
  • Pay attention to your followers and engage them in conversation.
  • When you do talk about your business, mention clients and partners.
  • Add links to valuable resources — both for your industry and for personal growth.
  • RT best messages from your followers, and thank people who RT you.
  • Fill out your Twitter profile to help people know to follow you.
  • Plan contests, polls, and Twitter-only discounts.

3. Observing Etiquette

  • Don’t automate. People hate reading robotic posts that lack sincerity and authenticity.
  • Don’t SPAM.
  • Give before you expect to receive.
  • Build relationships, and you will gain a whole lot from Twitter.
  • Respect your audience. Remember the Golden Rule.

4. Spreading the Message  How to get Re-Tweeted

  • Leave at least 15 characters, so people will not have to shorten your message [because RT’s add another name].
  • Post valuable content, such as links to online resources.
  • Use attention-grabbing phrases before links; tell people why they should click.
  • RT others.

5. Time Management

  • Don’t feel you need to read every Tweet. If you want to make certain not to miss anything on a certain topic, then do a Twitter search.
  • If your time is limited, then make sure to limit your Twitter time, e.g. 15 minutes in morning, 15 minutes in afternoon, 15 minutes in evening

6. Advanced strategies

  • You can tweet requests for all kinds of help.
  • Set up a desktop application like Tweetdeck to constantly stream certain keywords
  • Read profiles and begin conversations
  • Tweet a link to job postings.
  • Use to track tweets, get measurements, and manage multiple profiles through one interface.
  • Check a host of Twitter applications to see what will work best for you.

FINAL HINT: If you read the Full Report, then you can see “Who Said What Tip” and you can follow them.

Please join the conversation, and add your favorite tips, tricks, and “secrets.”

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   28 November 2009
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