List-O-Rama: Not included on many Twitter Lists yet?

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for listing purposesFeeling left out because everyone’s buzzing about Twitter Lists . . . and you’re not?

Reminds me of how one of my good friends has had two dinner parties at her home in the last few weeks, and I wasn’t invited to either. But she did ask me for this weekend, so maybe there’s hope for all of us.

Fresh from a 30-minute webinar on Twitter Lists by Hubspot, I have decided to weigh in with my own . . .

List on Twitter Lists:

1. First off, Twitter Lists is a brand new social media/Twitter feature, so by the time we learn all there is to know, many aspects will change. And that’s OK. Really. Getting your feet wet in the evolving new technology makes it so much easier to capitalize on the opportunities you will find along the way — this is ESPECIALLY TRUE for businesses who’ve feared jumping onto the social media bandwagon.

a. COROLLARY: That means that the rest of this “List” may — or may not — be useful tomorrow/next week/next month . . .

2. Twitter is like a fire hydrant, according to the webinar, so Twitter Lists are like hoses, according to me.

b. COROLLARY: You can focus your Twitter streams and increase your Reach.

3. Webinar’s HOW-TO: (a) Follow the Lists of people you respect; (b) Create some of your own by going to your Follower list; and (c) Promote your lists via widget, FB, FF, and Twitter itself.

c. COROLLARY: Check out more lists on Listorious and add yours to this directory

4. Instead of number of Twitter Followers to measure your popularity, the new gauge will be how many Lists you are on.

d. COROLLARY: Using either of these analytics is “interesting” — to use the term many English teachers write when we can’t think of something positive to say about a student’s paper/thesis.

5. You can not [now] SPAM the people on a Twitter List

e. COROLLARY: A critical component to Success with Social Media Marketing [SMM} is to personalize relationships and service. Automatic anything is so un-SMM.

6. Teachers can make Twitter Lists for individual courses for in-class or homework discussions

f. I won’t have to use TweetChat which was giving us some trouble when students replied directly to other students, e.g., these discussions sometimes did not appear in the stream.

Posts re: Twitter Lists from the blogosphere:

7. Four clever uses for lists: includes creating mini-communities where every listee follows the list and uses hashtags for discussions.

8. 10 ways you can use Twitter Lists: includes making lists to keep tabs on your industry and your employees.

9. Twitter lists and real-time journalism: Pete Cashmere says we can use our friends as filters:

For those cast adrift in a sea of content, good news: A “curation” economy is beginning to take shape, tweet by tweet, list by list.”

10. Robert Scoble:

“Twitter Lists are for people crazy about tech news. Techmeme is for lazy people who want all their news in 10 minutes? Heheh. Very fun!” in response to a comment on his post “Techmeme vs Twitter Lists

— BTW, Scoble is the ONLY “listee” on Steve Rubel’s “List/faves

Time to “get off the couch” and start LISTING — or at least reading about them. It really is “All about the Buzz”

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   4 November 2009
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Nov 5, 2009
2:03 pm
#1 Jorge :

Great post! What I love about lists is that you can now follow groups of people that talk about certain topics and get a much more organized feed.

I agree as they are hoses and they are also organizers. The most important thing about lists is that they are also a discovery tool, I can look at certain lists of people talking about a topic I’m passionate about and follow the list, then find a couple of new people to add to my regular stream.

This is a way to give back the @replies feature of discovery that was taken away from us. 🙂

Author Nov 5, 2009
2:39 pm

Jorge, we do have to admire the creative minds at Twitter who keep envisioning a future when Twitter will be like “air” — i.e., like email 🙂
When Twitter reaches “critical mass,” then this platform will be at the top of EVERY marketers list of tools and strategies.

Nov 7, 2009
12:36 am
#3 @oclack :

I think the lists feature is great. It’s one of the features offered by many of Twitter management applications out there (like Tweet Deck).
Besides its usefulness, it’s also the first new feature Twitter has deployed in a long time. It shows the organization is still interested in improving the application, not just sitting back on its haunches waiting for a brilliant monetization strategy to manifest.

But back to the feature… It’s great. I can actually organize and follow people by friends, industry, key-influencers, news outlets, local news, clients, etc. Of course, if you only use Twitter for entertainment and to see what witty 140 character lines random masses can come up with… Well then maybe Twitter Lists is not for you – but be happy there’s the option.


Author Nov 7, 2009
12:47 am

Odin, I see where you have six Twitter lists already. Good going.
Increased functionality of any platform means more for all of us.
It’ll take awhile, but we’ll see ALL our friends on Twitter within the next few years.

Author Nov 7, 2009
8:13 pm

Here was a comment I added to another article about Twitter Lists []
Hey Matt and Tia, I’m with you on adding “collaborative” functionality — but my desire would be to make it easy for people ON A LIST to share that list while not necessarily making it public, e.g., a teacher and his/her class.

Of course, we teachers can simply have all class members make the same list and keep it private, but couldn’t there be an easier way.

Or is there?

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