728 FAQ’s for LinkedIn: Who Knew?

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Getting your LinkedIn ???s answered is a piece of cake


It all started because I couldn’t “link in” to the new Twitter/LinkedIn sync.

I checked “here” and I checked “there” and VOILA, I found that Help [in the upper right hand corner of the LinkedIn home page] has 728 Frequently Asked Questions — and the Answers.

Here are the first 30:

  1. Company Profile – Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Ten Tips on Building a Strong Profile
  3. Removing a Connection
  4. Email Address Not Associated with Account / Duplicate Account
  5. Closing Your Account
  6. Subgroups – Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Exporting and Transferring Your Contacts
  8. 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn by Guy Kawasaki
  9. Creating a Group
  10. InBox Changes
  11. Frequently Asked Questions about Applications
  12. Who Has Viewed My Profile
  13. Downgrading Your Premium Subscription
  14. Editing / Withdrawing a Sent Recommendation
  15. Changing Your Primary Email Address
  16. Contacting Customer Service Online
  17. Frequently Asked Questions about DirectAds
  18. Merging Accounts
  19. Connections List Missing and Correct Marked Fields Error
  20. Origin of Incoming Data for Company Profiles
  21. New – Adding a Twitter Account to Your LinkedIn Profile
  22. Promoting My Public Profile
  23. Receiving Error Message when Adding Email Address
  24. Editing a Company Profile
  25. Removing People From Company Profile
  26. Customizing Your Personal URL
  27. Sending Invitations
  28. Adding a Company Profile Page
  29. Shared Connections Not Viewable
  30. Job Searching Tips

. . . and 698 more. Check them out.

Unfortunately I didn’t get my Twitter situation fixed, but now I’ve got lots of homework to do to learn about hundreds of LinkedIn features I can take advantage of.

If you check out this section and find an answer to one of your questions, please share the experience; after all, I can’t get through all 728 of them on my own.

Photo by Susan Ambrosini
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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   20 November 2009
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