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Time for new student bloggers and the typical questions: “How do I get more readers?” and “How do I get people to comment?”

My standard answers have been these three:

1)  Comment on other people’s blogs

2)  Announce your new posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

3)  Add a user-friendly comment device [don’t make commenters jump through too many hoops].

However, after reading several of their posts, I have another simple answer — but, first, a story:

My Story about Peter

Several years ago, when I was teaching beginning journalism students at Southwest Missouri State, the students’  daily chore was to write in a log. . . .  and then I read them.

Big mistake — both the assignment and me spending time reading them.

When left to their own devices . . . students wrote about such earth-shattering events as breaking up with their boyfriends and flushing letters down the toilet to buying a pair of boots at the mall to the scores of basketball games in the local conference. Needless to say, I was questioning my sanity for having asked for these papers.

Until Peter, that is.

Peter wrote plays and poetry. Peter analyzed the news. Peter shared intelligent conversations he had had with friends. Peter reported on books and articles he was reading.

And his writing was so flawless that I was envious.

But I loved reading his stuff and looked forward to every entry.

I was in awe of his talent and wondered what I could offer him.

So I went to several of my colleagues to ask their opinions; one comment stood out: “Peter’s stuff is good because he writes about things that are important and interesting.”

When you blog — and you want people to read and comment — WRITE ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING.

Why write about anything else?


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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   21 June 2011
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Jun 21, 2011
8:27 am

Nice post – and point well taken. I’ve invested a LOT of time commenting on other people’s blogs in exchange programs and that’s about run it’s course for me because so few of the participants in those groups actually live up to the recipropal part of that “exchange”. Quality content has always been important, but people still need to FIND you. I don’t think there is any magic formula other than a diverse marketing plan and lots of hard work :-)

Jun 21, 2011
6:52 pm

And, I might add… important and interesting to YOU, so you can write about it with passion. That makes readers want to respond and interact with you.

Thanks for sharing your story about Peter. Stories always make it come alive for me… i.e. interesting. :)

Willena Flewelling

Jun 21, 2011
8:25 pm
#3 JoWriter :

These are great suggestions, except that it’s not practical for me to announce new posts everytime one goes up. I post at least one item a day, sometimes more. Only when I think something I have written is, as you recommend, important, do I send out announcements.

Author Jun 21, 2011
11:25 pm

Marquita, you make some excellent points in just a few sentences:
1) I, too, question the value of “reciprocal exchanges”: of course, sometimes when the content is inspirational or instructive, it is worth making a comment on. One problem, though is when you have to “waste” a lot of time going through content that isn’t really well done enough to merit a comment.
2) When we talk about how to get people to Find You, though, these reciprocal exchange mechanisms can introduce blog readers to blog writers they may not have found any other way.
3) Re: Magic Formulas for “getting found”: it all comes to one’s objectives: money? influence? engagement?

Author Jun 21, 2011
11:30 pm

Willena, thanks for reading Peter’s story. Personally, I learned so much from being his teacher that I have tons of stories to share with current students.

Author Jun 21, 2011
11:37 pm

Wow, Jo, publishing everyday. I admire you. So how do you build your audience?

Jun 22, 2011
1:47 am

Nice post.I think one of the best ways is to comment on the blogs of other people.We can also have plugins like commentluv in order to get some good back links but the focus should be on getting goos reputation rathe rthan back links.

Jun 22, 2011
10:35 am
#8 Safisha :

Peter catches the eyes of others; he not only talks about things that interest him — but what interest the readers.

Jun 22, 2011
10:37 am
#9 Llanet :

I think everyone’s writing is interesting, but t depends on the reader, i.e., what he or she wants to learn about.

Jun 22, 2011
10:38 am
#10 mynia pennyman :

Shari I totally agree with you sometimes it’s just plain boring to read about others’ problems and drama and stuff. Reading poetry, plays, news,or anything about books is interesting especially if you don’t write those things yourself. If I would have read Peter’s stories, I probably would have felt some connection to them because he wrote about something worth reading.

Jun 22, 2011
10:39 am
#11 Juan Gomez :

I most definetly agree that you should not even bother writing anything if you do not think that it is interesting or important. Because if the value of that piece of writing is worthless to you, how do you expect it to be of any valuable to someone else?

Jun 22, 2011
10:40 am
#12 Yuru Liang :

Good post. I used to blog, but I just talked about some random stuff about my life and never proofread before I posted, so my blog doesn’t have many readers. I became lazy and then stop blogging. Now, I have found out why my blog doesn’t have many readers.

Jun 22, 2011
10:41 am
#13 Erica Harris :

It only makes sense that Peter’s work was something to praise. He was a young man who understood that blogging was an outlet for him to express his opinion as well as imagination to the world beyond his backyard. I must say this post has been very helpful and next time I sit down to write to the world I will keep in mind to express myself in a meaningful manner.

Jun 22, 2011
10:41 am
#14 Tyra :

I enjoyed this Blog.. The point you made was a very good one. I will use this advice

Author Jun 22, 2011
10:41 am
#15 Shari Weiss :

Juan, what topics are of particular interest to you? What would you be really excited to share your knowlege about?

Jun 22, 2011
10:42 am
#16 John Han :

I agree that using social medial such as Twitter and Facebook is a great idea to get more readers and for them to comment on other people’s blog.

Jun 22, 2011
10:43 am
#17 Fred Thomas :

In some ways i could understand your logic behind looking forward to his posts but what was it about Peter’s posts that stuck out more than the others kids posts? Was it beacause it seemed like everyone was talking about the same thing all day everyday?

Jun 22, 2011
10:44 am
#18 Samantha :

It is really helpful to me in order to get your post pointed out. I think people would pay attention to something that is important and useful things rather than wasting time reading meaningless posts…:D

Author Jun 22, 2011
10:46 am
#19 Shari Weiss :

Mynia, you bring up a good point about finding online information that can help you learn about How-To-Do almost anything and everything.

Jun 22, 2011
10:47 am
#20 ali :

i think that’s what blogging is all about. Write about something relevant. In order to attract people attention on your blog u have to have that one element that will grab their attentions. so it doesn’t have to be only relevant to only you, but to the society too.

Jun 22, 2011
10:49 am
#21 Michael Tang :

I like this blog because i agree with the writer because it’s true people only write about their daily life for example: basketball game, what did they eat today and clothing, they don’t write about poetry, poem or the economy.

Jun 22, 2011
10:53 am
#22 elsie lara :

I agree that when you post something up on your blog you should write about something interesting. What you write makes people want to read and comment on your blog or not. I also thing that its your blog and you should write about whatever you feel like writing. There are always going to be some people that like what you write and others that don’t.

Author Jun 22, 2011
10:59 am
#23 Shari Weiss :

So, Yuru, what kind of “interesting and important” subject do you think you can blog about?

Jun 22, 2011
11:06 am
#24 Subaya Hill :

There’s so much going on in the world and some times the newspapers are just not enough, because when editors omit the truth people aren’t able to truly develop their own bias about certain issues. We need bloggers out their to follow on stories and play checks and balances with the newspaper agencies. We all now sometimes the truth can be lost. However I agree that if bloggers post useful information and and grab sometime off emotional appeal, people will have commentate on issues they can identify with.

Author Jun 22, 2011
11:12 am
#25 Shari Weiss :

Fred, the first reason was because I always learned something I hadn’t known before. The second was that I could tell he had really put forth a serious effort, rather than simply dashing something off.

Jun 22, 2011
11:14 am
#26 subaya hill :

I think it’s very important for bloggers to post informational articles.

Jun 22, 2011
11:18 am
#27 Tomo :

Dear Shari
Thanks for letting us know about your blog! It is so much to learn from.

My dad is a hardcore blogger who updates daily, but most of his posts are pictures and a couple of sentences. I think it is a good communication tool for us since we live far away from each other. He posts stuff as if only showing for family member so I am worry about his internet literacy in order to protect our privacy. How can I educate my father about importance of blogging manner?

Author Jun 22, 2011
12:16 pm
#28 Shari Weiss :

Tomoko, since you found my blog posts useful, perhaps you might suggest that your dad read some of the Blogging Basic articles as well.

Jun 22, 2011
4:07 pm
#29 Jiayu :

It is true that writing something interesting and important will attract people to read the blog. People post more about their daily life but not the interesting and important one.

Jun 22, 2011
4:07 pm
#30 Marneisha Welch :

Peter seems like a talented young man when it comes to writing. He has a gift. But like most students, we write about our problems when it comes to a writing assignment.

Jun 22, 2011
4:08 pm
#31 Amy Fann :

Only when you write more and when you really put effort into your writing, you will impress yourself and others. To key to successful writing is practice with accuracy.

Jun 22, 2011
4:09 pm
#32 paacy :

Very interesting blog-site hope to get one up this summer! Looks like it will be very good resource..

Jun 22, 2011
4:09 pm
#33 Rochela :

Shari, I love reading this post because it rings very true to me…

I have so many friends on facebook and other social networking sites that constantly complain about people not commenting on there posts!

Well if you want a commenting right something worth reading! I’m just saying…

Right something that the people on the other end can relate to and get something out of, I often find myself scrolling threw my facebook updates wondering when am I going to run across something more then just, I feed my cows on farmvile. WHO CARES! LOL

Jun 22, 2011
4:10 pm
#34 QueenIssy :

peter sounds like he should be a teacher…I feel reading this story blogging is alot like essay writing. you have to put time and energy into it to make it interesting.

Jun 22, 2011
4:11 pm
#35 Latrice Byars :

I believe when someone post some thing that is real and flows that’s is when it caught the eyes of viewers who understand and would love to read and hear more and more so they come back, like some go ice cream. I would not give it up but if it’s not my flavor its all bad, i move on to the next so as long as it grasp my attention, there is a win will he/ she post more i really feel this post are better yet i understand what the person is saying,Post more.

Jun 22, 2011
4:12 pm
#36 omari :

i think that more people should write or blog about more important topics than breaking up with someone. the internet would probly be a better place lol

Jun 22, 2011
4:13 pm
#37 deshad khan :

peter sounds like he would be a good person to learn from. this blog has helped me realized that it takes time and effort to become a good writer

Jun 22, 2011
4:13 pm
#38 Paris Smith :

The thing I liked most about the blog is it’s the truth. Some people don’t care about what they blog they just do it . This makes me think about what I post on facebook I need to make my post more interesting.

Jun 22, 2011
4:14 pm
#39 Phuong Le "Mai" :

This article shows that even though most of the students in that class wrote about unimportant things in their log, there was that ONE student who showed you that there was still hope out there.

Jun 22, 2011
4:15 pm
#40 Yoartra Tham :

I agree that people do post about shocking events, even a little thing like getting your tooth pulled out or events like what they are doing the next day. Even so there are lots of mysteries in the world that some people want to share with other and that I thank them for.
Thanks for sharing the story peter it was very interesting to read.

Jun 22, 2011
4:15 pm
#41 Bernard :

I too agree that the importance of the information being blog is a main contributor to acquiring followers but at the same time I think that the number one thing is the interest factor just for the sake of recruiting!

Jun 22, 2011
4:16 pm
#42 Kyla Wheatfall :

I see how the story goes along with how getting people to subscribe to your blog. Write about something interesting and most people flock to it. But I don’t get how it relates at the same time. I mean he’s a good writer and may have a good story to tell. But i don’t think that blogging is all about writing well. I have a blog and I mostly post pictures of random things and little thoughts that pop in my head.My friends that blog are the same way. I have a friends who works with Oaklandish and he takes pictures. His blog, covered with pictures. I feel that if this blog was suppose to answer a “question.” Then my question hasn’t been answered.

Jun 22, 2011
4:17 pm
#43 harold scoggins :

It goes to show you that there are diamonds in the rough. If you would have never taken the time to analyze thoes blogs and articles you may have missed out on the enlightment you can receive on a daily basis. This blog post wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Peter lol

Jun 22, 2011
4:17 pm
#44 Josue Emir :

Blogging has become a powerful tool in the world. I agree with what other people have said, if it is something that is not important and interesting then why bother. A few months back I realized how powerful social media has become when I was invited to dinner by a Arab friend. I asked if he thought all the protests about the middle east are ever going to succeed. He said of course they are in effect because of the internet. Without the internet and social media, people would not have gathered as quickly as they have in the past. Now if you see the news, plenty of the top government leaders of the middle east have left their post of power.

Jun 22, 2011
4:18 pm
#45 Chris Coats :

Whenever you write, you have to discuss things that are going to make someone want to keep reading. It’s also going to make them want to see what you can do.

Jun 22, 2011
4:19 pm
#46 Hoa Vo :

To me, blogging is a somewhat fun activity for anyone who loves to write about whatever is on their mind. It is true that writing blogs should be more about subjects that matter and are important. But for some readers, it could be about anything that writers write because it is a “blog” not an essay to write about a specific topic.

Jun 22, 2011
4:19 pm
#47 Vincent Williams :

It is true that when blogging, that there needs to be some kind of information that others can relate to. Whether is a personal subject that others may have in common, or just something fun that is interesting.

Jun 22, 2011
4:20 pm
#48 aleasea :

Absolutely! I think more people should be using social media sites to put out a positive message. Nothing bothers me more than seeing people who post all day about non-sense. I always ask myself doesnt anyone have anything meaningful to say. Recentley i’ve found that when I when i post about something of importance i get way more “likes”.

Jun 22, 2011
4:23 pm
#49 Riri :

Llanet, Great post and good point, I see what you mean about that; its what the reader wants to learn about it,thats makes it interesting to them, however what if the reader doesnt find it interesting, is it probably because they dont want to know about it or attepmt to gain knoweledge from the Log.

Jun 22, 2011
4:24 pm
#50 edil gulaid :

i am glad you didnt give up on reading what they wrote after all those pointless ones, because if you didnt you would not have gotten to read peter’s log

Jun 22, 2011
4:24 pm
#51 Hien Nguyen :

I completely agree. When having the chance to write freely people should write what they are most passionate about or show interest in. My senior year I got the choice of choosing a creative english class-I picked “World of Media” over “Short Stories”. “World of Media” was a films criticism class- we essentially watched films such as westerns and noirs-then analyzed these films in terms of politics and director’s view. This class was my favorite class. Whereas if I had taken “Short Stories” I would have not been as happy because of the pressures to create creative stories. I do not want to be forced to be creative, but be creative on my own terms. Thus I believe writing for one’s self and interest.

Jun 22, 2011
4:28 pm
#52 Patrick Long :

I strongly agree with most arguments on the topic that a lot of Facebook, myspace, and any large online community network. Most times I’ve logged on facebook I see some nonsense that wasted my time by skimming through the post. Even at times there are posts that are either too much info of unclear ideas to just a few words that I think was pointless to post up.

At times, people make a big scene about something minor then turn it to something big. For example like being emo about someone leaving you or posts about being angry at the world and saying “all of you should die” but when I read something close to that I just roll my eyes and think to myself next post.

Also for reviews about computer software sometimes on a post I see things completely irrelevant to the software about like some relationship issues. Then the rest of the blog or post was completely thrown off topic. I agree that people need to post better and inetresting blogs than waste my time I rarely go on any community sites because all I’ve been reading lately are all just gossip.

Jun 22, 2011
4:29 pm
#53 marquis :

I think this story is very interesting because there are a lot of people who just blog with no thought, writing simple things that won’t get any comments .Now if you blog things that people can resonate with, you will see the difference. What’s the point of blogging if you can’t connect with the social world.

Jun 22, 2011
4:32 pm
#54 Dan Li :

I think these are very useful methods to teach ppl how to get more blog readers. I believe a lot of ppl after having seen your blog will use these three methods.

Jun 22, 2011
4:34 pm
#55 clement Yung :

i think using Twitter and Facebook can get more people to read a blog. and I think if your blog can include photos, that will be even better. Also via internet we can communicate with many people living far away.

Jun 22, 2011
4:36 pm
#56 Daisy Hsieh :

On the blog platform I use, there’s a program to get our blogs popular without the need to share our blog on facebook nor to comment on other people’s blog post.

I’ve been blogging since 7th grade, I blog about my daily life here in the United States for my friends in Taiwan to see. That’s one of the ways to connect with my friends in Taiwan. You also get to share about your life to anyone who as access to your blog, which is really cool. :)

Jun 22, 2011
4:38 pm
#57 randi haffner :

Reading this made me think of my high school English class and when we use to write in journals about our days or what we were thinking. The story of Peter really captivated me and brought to my attention that not everyone is thinking about what they want but that they have real things to say yet don’t know where to put them.

Jun 22, 2011
4:42 pm
#58 pamela :

Ms. Weiss I really like your choice of music on this website; it’s both soothing and energizing at the same time.

Jun 22, 2011
5:12 pm
#59 pure :

It’s easy to read someone’s blog, but hard to comment it. You have to choose your words carefully.

Jun 26, 2011
8:45 am

For me, commenting on other blogs has definitely brought me many commentators. The other good thing is to encourage readers by giving them some values in exchange for their time (KeyworeLuv OR CommentLuv).

Jun 27, 2011
10:02 pm

You made a good point, but you could also tell others to join a syndication tribe like this one as well. I have to say as a tribe member I still like to read something interesting.


Jun 28, 2011
12:39 am
#62 Lynn Jones :

Hi Shari, Great post! I liked it. So we write about something interesting to us, but what if it is not interesting to others. I think we just have to be us, our real self, authentic and genuine. If people find us interesting that is wonderful. If we have some growing to do in our writing style and skills, then join TSA and at least 9 or so people may comment on your blog. :)
Have a sweet and wonderful day!

Author Jun 28, 2011
10:17 am
#63 Shari Weiss :

Yes, Lynn, TSA is definitely a way to get comments on one’s blog, but here’s something to consider: are comment like opinions? Everyone has a right to have an opinion, but are all opinions worth hearing or reading.

Now that you bring this up, I have a problem with people commenting when they really have nothing worthwhile to say. To my mind this simply adds to the “noise” out there. Perhaps TSA and similar tribes could offer Blog Commenting webinars . . . and even “extra credit” contests for the best comments. Now there’s an idea I really like.

Jun 28, 2011
4:14 pm
#64 Alan Jenkin :

What an excellent post, Shari! Sometimes pointing out the obvious is all it takes 😉 After all, if a post is not interesting or informative, why would anyone choose to read it?

I think what can happen, just as I suspect happened to your students, is the following thought process:
“Oh – I need to write a blog post. What shall I write about? Nothing much exciting happened: perhaps I’ll just write about what I had for lunch.”

I imagine it’s easy to get into that mode when “required” to write something, say, once a week. For those of us who are not under no such instruction, there really isn’t any excuse: we just create our own stupid deadlines and then get caught with the consequences.

Thanks so much for reminding me it’s about quality, not quantity.


Jul 1, 2011
1:13 am

It’s my experience once one gets through the “ego” of blogging and presents content the reader wants to read, learn from, and enjoy, writing is very easy. I enjoy your style of writing. You bring quality content to your readers in a short concise method. That’s a lesson I’m still learning, write interesting content with clarity and keep the readers attention.

Looking forward to learning more from you-

Terrific Tonya Heathco
National Seizure Disorders Foundation

Author Jul 1, 2011
10:00 pm
#66 Shari Weiss :

I like to hear people say that “writing is easy” but, of course, that will depend upon (1) whether you have something to say and (2) how passionate you are about your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and observations.

Jul 6, 2011
2:24 am

Good points. When writing we need to keep our readers in mind and write interesting things they can benefit from.

Jul 7, 2011
6:28 am
#68 Eldon Beard :

I think the key to getting readers for your blog is to be visible and be a contributor in communities where people in your niche hang out. The key to getting commenters is writing content that addresses the problems or questions people in your niche ask, and offering solutions or direction.

Jul 7, 2011
10:24 am
#69 PAACY :

Info on Blogging–that I am finding helpful. 1. commentary should represent example of a page identifying an issue in the public interest; 2.find out how that public interest is subverted; 3.engage readers & produce positive results.

Author Jul 7, 2011
11:10 am
#70 Shari Weiss :

Eldon, re: your observation on getting commenters — I’ve heard it stated that when you touch people’s “pain points,” they will respond.

Jul 21, 2011
5:02 pm

Hi Shari,

You have some excellent points. Another I would add, for those in a tribe (a “reciprocal program”), is to be in a tribe with your same niche. I am really enjoying my tribe, learning a lot, and don’t want to leave, but at the same time, my niche is totally different. So not everyone is going to share my posts. Some do, though, and that’s good. It’s a start.

What do you tell your students about how long it takes to find your “blogging voice?”

Author Jul 21, 2011
5:05 pm
#72 Shari Weiss :

How long does it take to find your blogging voice is a very interesting question.
From my own experience I would say that one thing to think about very carefully is your target audience. We do need to “speak” in different styles to different sets of people. Like lots of things in life, it is impossible to be all things to all people.

Sep 19, 2011
1:43 am
#73 Yorinda :

Hi Shari,

you are obviously practicing what you teach, what a lot of comments!

I like the example you gave. Providing things of interest and keeping people engaged is where it at.

I do like the way you break up the text so it makes it easy to read.

Thank you for the interesting read.

Author Sep 19, 2011
9:59 pm
#74 Shari Weiss :

Making text easy read is so much more critical than beginning bloggers understand . . . especially if you want people to read . . . and then comment!

Oct 5, 2011
6:56 am

When it comes for blogging i too insist on quality content.your content must be unique,interesting and important regards their topics.
Your story about peter 9s influential.
Tanks for sharing this information.

Author Oct 5, 2011
12:23 pm
#76 Shari Weiss :

Mith, there is already so much triviality online. Why add to it?

Oct 24, 2011
3:18 am

There are different ways through which we can attract readers and its good that bloggers are making use of all those sites. Publicizing or advertising is a must otherwise and you’ve highlighted all the important points. Well written.

Oct 25, 2011
11:12 pm
#78 Raena Lynn :

Hello Shari,

This is a short, yet profound summary of the core of what draws people to blogs. After reading this article it seems so simple to “write about things that are important and interesting.” If we can consistently post article that are relevant, and interesting it would solve the simple answer to getting blog readers and commentaries.

We must make the effort to make comments on other blogs and making sure there is a backlink for a possible return comment.


Raena Lynn

Nov 11, 2011
12:50 am

I agree that when you post something up on your blog you should write about something interesting and important. If you find the right subject it makes people want to read and comment on your blog. I also think that its your blog and you decide to write about whatever you feel like writing.

Author Nov 16, 2011
1:02 pm
#80 Shari Weiss :

Jame, one thing to think about for your viewpoint is to ask yourself whether you are writing for yourself or to communicate to an audience. Next step is to further define that audience. That makes all the difference.

Nov 20, 2011
8:06 pm
#81 Liz K :

Hi Shari:

I absolutely love this blog post. Yes using other social media to announce a new blog post works perfect for me to get more readers. I also agree that the topic discussed should be of interest to the readers otherwise they will bounce as soon as they read the first few lines. Catchy titles are great too but all the same people have to connect with the content. Thanks for sharing.

Dec 7, 2011
9:41 am

Thank You Shari
Great advice, but how do you pick a subject that is not going to be repeated by others over and over again.
Merry Christmas to You and Your Loved Ones and The Best In The New Year

Author Dec 10, 2011
12:29 pm
#83 Shari Weiss :

Sharon, choosing topics to write about is easy IF you are sharing your passion!

Dec 11, 2011
6:40 pm
#84 Marilyn Curtis :

and then comment! I like the example you gave. Good post.

Dec 14, 2011
2:33 am
#85 Teach Jim :

Real content for real people. That makes GREAT sense. Reads and comments come because of the quality. Thanks for the nice list to get our heads a thinkin but I love the way you close it our with real story and hit it out of the park with the close… No kidding. So obvious but so forgotten. Thank you!

Dec 19, 2011
7:11 pm
#86 ivy :

high quality content and very interesting topic being discussed.

Dec 19, 2011
8:00 pm

Hi Jim,

You know in the blogging era content is the king …

if aany hv good content … it ll automatically get huge comment …

Dec 20, 2011
6:56 am
#88 Theuns :

Hi Shari

Thanks fr this great tip.

Yes I agree you need to wright something that people like, not thing that they do not have any interest in.

Good info help people to solve problems.


Jan 23, 2012
3:28 pm

You did the precise thing in this article that can make almost any article compelling: told a story! No matter how good the info is, if it’s not conveyed in a meaningful way, it won’t sink in. And it’s been proven time and again that we as people are storytellers. Smart brands tell a story with theirs. Everyone from speakers to copywriters can make their content compelling with the simple addition of a story. That’s when our ears perk up… we automatically wonder, “What will happen next?”

PS: I enjoyed your story!

Author Jan 29, 2012
2:38 am
#90 Shari Weiss :

Carol, I generally begin my blog posts with a story to provide context, i.e., why I am writing the particular piece.

Jan 31, 2012
11:00 am
#91 Lewis Newton :

You nailed it! I’ve learned a lot from your blog here! Keep on going, I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about.Can’t wait to read more from you! I will keep an eye on it.

Feb 15, 2012
10:25 am

I agree with you that we should comment on other blogs and this can help us to get some readers. It’s also good to focus on SEO and providing valuable content. :-)

Mar 28, 2012
10:33 pm

Nice article Shari. I have recently started a simple film blog, but I had no idea how much SEO was required. It is very difficult knowing where to start for a newbie. This was very helpful. I thought all I would be doing was writing.

Apr 11, 2012
9:47 am

This is good you have mentioned in your post “Social Media is the good tool to get fam online and you can show your existence in the market.

Apr 13, 2012
1:36 am
#95 Priya Kamble :

Nice tips shari.Really nice post..I like it and your post is very helpful for new bloggers..

Apr 13, 2012
1:20 pm
#96 Jonathan :

Social media has provided a huge new outlet for blog and other business marketing. As useful as it is I’m a strong believer that content is king. Without great content it is hard to grow your readership and as a result, commenters. Thanks for sharing the tips.

Apr 23, 2012
6:03 pm

Be creative! That’s the best tip for me. Using social networks is very important but if you don’t write interesting articles you will use readers fast.

May 11, 2012
6:52 pm

I read a lot of blogs and find that some that limit themselves get in trouble trying to figure out what to post about next.. Or post start to sound the same.

Jun 3, 2012
8:32 am
#99 Craig :

Some great tips. I think the best way is to write something you would comment on or find useful. I know I comment on posts I find useful or controversial.

Jul 11, 2012
11:14 pm

My dad and brother always give me a long, detailed answer and can never understand what they’re saying. So what’s the difference? Remember, quick, simple, easy to read.

Aug 27, 2012
12:24 am
#101 Bonnie Smith :

Thanks for your post. I have not many readers which makes me upset.Finally, I find out. I hardly read others posts let alone comment on others’ posts. Thank you very very much.



Sep 30, 2012
12:24 am
#102 Auberges :

In the end, the conclusion is always the same:”Content is King”. I find it difficult though to have readers emotionally involved and to leave comments.

Oct 13, 2012
10:24 am

First, quality and engaging content is very important. Next, promotion is a must in blogging. If you will not tell people about your blog they will not bother to visit your site especially if it is just a new one. Lastly, it is crucial that you establish a good relationship with your readers and other people in the blogging community.

Nov 4, 2012
6:58 am

Having many posts which fulfil a certain quality is a very good method to get more readers. It’s a good thing to have a timetable and post your texts at the same day(s) every week so readers know when to return to your blog to read your newest post.

Jan 30, 2013
1:31 pm
#105 Lucy Dark :

This is great, good tips. Commenting is key, though tougher than it seems to make it work right.

Feb 28, 2013
11:18 am

Writing about what you are passionate about is of key importance when it comes getting people to read your blog. When someone really cares about what they are writing, their personality and sense of humor really shine through. A reader can easily recognize this :)

Mar 18, 2013
6:32 pm

Very nice article. The story of Peter was really nice, it is always nice when you see someone has a genuine passion and flair for writing. The internet is crammed full of meaningless content nowadays, it’s always really great when you find a piece that was written out of enjoyment. It makes reading it enjoyable. Your advice was also useful, when I set up my first website advertising my writings I heavily relied on announcements from my social media accounts to draw traffic into them. Commenting on other peoples posts is also great, but when you are doing it purely for a comment back it sullies the genuine social interactivity I personally find.

May 2, 2013
2:57 am
#108 Pitt Goumas :

Blogging about current events will be most helpful I guess.

Jun 1, 2013
9:57 pm
#109 Phyllis :

Excellent blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a
paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused .. Any suggestions? Bless you!

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