How to Become Rich & Famous on the Web

If the question is –

Driving Miss Shari 12 150x150 How to Become Rich & Famous on the WebHow does one become rich and famous on the Internet?

– then there are as many answers as there are experts, gurus, and consultants. DRIVING MISS SHARI is the answer from this writer/teacher/blogger, who has learned that the Old Rules, Media, and Strategies must take into consideration everything that’s New [i.e., Rules, Media, and Strategies].

Driving Miss Shari is the “pearl” beneath the rock

What the heck does that mean?

In brief, this blog is my way to deal with a huge new challenge in my life — the fact that I can’t drive for three months.

No, it wasn’t drugs or alcohol, and I didn’t run anyone over. It was simply an unexplained “syncope” [unconscious episode] that had to be reported to the California DMV [Dept of Motor Vehicles] resulting in a license suspension until an explanation is found — or if I don’t faint again for three months.

Imagine: the car’s right there in the driveway, but you can’t use it. How do you think your life would change?

This blog will feature all the wonderful people who help me get around — and what it’s like to be vehicle-less in the suburbs.

When this blog makes me rich and famous, I can be as magnanimous as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and throw a huge party for every one of my Drivers du Jour, arranging their transportation to the event via a chauffeured limousine.

Meet Tax Expert Bob Crane, my Driver du Jour – Day 25

So how can you help me and possibly get invited to the party –if you’re not one of my drivers?

Check out this blog and write comments about (a) who/what drives you or (b) who/what drives you crazy.

driving miss shari1 150x150 How to Become Rich & Famous on the WebStarting now . . .

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508 Responses to How to Become Rich & Famous on the Web

  1. PurpleB says:

    Well, this is very very interesting and positive, I am sorry about the driving thing, hope it gets resolved but as you said maybe it will be a blessing for getting rich, you are already rich in spirit and friendliness….so good luck! Wish I could be there for the party.

    • sharisax says:

      Ontario is not that far :-)
      My understanding of “rich” is that you no longer ask How Much anything costs. If you want it, you buy it. This subject came up with my friends, who are visiting from Missouri, and are driving me around this weekend. We were discussing the differences between a $100 shirt and a $10,000 one. Sounds like an interesting philosophical topic to blog about.

      • SoKoMyo says:

        A $100 shirt is the bottom end? I must be living in a dream world of poverty. I look for shirts in the $10 clearance bin.

        Rich to me is having what is needed to get you through the day. I said needed not wanted. Rich is also appreciating everything that you have. And really rich is the ability to share your talents with others, so they may learn to exist without suffering.

        A deep bow to you,
        So KoMyo

        • sharisax says:

          I love you’re saying that “really rich is the ability to share your talents with others.” I am continually feeling that. Nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than when I have just conducted a class where I see and feel that people have gotten “it” — whether the “it” is English, marketing courses, or Social Media. Yup, I’m already rich — just have to get famous. :-)

        • Ras chan says:

          $10,000 shirt? You know what I can do with that kind of money? I would feed the poor people in the world of my choice. I could run a snake business. But men, women, and children are starving out there in the world today. So that’s what I’m Goin to do if I have $10,000.

          • sharisax says:

            Ras, I told your class this morning, than when I am rich and famous, I’ll definitely be giving back to Laney College!

  2. George Kao says:

    Shari, I’m sorry to hear about the 3-month period but it’s wonderful how you’ve been able to turn this lemon into a lemonade. Inspiring! Wishing you much success!

    • sharisax says:

      Of course, George, you have been a true inspiration for me. Thanks for everything.
      BTW, being that you are in the city, we’ll have to figure out a way for you to come to the party — even if you don’t drive me. Hey, actually, many of your lessons have “driven” me, so there we go. :-)

      • Bill Bralye says:

        Thanks for the inspirational message. Clearly an example of making lemonade and being very clever in how to leverage a short-term disadvantage into a positive lesson for all. Best of luck in your remaining driver-less days.

        • sharisax says:

          Actually, Bill, I’ve been driving for three weeks now. :-)
          And I’m certain that I am tons more appreciative of the “privilege” than I ever have been before.
          Not only that, but you are the FIRST person to know that I just took my Behind-The-Wheel driving test and believe I PASSED!. I do have to wait for my DMV letter of confirmation, but I’m relieved . . . of course, I hadn’t taken one of “those” kinds of tests in more than 40 years!!!!!

  3. I’m not sure what the question is. When I was too sick to drive I found a cab company and actually talked to the owner. he told me had a virtual monopoly where Iive but although he owned a lot of companies; one in particular used easy to recognise cabs and had a toll free number.

    When I phoned I would always say my name where I was and where I wanted to go and I always got the same reply. We’ll be there in 5 minutes and they were! It was actually cheaper than running a car. I prefer my car because I can carry things around with me and like driving, but taking cabs for a year or two wasn’t too bad. The main thing is to trust the drivers. I learned after taking a cab with a nut at the wheel! he took me to a city miles away and then brought me back and I arrived home at midnight!

    • sharisax says:

      Michael, your response is perfect . . . even how you got started with the answer.

      When I first got the news I couldn’t drive, I don’t think it dawned on me as to how my life would change . . . and that’s exactly what I’ll be writing about as I adjust to being “vehicle-less in suburbia”

  4. Be careful not to do as I did. I got out of a very low cab at the hospital and walked up some stairs then stopped because I felt a little faint. I was in a wheelchair the next minute while they checked my notes. A mistake when I was in hospital made them think I had angina and so I was rushed for an emergency ECG! My heart was fine but it’s nice to get it checked without the usual long wait!

    I hope your fainting episode was something trivial too. I’m pleased you mentioned how my answer began; I believe when I’m writing anything in getting attention as soon as possible. In an answer or short story in the first short paragraph. The worst crime of a writer is to be boring!

    Good luck and good health,


    PS: Consider photographs as part of your blog. I have a ebook in my box files Out and about.pdf – I did to experiment after a day taking photos. I may do a longer one now with more text.

  5. Shari,
    What a wonderful post. I know that my business would be in bad shape without a car since I’m a mobile notary. However, last year when I was in a bad car accident I was not able to drive either. It is very humbling having to ask for rides, yet you also find out how sincere people can be. When they tell you to call and that giving you a ride is not an imposition and when you call and they do. WOW!!! Who know that people will help you if you ask. What a concept.

    Moral of this story – if you ask they will come.

    Hope you are better soon.
    – Warrenetta

    • sharisax says:

      You hit the nail on the head when you say it is a “humbling” experience. But the fact that so many people want to help is an incredible gift. And thank you for offering to be one of my drivers. :-) Less than two months to go!

  6. Hi, I love the title and it is another form of “social media” to drive with someone else. I know it was great to catch up with you when I took you home last week. I bet you’re having lots of wonderful conversations when you drive with someone or meet someone when you take public transportation. You are doing something good for the environment. I am looking forward to how this story unfolds. SuzieQup

    • sharisax says:

      Suzie, thanks for joining the party . . . both on the blog and on the road :-)
      I can’t wait for your turn to be featured; perhaps we’ll team up to give blog lessons and anti-aging lessons at the same time!

  7. Laine D says:

    Dear Shari,

    What an interesting premise (& unfortunate event! – hope you do not have any more episodes) .

    Your plight makes me think of 2 things:
    First, remembering that when I had my children my ‘then’ husband informed me that he would not be around for any of the gory aspects, in case he fainted. Not, he purported because he was squeamish or a sissy but because IF he fainted he would not be able to fly (he was a fighter pilot). Aha!

    The second is that if I were in the same situation I might get some down time..but my teens would be apoplectic. Left to my own devices, I’m quite happy to stay home and can wait until after dark (its hot here in Arizona) to walk to the store for supplies. My teens however, have a social calendar booked back to back and plan my route to and from school via every point imaginable.

    This probably speaks more of my lack of a life and role as a indentured slave than anything but.. I wonder can I fake it?

    Laine D.

  8. Hi Shari,

    This looks like a fun new blog. So let me tell the most tried and true way to become rich and famous on the Internet. It’s actually a two-step process:

    Step 1 – Become rich and famous.
    Step 2 – Go on to the Internet.

    It’s that simple – so simple that most people miss it.

    Best of luck,
    Larry B

  9. It’s appears to be going well, I don’t know if you will become rich and famous. You may have to settle for being infamous like me! I put my user name into Google and the number of references has fell from 10,000 to around 7,000 so I need to do something. We have a lottery draw in the UK this evening, it could help if I won that!

    I must remember to go online tomorrow and renew my tickets. I just checked my Google count is down to 6,700! It serves me right for changing from using my user name Mike10613 to using my real name. I thought it was safer to copyright my novel in my real name. People will steal my jokes but I don’t want them stealing the whole thing.

    I’ve gained a few grey hairs and nearly died writing a 190,000 word novel and then re-writing it to cut it to 130,000 words and I still have more editing to do. It’s mainly moving commas, one in each chapter now. I’ll edit again this afternoon, I was going to a meeting to help another writer; then I thought; “Why do I always arrange everything?”

    I think the point here is anyone can now have there 15 minutes of fame as described by Andy Warhol. You just need to do something. Webspace is relatively cheap; learning how to use it isn’t so easy. I have to learn how to put WordPress on a website. I want my next site to be interactive. I’m doing a friends site now — — to publicize his novel that will be out in hardback soon. I’m not sure what else to put on the site and we have used 12 Mb of space out of a 1,000 Mb so far!

    I hope your blog is an inspiration to others, Shari,; I’ll put a link to it on my website with some blurb to drive people here. Most of my visitors are in the UK; but I get a 1,000 a month.

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, I’d say YOU are the Inspiration!

      I know what you mean about “arranging everything”; I have plenty of that to do now!

  10. sharisax says:

    Today was PROBLEM day all the way around. I had hoped to record a SKYPE convo with Driver du Jour Bob Crane, but that is on hold until tomorrow. No webcam and a “disk full” message on Skype.

    What would life be like without computer(s) [problems]? Probably not much different than without cars?

  11. You really need to sort out that hard drive Shari. Computer problems are a nuisance. I have my hard drive backed up, but there is a couple of errors. A program I installed was the wrong one. It was for digital TV and i wanted terrestrial and the program is for satellite. the other change is a back up of Windows. It only allows me to make one back up and then keeps asking me if I want to do it again! I know if I try it will try to stop me! I can restore my back up and those changes will be deleted. The problem is a lot of other changes will be deleted like email addresses that I have spent hours entering manually. The update to my website that took an hour! Please visit my very English site . I still have two pages to update and some fine tuning to do. I also updated the site for Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones. I have some buttons for that I need to make a back up of too. I shall have to do that manually. I must of course back up my novel! If I forget that, it would be a disaster! I do all that and then I can get back to just doing an automatic backup at 10 every morning!

    The sun is shining, I don’t want to work, I want to go taking photographs! I feel an afternoon off coming on! I need more photographs, I have fans now for my art!

    You need to back up all those videos Shari. I can just drag and drop folders or files to my 1 Tb external Hard drive. It’s a Seagate and cost around $100. I did get a $5 discount and free delivery. If you want to be rich, be frugal. I’ll get 38% of chicken today by buying 3 packs instead of one! I should write a book – “The frugal way to riches”; I was broke when I was sick. I started with nothing after that and have most of it left!

    I’ll drop in again and see how you are doing. In the meantime transfer those videos to a external hard drive or delete the ones you won’t use. Desktop internal drives are really cheap and so you could have a bigger drive and remember to use the slave drive of course.

    • sharisax says:

      Aye, Aye, Mike :-)
      1) I have backed up the videos on an external drive, sir :-) but what exactly do you mean by “slave drive”; is that the D drive?
      2) Please do write that book “The Frugal Way to Riches” and, even better, start it as a blog, and you and I can write it together
      3) Can I publish any of your photos on any of my blogs? [i.e. AND/OR]
      4) After I bike to yoga and pay a bill or two, I’ll be checking out your sites.

      As I’ve heard them say in Britain, “You’re a Luv” and I love seeing you here. :-)

  12. Dean Jones says:


    So here is a thought – although not as socially fun as having a driver dujour – a possible option for being stuck at the bus stop. I see you have a bike – yoga etc.. A one hour walk from the bus stop is not acceptable – all the time in flip flops etc..

    How about an old “beater” bike you could leave at the bus stop. Your trustworthy steed would be awaiting your return from 2 1/2 hours of transfers. Eager to see you again, he would whisk you away to your domicile – and be happy to give you a little work-out in the process.

    At end of your incarceration, the steed could have a place of honor amoung you other guests.

    Heres the good news – If you are without a semi-trusty steed, I believe I can hook you up. Just let me know so I can step up or stand down.

    Great weekend Shari,


    • sharisax says:

      Actually, Dean, I’ve been riding my bike AND one can bring it onto public transportion — a rack on the front of buses and inside Bart.

      I wouldn’t leave a steed, semi-trusty or otherwise, at a bus stop — unless it was ready for the trash heap.

      But thanks for thinking of me. And, BTW, I’m going to add this conversation to the comment section of the first blog post.

  13. sharisax says:

    In answer to WHO or WHAT drives you on LinkedIn:
    On 08/27/10 7:05 PM, Lisa Nofzinger wrote:
    Sounds interesting, Shari.

    Do you quality for public transportation for disabled people? We have a service in our city called Spec-Tran for people with disabilities who can’t drive and can’t take public buses. I know two people who use it; one is blind and the other is a neighbor (I don’t know what her disability is). I was told the service is about $2.50 a ride–cheaper than cabs.

    As to who drives me personally–I drive myself, both in my car and in my life. I had to have a medical procedure today and my parents drove me around as I couldn’t drive all day. It was strange not to drive. I can drive tomorrow though.

    [with permission from Lisa to re-post here]

  14. Ken Jacobs says:

    If I was in California, I’d definitely give you a ride! PS: I loved your “it might have been as simple as choking” line!

    • sharisax says:

      Ken, one never knows. You just might find yourself in California sooner than you might think, especially when I have the Big Bash. :-)
      THX for joining the convo, and I hope you find that web tech pro to help you migrate your website to Maybe some reading this blog will contact you.

  15. Great blog post idea! I am sure you will survive your 3 months, but this will give you the opportunity to get to know a lot of people under different circumstances and build your relationships deeper. Social media is the same. I have gotten to know you better AFTER we met for the first time at the Bay Area Consultants meeting, and I am looking forward to “seeing you around” in social media going forward!

    • sharisax says:

      Neal, you are so very right. One of my planned-for posts will be the sibling to Post #2 which talked about the Losses suffered [] — that sibling is the BENEFITS of vehicle-interruptus. And the very first one I have thought of is exactly what you write: I am having the great opportunity to learn lots more about many people, and in the process become closer.
      “See you around” :-)

  16. Hi Shari,

    It knows who I am, it must be using cookies. We have a service in England called Ring and Ride for the disabled and disabled elderly people. As the name suggests you ring them up and they pick up up and take you where you want to go. It’s free where I live. The phone number was very similar to mine and so I kept getting calls!

    I shall consider a co-written blog on the frugal way to riches. I am co-writing a novel but my co-writer hasn’t done anything for month. I expect things will start again soon, with the kids back to school. I have to finish editing my novel, it’s taking longer than I thought. I was going to do it today but decided to do house cleaning instead. I made a discovery though; the wash and wax I use on my car works great on my kitchen floor! Now a woman would never think of that. It’s non-slip too. The slave drive is usually the D: drive on a desktop.

    On the subject of slavery, many people are slaves and so will never be rich. If you smoke a cigarette to help you calm down or have a drink at the end of the day to relax; or both – you’re a slave to your addictions. Even employment is a type of slavery quite often, it stresses people out and they resort to nicotine and alcohol to relax; both expensive addictions. I have given up both, I would like a cigarette, it’s been 7 years now and so I won’t touch another. I’m quite expert at making wine but it’s about 18 months since I had a drink. I was drinking too much and so stopped. the reason for too much alcohol was withdrawal from an addictive prescription drug. That is another form of slavery, addiction to drugs, legal or illegal. I am still addicted to one but the dose is very low now so I’ll soon beat it! I beat the last one, but came off too quickly and needed alcohol; this time I will come off really slowly. I can have the odd social drink when I am completely off addictive drugs. I won’t need anything then. In the meantime, I am fairly frugal. I don’t waste money. I go to the hospital and when I’m driving back stop to take photographs or do shopping. The last time was an appointment on a Saturday morning, I was a little nervous because I had an important blood test to arrange and a different doctor to see. I went shopping before the appointment to pass the time and got a few bargains. Winter clothing is cheap in summer and so a £30 sweater ($50) was reduced without me even asking to £20 ($33) and I came out from the hospital and went to a retail park. I bought a jet washer on offer at half price and bought that wash and wax for the car. The wash and wax was buy one get one free and the girl on the check out told me to go get another free! I had a good day really!

    Yesterday, I bought chicken for £10. One pack is £4. I can buy 3 packs for £10 and so save 38% by buying 3. I use one and freeze two. Of course I don’t always cook; I went and bought fries ready cooked for dinner and cooked chicken in the microwave! We of course call fries chips in England!

    I nearly forgot, you mentioned my photographs, yes you can use them. I mainly take photographs of building and landscapes. I have invested my own school of Art and put pictures on Deviant Art; I call it Neodigital art. I take digital photographs with depth and form and add colour or even take colour away and have the pictures monochrome. If I win the UK lottery tonight, I shall have my pictures printed on canvas and have an exhibition in the local gallery. The last major exhibition there launched Stuckism and that is in the Tate gallery now! When my pictures are really well known I may need someone to organise my US exhibitions!

    We may not get as rich as we want to be but it is fun trying. Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Everyone has imagination and needs to have the will to use it. I don’t want to be on television, video or do book signings. I just want people to see my pictures and read what I write. I would like to do interactive fiction again too, that is so cool to actually know who is reading my work and be able to feature them in it. The people like being a character in fiction too!

    Let me know what kind of photographs you would like or examples of my artistic endeavours and I’ll attach some to an email and send them. We can keep promoting this blog and the more people that take an interest, the more chance we have of a collective will; to be rich and famous on the internet! Join now: places are limited!

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, we must “keep meeting like this.” :-)
      I absolutely need to publish this comment separately!!! Can I use it as a Guest Post on this blog WITH some of your photos??
      Now which photos . . . I would say ANY photo that raises an emotion in the viewer would work for me.
      What type of photo is that?
      Well if YOU look at it, and it makes your heart sing OR you scratch your head OR gets you enraged, then that would do it!

      Thanks so much for sharing your imagination with me and the 1000′s of readers we will get; as you say above: Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

  17. I just linked this blog to a site in the UK with a big hit rate!

    • sharisax says:

      SO COOL . . . and my horoscope didn’t exactly say this, but I did read an article about getting 1000′s of blog subscribers. We’ll bake this a RED-Letter Day for both of us :-)

  18. What an unfortunate event to happen to most people, but not you Shari. you turn it into a chance for something positive on this blog for income…and to help others as well. You truly are the pearl among rocks.

    What drives me is simple really… My family. Many say it but I like to think of things such as commissions, bonuses, or anything like that as the actual item I can buy with it. If I just made $100.00 on something, I just paid for my sons new shoes for school this year.

    Anthony Russo
    Skype: anth.russo
    Twitter: @AnthonyRusso

    • sharisax says:

      Anthony, on the same day that I got exhausted from fighting the doctors for a second opinion, I heard a new BNI friend talk about looking for the pearl under each rock. And VOILA, DRIVING MISS SHARI was born!!! It’s going to be a fun ride!

  19. Hi Shari,
    I know you’ll make this episode in your life as interesting as you’ve made all the others. Re your questions: what drives me? – teaching everyone I know about social media! What drives me crazy? People who tell me they’re too old to learn it! I’ll let you know how I do reaching the masses!

    • sharisax says:

      Joyce, I could have written the exact same words to you. We definitely have to meet up when I get back to New York. THX for joining the conversation. And good luck to both of us trying to reach the masses, hmmmm, I should say the “stubborn” masses!?!

  20. Hi Shari!

    You are so innovative. You inspire me and made me laugh.
    What drives me is freeing myself…of the bonds that i’ve created — in my mind and in my life. And what drives me crazy is to be told that i am supposed to act or think like anyone else. So there! Thanks for all your help. get better soon, dear lady…and keep having fun on the way.

    • sharisax says:

      Sally, that’s the “stinker” in all of this . . . I’m not sick. I was just choking!!!!!! And why won’t those doctors accept that!!!!!!!! :-)
      But if the accident had not happened, then I wouldn’t have started this blog — and wouldn’t get rich and famous. :-)
      PS Don’t think like everyone else. That’s just TOO dangerous! :-)

  21. Jorge says:

    Well, I can’t drive. The main reason I can’t drive it’s because i still haven’t had the chance to learn or the need to learn. Living in a city where driving is really hard I’m used to using cabs or public transportation (which is chaotic and fun). Numerous cab drivers drive me every single day and I must say it’s an enriching experience. With many people in the workforce over qualified for the jobs available you get lots of unemployed professionals driving cabs (which is hurtful because we are losing incredible man power) but it gets me interesting conversations in which i hear lots of points of views and learn a lot and that has made me not want to drive.

    • sharisax says:

      Hmmm, cab drivers better not have unexplained faints. My neighbor is a pilot, and he told me that if a pilot has ONE blackout, he’s out forever!

  22. Hi Shari. When I figure out what drives me I will be sure to let you know :) . I am sorry about your not being able to drive for a while but thank goodness it isn’t something serious right? You know we become so dependent upon some things like driving or the Internet that when we are unable to do them, we are at a loss. Just the other day, my cable went out. I had no phone, no Internet access and no TV. I had NO idea what to do. I couldn’t go out because I had to wait for the cable guy to come and fix the problem. I literally just stood there in the middle of my living room and couldn’t move. I was in the middle of about 10 different things on the net and BAM – no access. In the same vein, I often wonder how we ever managed without cordless phones! Remember the days when we had to stay as close to the phone as the cord would reach? Imagine that LOL. Hard to believe that people actually lived without phones!

    Kudos to you for coming up with this idea for your blog. If I lived near you I would offer to drive you :)

    • sharisax says:

      Julie, the first thing that comes to mind after reading all your cool stuff above was the memory of my first experience with a “cordless” phone. I felt like I was just holding a toy and that no real sounds could be transmitted.

      My second post talked about the “losses” of vehicle-interruptus, but I am planning one about the benefits . . . one of them being the opportunity to really get to know some people a lot better as they take me here and there. :-)

  23. Hi Shari,

    I just got in and found your blog waiting. Congratulations for creating a fascinating way to play the cards life dealt. I hope your medical mystery tour isn’t a serious problem, and you’ll be back in action soon.

    But RICH and FAMOUS? You must be kidding. Talk about mixed blessings — those two stand as the curse of all time. So seldom do we hear about anyone benefiting from either one, in the long run. Well, maybe that’s because the media (for their own perverse reasons) focus on delivering “news” of distress, particularly about the rich and famous.

    Nevertheless, my opinion suggests you avoid joining the rich and famous if you desire a long and happy life. The R&F seem to check-out before their time, from too much this and too little that.

    Sorry to rain on your parade. How you doing so far?


    • sharisax says:

      Hey, Robbie, looking forward to meeting you. Maybe you’d like to join the LinkedIn group LINKED LOCAL MARIN and then come to our next free mixer in Novato on Monday, Sept 20.

      Anyway, on to your advice. You are so right as far as the Rich&Famous we hear about via the media. But that’s the cool thing about the NEW MEDIA: We are genuine, authentic, sincere, supportive, and smarter. :-)

  24. Well done, Shari! The new blog is a hit. Leave it to you to take what is a tragic situation and turn it into a fun and successful venture. Best of luck in the coming days!

  25. Hi Shari,

    The blog appears to be getting more popular. The comments about cordless phones reminded me of when I was taking care of my sister and gave her a cordless phone. All she had to do was press a button and the base station in the hallway went off like an alarm. I said just press it any time even the middle of the night. I went to bed and as I got into bed my hip fractured! It was me who needed help and I had no phone! The next morning a carer came in, fortunately I had given her a key. I called her and my sister had to use the phone to call me an ambulance. It was a learning experience though.

    As far as being rich and famous is concerned, you are rich if you can write, appreciate and get involved in art and music; then people tend to get to know you. I have lots of friends through social networking and the internet will make you quite well known. We can ignore the critics and do something! The staff in my local art gallery are knowledgeable about art and like my Neodigital art. The critics think I can’t start a new school of art; I have already done it! I shall email you some pictures later to add to your blog. There are some on my website and I uploaded some to Facebook too and people liked them and I made new friends – who don’t criticise!

    I’m already infamous on the internet with 6,700 references on Google to my user name. Rich? I can write, do pictures that people enjoy, appreciate Mozart and Beethoven and enjoy a day out taking photographs in England any time the sun comes out! I’m not poor am I? The 10,000 shares I own in a bio-oil company is just a bonus! I also own shares in a movie they are going to start shooting next month; we have to support all kinds of endeavours.

    I shall email later, when I wake up! It’s Sunday morning and I want Sunday afternoon free for buying sweets at a Victorian sweet shop and taking photographs for my Neodigital Art.

    • sharisax says:

      I’m coming to London to check out all those Victorian sweet shops. But in the meantime, I’ll be checking out your new “school of art.”

  26. I’m glad to be one of your designated drivers! ;)
    I love the creativity and ingenuity of this newest blog of yours. In my mind.. you already are “rich & famous”!

  27. Shari – this is such a great idea! You are so entertaining and interesting that I’m sure many would be honored to drive you anywhere, including me. Although I’m a bit difficult to find. Thank you so much for covering for me at BNI in spite of your transportation challenges. I think the key is that you’re yes person. You say yes to life, and make the most of it, no matter what it brings you. That’s such a wonderful quality.

    I want to answer what drives me…..I am driven by my desire to help people heal. I’ve been committed to this since I was 5 years old and that’s a very long time. The drive takes me everywhere. My ultimate goal is to help people have major healing epiphanies that change their lives in a moment. Since that goal is so far reaching it keeps me working all the time to understand better what will bring the highest healing in any given moment.

    Thank you for all you do and for being such a wonderful light in this world Shari. I look forward to growing our friendship.
    with love

    • sharisax says:

      Shiroko, what a wonderful way to start my day! Believe me, the feeling is mutual. Your workshop with Sivan Garr “Stop Revolving, Start Evolving” was one of the most meaningful experiences of the year for me. I will never forget the “relationship-discussion” tip: When a person goes into a discussion with some one [or some group], and he/she intends to “prove he/she is right,” there is a totally different mindset than when one goes into the discussion with the feeling that it will be a win-win situation for all. That one piece of advice has had a huge impact on my own relationships. Perhaps I need to have you do a Guest Post for me, in addition to being a Driver du Jour.

  28. Laine D says:

    Dear Shari,

    What an interesting premise (& unfortunate event! – hope you do not have any
    more episodes)

    Your plight makes me think of 2 things:
    First, remembering that when I had my children my ‘then’ husband informed me
    that he would not be around for any of the gory aspects, in case he fainted.
    Not, he purported because he was squeamish or a sissy but because IF he
    fainted he would not be able to fly (he was a fighter pilot). Aha!

    The second is that if I were in the same situation I might get some down
    time..but my teens would be apoplectic. Left to my own devices, I’m quite happy
    to stay home and can wait until after dark (its hot here in Arizona) to walk to
    the store for supplies. My teens however, have a social calendar booked back
    to back and plan my route to and from school via every point imaginable.

    This probably speaks more of my lack of a life and role as a indentured slave
    than anything but.. I wonder can I fake it?

    Laine D.

    • sharisax says:

      Laine, we definitely need to “chat” — I suspect we have similar senses of humor. I have to show my husband your Burned-Pot-Remedies as he does the cooking in the family. [I'm in between teens - sons in 30s and grandbaby 18 months].

  29. Anne Egros says:

    What a great idea ! I posted your blog link to my website .
    I thought about your story and I discovered that kindness is one of my drivers in life.
    During my 20 years expatriation, I have met many extraordinary people with a “giving” attitude regardless of cultural background. In 2006 I broke my leg very badly while living in Tokyo and had to stay 4 weeks in hospital and several weeks without being able to drive. I have discovered then what the word “rich” meant for me, having people in my life who love me and care about me, unconditionally.

    • sharisax says:

      What a beautiful story, Anne.

      Your comment reminds me of a discussion I had with a friend yesterday. We weren’t exactly “gossiping” but we did agree that a mutual acquaintance did not have a generous spirit. You can really tell the difference between those who do . . . and those who don’t.

      I’m also reminded of one of the lessons I’ve learned in my maturity and that is that in so many cases I do not have to spend time with people I am uncomfortable with.

  30. Shari: Wow, talk about making “lemons out of lemonade” — I love this! I live right around the corner from you, so if you need a ride just let me know! I am happy to do it! I understand the “need a ride” thing, as many seniors that I have dealt with (not that you are one, of course) suddenly had their cars taken away and needed to find ways to get around. When life hands you a challenge, you certainly step up to the “challenge” and make it work for you…kudos to you! Cheers, Diane Castro, Founder SOS 4 Seniors and Young at Heart Communications and Co-Chair of the Seniors Lifestyle Exchange….

    • sharisax says:

      THX, Diane . . .your comment earns you a party evite, and when I take you up on the ride offer, that means a chauffeur to pick you up for the Big Bash. Since you were comment 57 and I’m comment 58, that means I only have to get 442 more comments to reach the first objective.

      With all my attention devoted to social media strategies, I am seeing more and more the power of the “game” to get us all where we want to go. Thanks for playing. :-)

  31. Sulaymaan says:

    Sweet Shari, as U know this is the holy month of Ramadan and U can guess that I was tested in a way that was both of terror & treat, in the meeting of a female outside The Oakland Islamic Center, a day or two before the fast began.

    At first, I felt she was my gift from our Creator, but that soon turned into a trial.

    39, quite lovely, Phd in womans studies, and our time together was joy-filled and warm. I was soon to learn she drank and was an admitted alcoholic, I should’ve cut and run but my “do-gooder” self, felt that I could help, perhaps save her. (Yeah right)

    I was weaning myself out, and one day got a call saying that after injecting 3 of my bottles of insulin, she failed to die. I said “if U had hit a vein U would’ve died” how was I to know she has more?

    I told her that everyone I knew was try’n to live and B successful. I found her two days later when my calls went unanswered, naked, one eye open, bruised arms-head-much of her body, feces and urine, 151 rum bottles, syringes and insuline bottles, cigarette buts and her unresponsive. She was commatose but lived.

    I waited like the faithful puppy I am, at Summit, then they took her to John George then to another facility. This week she was released to me and I showed support but finally got her on a plane yesterday to her parents’ home where her mom is soon to (perhaps) expire, but she asked me if I felt like I was driv’n Ms. Daisy.

    And, Shari, I just had to say that I would gladly pull up on ya somewhere, sometime, lower my window and sing “I’m a friendly stranger in this black sedan won’t U hop inside my car? Got pictures, candy, I’m a loveable man, I can take ya to the nearest star!”

    • sharisax says:

      Sulayman, I just took out some of the poetry that you showed me after class last year. You certainly have many gifts to share. This story could be one of them.

      Stop in soon to see me around campus. Maybe we can talk about turning this tragic episode into a screenplay.

  32. Fine, I take your word for this. A air ticket and a chauffeur driven limo to the “Big Bash”
    I had a friend who got his license taken away for alcohol that his is in denial that he drank to this day. He used this episode to improve his “social standing” online and off. Now considering himself to be the stud of 2010.
    Talk about making lemonade @Anne Egros I have discovered then what the word “rich” meant for me, having people in my life who love me and care about me, unconditionally. This is really a nice thing to say and feel. Shows character.

    Now according to@Shiroko Sokitch “You are so entertaining and interesting that I’m sure many would be honored to drive you anywhere. I think the key is that you’re yes person. You say yes to life, and make the most of it, no matter what it brings you. That’s such a wonderful quality.” This is how I viewed you from afar. As a nice lady.

    @Mike Maynard As far as being rich and famous is concerned, you are rich if you can write, appreciate and get involved in art and music; then people tend to get to know you. I have lots of friends through social networking and the internet will make you quite well known. Now you have a promoter….

    Have fun, live life and laugh…my friend

    • sharisax says:

      Ziona, ONLY if I get as R&W [Rich and Famous] as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can I modify the incentive :-)
      . . . to include the airfare
      . . . and you do need to Drive Me for the chauffeur :-)
      But who knows? If I make enough wonderful new friends like you, then of course I’ve got the “Rich” part down pat.

      Ziona, if you get a chance, read the third post and tell me how to deal with my stress better. I like your style. :-)

  33. Terrific engagement, which is a complete lack of surprise. Gonna keep promoting this, and get it to the magic number. You truly are wealthy with so many friends. Hope you are well.

    • sharisax says:

      Gregory, on the “health” note, I actually feel wonderful, especially since I started riding my bike to my health club for yoga — if that doesn’t alleviate the “stress,” then I’m open for other suggestions.

      Of course, if I hadn’t had the blackout, I wouldn’t have DRIVING MISS SHARI. :-)

  34. Hi Shari! Sorry to hear about your frustrating new challenge. It sounds like you’ve got a great group of friends willing to help you out. Which leads me to my answer to your question. What really drives me is selfless acts of kindness. No matter how big or small, I love seeing people take a break from their self-centered lives to lend a helping hand, offer a smile, or take a moment to hear someone’s story. I hope that each time I offer some bit of kindness, I’m inspiring others to do the same. We only get one shot at this life. Why not make it as a pleasant as possible – for us, and our neighbors.

    • sharisax says:

      Louisa, your wonderful words of wisdom remind me of one of the Extra Credit opportunities I typically offered my Business Communication students at San Francisco State University: SMILE when you are on the phone.
      It’s truly amazing!
      In addition to brightening someone’s day, you can often get more of what you want.
      One great example is when you are talking with a customer service rep. These unfortunate people too often have to deal with angry, frustrated customers who want to take out their rage on someone . . . and it is often the customer service person.
      So when you start your call with a smile and “HI, how are you today?” you get Great service. I’ve found that customer service reps may be empowered to offer rewards to pleasant complainers.

      BTW, I am smiling now. Can you tell?

  35. Hi Shari,

    Are we rich and infamous yet? I uploaded some of my pictures to Facebook yesterday and got some positive comments; one from an artist. I got a 10% discount in the Victorian sweet shop! I just posted a picture of a fish and chip shop on a website. Someone from California wanted to try English fish and chips in Brighton; so I tried to tempt them farther north!

    I had the robot from Google visit my website yesterday and will follow the links from it to other websites and you have a link so that will improve your SEO. Although I don’t think it needs improving. The point is anyone can get some web space and put a website on the internet fairly easily these days. Mine is on the free space provided by my ISP; I will buy some more space soon though to publicise my novel, various writing and of course my Neodigital Art. I shall have an online exhibition and when we’re very rich I’ll have a champagne reception one at the Victorian Art gallery near where I live. Not everything is Victorian here, the church up the road is even older about 500 years and the pub down the road from the church is 300 years old and was used by the famous Highwayman Dick Turpin.

    I’m now going to bed and watch a James Bond film on my laptop in bed. I shall have a wide screen television in my bedroom when we’re really rich; maybe…

    • sharisax says:

      The only thing I have to “match” you today is that I called my internet/cableTV/phone provider and complained about the every increasing fees and now my bill was reduced $40 [just for asking]. Lots of times we just need to ask for what we want . . . like me asking all my friends “old” and “new” to comment on this post. :-)

  36. Zahid says:

    I am sorry to hear about your predicament. Life without driving privilege in the suburbs can be quite an ordeal.

    Interesting thing you have going here… wish you all the success :)

    (a) who/what drives you crazy

    Two faced people.

    • sharisax says:

      Zahid, I “hear” you about two-faced people. Did you read a recent Facebook update of mine where I described the irony of a person stabbing me in the back and two days later asking to “friend” me on Facebook!!!

  37. “Rich and famous” is a state of mind, so long as you have sustenance … I am rich compared to someone who has to live in LA and I am famous to my Irish Terrier dogs Maggie and Pepper … Driving is also relative, so long as you have transportation … I like driving off the tee, driving home a point, driving my friends nuts (sometimes), driving a well placed nail, driving a herd of cats, driving rain … when I was a senior in college I had to sell my car, couldn’t drive and my grades went way up … so there is always some sort of consolation! Best wishes to get back behind the wheel and soon,

    • sharisax says:

      Hey, Geoff, I now have a ton of topics to talk about when I do get my license back, i.e. driving home points; driving friends nuts; etc.
      And, yes, I’ve read more books lately. My favorite one has been Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Cool the way so many snap judgments can be the right ones.

      I’ve just begun his most book Outliers, which I understand is his best yet. Already I am feeling the power of community in Gladwell’s book AND on this blog. THX for checking in.

  38. Nanci says:

    Ok I love this. Clearly I have a TON to learn!

  39. Ron Poggi says:

    Hi Shari,

    You have truly captured the essence of people helping people. If we are not living on a day-to-day basis, then we’re just selfish and would get nowhere.

    I’d be happy to drive you around sometime. And would do it without the “carrot” of a limo ride.


    • sharisax says:

      Your comment reminds me of living in the moment, and how in “any one moment,” there is no past to bring us down, nor future to scare us, Ron, since you do live in Novato, I may take you up on the offer. Also, you may interested in some of my NOVATO comments in post #3: “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  40. Gabe Brown says:

    What drives me crazy on the road?
    On the way home from the office today in a grocery store parking lot a woman in a BMW X3 (not that that had anything to do with it ;-) ) raced across the lane, making me slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her.
    Why was she in such a hurry?
    Well, she wanted to block the entire lane, so that nobody could go either direction. This would, of course, give her time to eat her ice cream (in a bowl with a spoon) and ignore the people staring at her, dumbfounded.

    • sharisax says:

      Gabe, you’ve just listed one of the Advantages of not driving, i.e. not having to slam on my brakes.

      But that does not keep me from feeling like braking a bit when some of my Drivers du Jour may be going a wee bit too fast on the freeway.

  41. Shammi says:

    I am driven by my passion for small things in life. Those small things become a great picture on a large canvass.

    By small things, I mean the following :

    1. Chirping of birds early in the morning
    2. A smile on the faces of people
    3. Clean air in the mountains
    4. A call to an old friend
    5. Spending time with family
    6. Home cooked food

    These are somethings that drive me. Now, who drives me?

    My two daughters drive me crazy…

    Cheers :o )

  42. Therese says:

    Hi Shari, Thanks for the message on LinkedIn and I think your blog is fantastic! What a creative idea and you took a “negative” and turned it into a positive. If you do become rich and famous, call me if you need a good publicist! :) I’m for hire ha!

    Your blog also reminds me of what my yoga tells us students in class – to be present in your moment. Don’t worry about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow – enjoy and just BE present in the moment right now. That is exactly what you are doing – you are enjoying life in your present moment. Even though it’s a bummer that you can’t drive, you are seeing the joy and richness in the experience of being a non-driver for three months.

    I believe things happen for a reason and maybe this is a sign that it’s time for you to “slow” down and enjoy the ride -literally! :) I loved reading your insight and watching the videos.

    I was car-less in college and took the bus so I remember those days of feeling like I didn’t have that freedom of a car but I remember how simple it made life as well – even though at the time it was a big pain. I met some great friends as a result of my car-less days in college and met a lot of cute guys that way who felt sorry for me that I didn’t have a car and would give me rides home ha!

    Best of luck with your adventure and enjoy the RIDE(S)! :)

    • sharisax says:

      Love your thoughts, Therese, and while I hate to pick “favorites,” I’d have to say that yours and Mike Maynard’s are at the top of the list.

      Living in the moment with joy and growth seems like the key to fulfillment, but life is not really simple “at the moment” what with having to arrange 2-3 rides every day to get to my commitments.

      I’m going to have to re-publish some of these comments in future posts. Thanks for your thoughtful response.

  43. Shari,

    Love the blog and your energy.

    What drives me:
    I am driven by connection… in fact, my entire business is built upon the idea of helping people connect with themselves and each other. I have a belief that says anything of real importance only occurs between people. What I love so much about “Driving Miss Shari” is that you are exchanging driving time with connection time… and this will always result in a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment.

    What if people could slow down… and be present enough to let real communion occur between each other? Whether it’s a networking event, coffee meeting or simple interaction, many professionals are so focused on what they need and want… that they forget to slow down and notice the value of what is occurring between you and another right now.

    The way you form and manage relationships is a skill-set… one not taught in school or even at home, but one you must seek to discover on your own. One of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself is the style and skill upon which you form, foster and manage the complexities of professional human relationships.

    Could it be, “Miss Shari” that this fainting episode is nothing more than an opportunity to form, foster and deepen relationships.

    In your corner & on your side,

    Mark Allen Grainger- The Inspirational Marketer

    • sharisax says:

      among other things, Mark :-)
      . . . is the “opportunity to form, foster, and deepen relationships” as you have written — NO doubt about that!

      It really is interesting to note how many ways we can build relationships with one another, and this blog is just one of them. In teaching my English students, I like to emphasize that “writing is compulsory thought” and so when we do sit down to write a blog or comment on one, we are asking ourselves to deliberate, i.e., really dig a bit inside ourselves, and who knows what we may find . . . especially if we do dig deeply enough

  44. Shari,

    Here is the formula to become rich:

    You need $10M to make $1M :-)

    • sharisax says:

      Oh, Michael, it all comes clear to me now. I was only aiming for $3 million, so now I realize that I need TEN!

      Re-setting my intentions. THX

  45. Hi Shari,

    It’s a couple of days since my last confession! Not much has happened, but I am getting more tired so I need the results of the blood tests I’ve had done. I had a published author mow my lawn this morning though so my work on his website was appreciated! We have to turn things to our advantage! The weather in England has improved and so I may get out and take more photographs before the winter starts. It went down to 6 C, two days ago, only 1 degree higher than my fridge! But I think it’s around 65 F this afternoon and sunny again. I hope you’re still getting plenty of volunteers to drive you.

    If I can take more photographs I shall have more pictures for my very exclusive school of art. The ones I uploaded to Facebook seemed popular and I was showing off a video today of some pictures in a slide show with classical music played by the London symphony orchestra as a background. It’s a shame I can’t use it, the music would breach copyright. The combination of two types of art is impressive.

    I’m around 8,000 miles away so I would volunteer to drive you. My Mozart playing in the car may drive you nuts and I could just imagine the conversation about why the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. It could be a a little disconcerting if I forgot to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road too! At least you have wide roads there, it’s like an obstacle course here driving over humps and between parked cars in narrow streets. I once drove through an obstacle course set up by the army, that was easy compared to driving on a road now. People keep telling me to get a small car, they are easier to park and I definitely can’t get in and out of sports cars now; but like plenty of leg room.

    I hope you got my email and photographs, you too can be an artist with your computer and digital camera! I shall try to think of some frugal tips for getting rich and famous on the internet; infamous like me is easy! It’s making money at it that’s a little more difficult.


    • sharisax says:

      Mike, I did miss you . . . and suspect others have as well. I’m certain that I will feature many of your comments in blog posts of their own.

      Reminds me of my first days on Twitter when I thought if I wasn’t on all day that I would miss something vital. Well, the fact of the matter is that the good stuff gets RT’d, so you are not likely to miss anything as long as you check in and know how to search.

      So how does that Twitter story fit into your Great Comments? Simply because I’ll be [in a sense] RT-ing them when I print them again. I think this may be comment 92? or so?
      And not enough people will read comment 92 unless I do what I can to point them in the right direction.

      Keep those “cards and letters coming” [an American cliche, do you know it?]

  46. joe ranno says:

    Well, lucky you! By not driving, you don’t have to wait for your flying car of the 21st century.

    How will that work: Flying all over. Having a fainting spell. And falling out of the sky crashing sounds a lot safer — or then we can have “flying miss shari.”

    • sharisax says:

      OK, Joe, “Flying Miss Shari” will be the sequel when I get rich and famous enough for the Private Jet. You’ll have to take flying lessons, though. If you think I want to fly a plane myself . . . No Thanks!!!!!

  47. Herb Bass says:

    I drove Miss Shari about 2 weeks ago, and what an enjoyable experience it was. So, all I want to know is if the limo will be a stretch limo with a hot tub or just the regular cheap model?

    Shari, I love your writing style; it’s clear, crisp, and pithy…with a bit of humor thrown in.

    What drives Mr. Herb at this point in my life are love and money. Love for my family, and money to make my family’s life as easy as possible for all of them. What drives me most for myself is to have what I call “peace of mind.” I’ve done a lot and seen a lot in my life, and what would give me peace of mind is seeing my two 20-something sons happy and successful in their work and life. And, of course, good health for all of us. Is that too schmaltzy?

    • sharisax says:

      High praise coming from a fellow writer. Thanks. :-)
      Peace of Mind and Good Health seem like great “destinations” for all of us, especially have we’ve “done a lot and seen a lot.”
      BTW, I suspect the limo hot tub will depend on how rich and famous I get. :-)

  48. Hi Shari,

    My dear, I am so impressed with the number of comments your blog has attracted. Nicely done. And, what an excellent way to turn a difficult situation into something that you can share and that connects us with each other.

    It has been inspiring to watch your travels through social media and to witness your growth and success. Observing your reaction to what would have many people weeping into their coffee, or punching walls with their fists, is also inspiring. I will enjoy watching the development of this blog as you travel through the next three months.

    We are long overdue for a phone conversation so let’s set that up sometime soon, ok? And, join us during #blogchat. I think you’d find it both amusing and helpful.



    • sharisax says:

      I don’t drink coffee or I might, indeed, have been weeping into the cup [and then for certain I wouldn't drink it, i.e. too salty]

      Secondly, though, I was feeling very sorry for myself, especially on the first day walking one hour home from the bus stop — in low heels [but heels, just the same] and carrying two heavy school bags.

      The thought occurred to me that if I wasn’t “sick” then I could certainly make myself that way.

      But a very lucky thing happened before and after I got home . . . and I’m going to tell the story in the blog . . . so stay tuned. :-)
      [How "mean" is that? The tease . . . ]

  49. So, “How to become rich and famous on the web?” Not sure about that one otherwise I’d probably be doing it. But if you press me for good general advice, I’m really digging the nugget I picked up a few months ago and have since found it applies to just about every successful person I know. What is it? “Be interested, not interesting.”

    Words to live by for sure!

    • sharisax says:

      Comment 100, Rob, you WIN!
      But I suspect we all would win if we held to your motto: “Be interested, not interesting.”

      To get out of ourselves is really getting out of our own ways.

  50. What drives me? Here’s an unedited list:
    A need to be valuable to others.
    A need to express myself and be creative.
    A need to always be learning, growing and pushing my edge.
    And of course… Sex.

  51. I love how you are making the most out of an unfavorable situation. Glad you are doing well and & look forward to keeping up with “Driving Miss Shari.” :)

    I emailed your blog to my contacts so they too can keep up with “Driving Miss Shari”

    • sharisax says:

      Kendra, I knew i could count on you!!!! Now you just need to get your buns up to Novato to drive me somewhere, so you can earn the “coveted” chauffeur for the Big Bash.

      • ha ha. when you have your Big Bash – we’ll have Jippidy film it and you can have a professional video made for your blog finale :)

        • sharisax says:

          sounds like a plan!!
          but who’s Jippidy?

          • is the start-up that I work for. Jippidy basically makes and host online video commercials for businesses, but we also do video series, social media, etc. We are still new and small, but we are working to build and grow the site to eventually become the go to online video business directory.

            Check us out… & if you are still teaching your PR class and want to give your students an idea of a company to do a press release on, we would be honored :)

  52. Krazy K says:

    You never know what you have until it’s gone. Best of luck to you, and hope you get your license back soon!

  53. AS says:

    Its funny how when you take away the normal everyday things what you forget. I think technology has made so many advances that its hard to do without the little things like your cell phone so I can’t imagine what I’d do without a car!

    Good luck!

    • sharisax says:

      AS, this is NOT Funny! :-)
      being so darned dependent, but the cool thing is how many great friends I have . . . and how willing they are to help.

      I’ll be writing a post on ALL the advantages — in addition to more time spent getting to know people as they drive me here and there, I can easily “get out” of things I really don’t want to do because “poor me” has no way to get there. :-)

  54. Susan Sikora says:

    What drives me crazy?
    How much space do I get?
    A few:
    Rules that make no sense, often created by folks unaffected by said rules.
    Experts who preach one thing and do another aka: hypocrites.
    Credit card fees & the fuzzy math that sustains them.
    Greed. Common in those who have too much, need more & don’t know why.
    Bad things happening to good people.
    This recession that won’t quit.

    Thanks for asking, Shari
    May you be rich and famous, throw many parties and invite me.

    • sharisax says:

      What shall we chat about at these glorious parties? Certainly not greed and senseless rules and hypocrites!
      So what does that leave?
      If you were a newspaper publisher, you’d probably say “there’s nothing else worth talking about.”
      Of course there’s another side of things: If we brainstorm enough, we’re bound to replace the Bad with the Good.

  55. DSW says:

    interesting idea for a blog…

  56. Hi Shari,

    I see you are still getting contributors, but we need more so I put a link on my Home Page to your blog – in the prime position right at the top. The ‘Get rich and famous’ on the Internet theme should intrigue them. the sun is still shining in England, I hope it last through Sunday, the roads will be quiet and I can take more photographs for my digital art school.

    I am doing the rounds of the social networks today trying to catch up and counting all that virtual money I have! It’s a shame it’s not real, we could retire on the billion dollars I have on one site! lol.

    I have talked to my friend in China, she has just gone to bed, she has an early start tomorrow. They are 8 hours ahead of England and now I have Rachell on Windows Live in Nevada who is 8 hours behind England. She’s on early, it 3:40 here. My Chinese student friend will show new students around the university and meet them at 7 in the morning; for this she gets free food for the weekend. I commented they are getting generous, next year they will hand out text books! It seems they have no plans for text books next year either. I think my student friends will be shocked when they come to England to do post graduate studies. I think it will be an exchange scheme and their university has links with my local university and so they will at least know someone here. I have looked ta the courses and the International business course is a masters and at a campus about 8 miles form here.

    I have also been contributing to a thread about frugal living on LI, they are stealing our idea! Say no to credit cards and say yes to getting rich and famous! Networking is important on a lot of social networking sites and even having something in common with your connections. I play Farmville on Facebook and I’m on level 83. I don’t just play, I win! I can then blog on a website and have a page of Farmville Secrets!

    Getting back to frugal, I bought a book from Amazon for less that £2 (about $3) that is a very clear guide to doing a website with Dreamweaver 8; OK, it’s not the latest version but still does a good website. I must read the rest of the book, I have 300 files on that website and launched it a week after we got the domain name; coding by hand for the first week in HTML using notepad! I learn fast and have CSS working now!

    I may have a Frugal Friday blog once a week when I get some more webspace to put WordPress on. My Chinese friend thinks I’m really good at doing Chinese horoscopes, I wonder if you can get rich doing that? I was hoping she would do those, it is so much more convincing if you happen to be Chinese! I have to come up with business ideas for my two Chinese friends when they come to England. They are thinking of getting jobs, they will make more money in business and they won’t need work permits. Maybe translating people’s names into Chinese so they can have them tattooed somewhere very personal? Tattoos and piercings are very fashionable amongst people with too much money and not much sense. The other option is in translating, they must both be close to fluent in English when they come to England; that isn’t easy but they work hard and study at weekends.

    As writers of course social networking is important to us to get new ideas to steal from people. I steal ideas all the time and then patch them together and with a little word craft I have something worth writing about. The secret of success of course if diversity, being able to talk to someone in China, play Farmville on Facebook; both at the same time and then switch to chatting to someone in the USA, do some blogging, plan what to cook for dinner, listen to Fantasia on British Seasongs and shout at next door cat – all at the same time. This is multi-tasking in the 21st century!

    I’m going to drive to a fish and chip shop and get chips for dinner. people around the world are really interested in what I have for dinner. The picture of a fish and chips shop was really popular when I put that on my website. I must find that again; it could be on photobucket? The young girl in the photo learning up against the counter had legs up to her armpits though that attracted a few comments. I have all my art on photobucket it saves me web space. I have had some good comments about my photography and Neodigital Art. It’s a very exclusive Art movement…

  57. Summer SF says:

    getting around in the suburbs without a car is terrible! It’s takes so long to get from point A to B. Ugghhh! Good thing you have some awesome friends that will help out. I think the value of true friendship is that you can count on your friends in a time of need no matter what, and not worrying that your a huge burden to them because you would do the same.

    • sharisax says:

      Summer, you are absolutely right about the genuine value of genuine friends. I’m seeing more and more how people are intrinsically rewarded when they are helping others out of tight spots.

  58. Dawn Griffin says:

    I lost my car 15 years ago–I found that I can get around just as easily (if not better) without it (altho I live in SF!). Plus a lot cheaper, no worries if I go out for a cocktail, not to mention no parking hassles. Hang in there!

    • sharisax says:

      Dawn, you’ve given me several ideas for new headlines, and one is NO MORE PARKING HASSLES.
      I love it.
      Actually, I do believe here are “non-driving” habits that I will maintain AFTER the license is re-instated.
      “Hanging in there,”
      Shari :-)

  59. Woe Woe says:

    Wow! I have no clue what I would do without my car. Simple thing I kinda take for granted. I drive 30 miles to work everyday. Sounds like you have some good friends supporting you. Good Luck! I wish you the best.

  60. Tim Caruso says:

    Make youtube videos! Some of those guys make a lot of money making funny videos.

    • sharisax says:

      Tim, I’m definitely workin’ on the videos! Which ones have been especially memorable for you? Lots of people like lots of videos, but then there are those “business-types” who want everything to make money.

      • Tim Caruso says:

        I like the videos that talk about daily news and add a little humor to the weird stories as well as insight on serious news.

  61. Hi Shari,
    Are you using a Flip camera? They capture nice HD quality video but usually works best on a tripod or some sort of stabilization device. Anyways, looks like a fun project, good luck!

  62. Great blog Shari. Love the genuine correspondence going on here. I think the most important virtue you can take away from this little mishap is patience. That is one of the most important factors to becoming rich and famous on the web.

    Keep on doing what you are doing :-) .

    • sharisax says:

      Golden, you really stated the case for Patience!
      I do remember back in a college French course when I was explaining something to one of my fellow students, the teacher did compliment me on being amazingly patient. It must have been in preparation for this experience 40+ years later. :-)

  63. Amy Schaefer says:


    I don’t know what the question is! But I know that the answer is finding another avenue which works for you.

    Without being able to drive, you can either look on the positive side of things and find other means of getting around, or you can be pessimistic and count the days until you’re back behind the wheel.

    A similar situation happened to a friend of mine. When her license was temporarily suspended (for a health precaution) she embraced the fact that she could depend on friends and family for rides because they knew it wasn’t safe for her to drive at the time. She enjoyed the time in the car with those close to her and made a point to ask each and every one of them to tell her something that no one knows about them every time she got in the passenger seat and she did the same in return.

    This not only made her feel closer to the person who was nice enough to be her driver, but it made her driver feel like she was genuinely interested in their life and wasn’t using them for a ride. It’s amazing to know that sometimes we get put in situations beyond our control that we initially hate, but later realize was a blessing in disguise.

    • sharisax says:

      Amy, what a FABULOUS idea . . . to ask people to tell me something that no one knows about them. I’m definitely going to incorporate that into my future drive-by’s. :-)

  64. Barbora says:

    Sorry to hear about your syncope! Must be a nightmare getting to work and back…

    What drives me is doing what I love. When I can just get into my Zone and forget time, and distractions, and everything that drives me nuts, and just go. It’s an amazing feeling to look up at the clock and it’s hours later but there’s this amazing thing of beauty in front of you that you made.

    What drives me nuts? In a word, people LOL People are crazy creatures and sometimes can be extremely irritating. I’ve coming across some very irritating people of late like drivers who will cut in front of you when you’re making a left turn, or honk at you when you’re stopped to let a pedestrian cross. Or the coworker who just won’t shut up.

    There is a poster someone once sent me that had some very good advice:

    “Too often in life we lose sight of life’s simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown. BUT it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and b*tch slap that #@#%&* upside the head.”

    Hope it at least makes you smile ;)

  65. Marylou Bartkus says:

    Shari-First and foremost–Brent and I want thank you and Jack for you generosity and hospitality. You not only opened up your home to us, you provided US with transportation by allowing us to use your car for a few days. You are a dear friend who is not only rich in generosity, but also in spirit, ingenuity, creativity, inspiration, and drive.

    You are the type of person who looks at the glass as half-full, who immediately tries to create ways to make that glass overflow! This is not to say that you don’t take time to smell the roses, as evidenced by your comment to me that you’re glad you have more time to do this as you wait (sometimes hours!) to be picked up.

    I believe that life’s experiences are what makes us “rich” and that it’s not so much what happens to people, but what you do about it that matters the most! I applaud your ability to turn a “negative” situation into an opportunity of growth and enrichment. You are truly an inspiration!


    • sharisax says:

      Marylou, I need to explain one very important element to our “audience” and that is WHO the characters are [besides me].

      Jack is my current hubby, but Brent was my first hubby — we were married in Cleveland Heights, OH, back in 1954. YUP, that means we were 6-year-old bride & groom. Unfortunately the marriage didn’t last [probably not through the week!]. But, despite the “failure” of the “marriage,” Brent and I have remained friends for almost 60 years! So I’m not “jealous” that he now has you as the most important and essential woman in his life.

      Lots of luck to both of you. Jack and I are so enjoying spending time with you, enjoying the California Riches, which are a bit different than those the two of you enjoy back in Ohio.
      PS Thanks for driving me all over the Bay Area this week!

  66. Ly says:

    This may sound spoiled, but I can’t imagine what I do would do as well, if I were left car-less. Good luck with everything, and I can’t wait to see them all!

  67. Hello dear Shari:

    So you want to become rich and famous? You already are! Well, partly.

    You are rich in spirit, rich in friends, rich in love, rich in generosity. And you enrich everyone you meet, so you are there already.

    In terms of being famous, that’s one thing I’ve never wanted to be. Everytime you walk out of the house, people are going to analyze the way you look. “I can’t believe how horrible she looked when I saw her. She was wearing this wrinkled tee shirt 10 times too big for her, and it had bleach marks on it. Her jeans were worn out, but not the fashionable worn out designer type that costs hundreds of dollars. She was wearing these very unflattering jeans that made her thighs look so big. She must have bought them in the Dollar Store. Poor Shari. I thought her career was going so well.”

    Little did they know that you just woke up after spending the evening at an A-list party that everyone would have given their right arm to attend. They didn’t realize that those Vodka Cosmos you had while talking to the most interesting people on the planet just didn’t agree with you, and that you had an awful hangover when you woke up. The Cosmos were so strong that you couldn’t see straight this morning and you grabbed your gardener’s work clothes by mistake. What they were doing in your bedroom was another story you can’t remember, but back to the point.

    Oh, no, not me. I never want to become famous. And you know the worst thing about being famous? It’s irreversible. No amount of money can ever make you unfamous. No, I’ll accept the rich, but never the famous. The gossip rags make up all kinds of rumors about the famous — especially your cherished relationships — even if they’re really good. In fact, even if they are good, they’ll ruin it. How many months did we have to endure rumors that Brad was going to leave Angelina for Jennifer? That Jennifer was pregnant? Well, it’s been about 2 years, and I haven’t heard of Jennifer giving birth to even one baby! And, I never saw even one photo of Brad and Jennifer on a hot date.

    So, Shari. You have half of your wish list. You are rich. As for fame, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!

    • sharisax says:

      Faith, I thought that was you with the binoculars staring at me this morning . . . you had everything “almost” right. But I do NOT have fat thighs!

      Granted, I am rich, but I do need the $$$-part to host my Big Bash for all my wonderful friends.

      Finally, in my role as a PR 2.0 practitioner, I understand the power of Influencers of the New Media. And, unfortunately [or not], influence does not happen in a vacuum, i.e., WITHOUT the FAME!
      Thus, I will be resigned to deal with the voyeurs and their envious comments. [And smile all the way to the bank . . and the A-List parties] :-) ))

  68. 2010/09/05 at 10:46 am
    It’s Sunday morning in England and the weather doesn’t look great. There are dark clouds in the West! I’ve played Farmville and made the farm even bigger. You can tell a lot about your friends by the way they play Farmville. Many people like very interesting and pretty farms. Some are very artistic. I try to be more and more creative but my farm is very practical and the biggest I can get now. The virtual money is FV cash and FV coins. I needed both this morning. I spent a little cash speeding things up and 2,000,000 coins making the farm bigger. That is simply reinvesting what I had. I can upgrade and have a bigger winery for 400,000 coins but that can wait I have a good stock of wine to sell.

    I have had some criticism this week and some praise; more of the latter than the former. It is strange that no matter how much people approve of what you do it’s the criticism that worries you and that is quite illogical. I think one of my critics is even regretting it. I would usually make sure they regretted it! I am much more forgiving now! I shall carry on regardless of course. It was suggested I give up writing comedy and write a murder mystery. My comedy is new and I can think of lots of murder mysteries, they have been done to ‘death’. My friend writes murder mysteries and I help with her story lines. I still inject risqué humour. I named two detectives in a storyline Benson and Hedges (it’s a brand of cigarettes) and it was funny and the names memorable.

    In the novel I am writing jointly I named the main character Christian Caitlin. I know Caitlin is a girls name popular in America, that helped to make it funnier. His mother made the mistake of saying her first name when she was registering his birth and and was asked what her name was! His father ran out on him when he was only 2 years old and he found out that his father was also the father of his ex-girlfriend which made things complicated. His ex was also his half sister! to complicate things even further his father turned out to be Charlie Crapper; imagine if he had his father’s surname on his birth certificate?

    Christian has post traumatic stress disorder after fighting in foreign parts as a mercenary soldier. He jokes whenever he is nervous or afraid and so that makes for a very funny novel. he is also very charismatic because of his problem that makes him popular with women, even Lily White the lady vicar. Because his name is Chris and he is very charismatic, his army mates nicknamed him Chrisma! That we have decided will be the title of the novel if we ever publish it. Chrism is also a sort of Holy Oil, a little bit like Holy Water and Christian takes water from a well in a church yard and people think it’s holy water. One kid even thinks he might be an angel…

    I’m going to cook lunch soon, I forgot to buy eggs on Friday. So no breakfast this morning! I may go and buy some this afternoon. I have a choice of two supermarkets. One has awful parking and the other is very big and unfamiliar. I will probably spend half an hour getting a trolley if I go there. I think I have to put a coin in a slot or something; taking photos on a Sunday afternoon would be much simpler.

    That’s my blog in a blog for this Sunday. My friend in China just signed in to Windows Live, social networking hardly ever stops. It’s 7.45pm in China and Sunday evening, she is on early. I shall be back…

  69. Shari,
    Driving Miss Shari blog is brilliant. I have enjoyed reading through many of the thoughtful and interesting comments; openly sharing their own experiences.

    You have the unique gift of being able to identify a new concept in the early stages of development; passionately embrace it and then create value for others so they too can join in. Inspiring others to do the same is admirably unselfish and also why you will ultimately reach all of your goals. In addition, as my long time friend, you inspire me to reach beyond my normal comfort zone to follow your lead.
    Thank you!

    • sharisax says:

      Brent, “this” is what social media is truly all about, i.e., building community and getting a conversation going. I just heard something yesterday that I hope I can adequately put into words here; it was something to the effect that dialogue allows us to really discover how we really feel about things, and sometimes that means you have to “talk it out.” It also means that opinions do not have to be set in stone — and with additional thought, some can and should be changed.

  70. Hi Shari,

    I have attached more photos and even some music, I think you may like this track. I advised my friend in China with her assignment; she had to do one about the woman who founded the Red Cross in America. I forget who it was now. She also has a young man interested in her again, but after two broken hearts last year I think she will be cautious this year! He asked who I was, I told her to say an English writer, 185cm tall with a fast car and make him even more jealous! Lol. The Chinese have a thing about how tall they are and all the girls like tall guys.

    I have done your Chinese horoscope. I did the notes; I’ll try to write it if my headache goes off. I suppose I should do some editing. I also need to do shopping, my friend phoned and wanted to come with me taking photographs. We stopped at the supermarket on the way back and they had just closed; they close early it seems on Sunday. There is a thread on LinkedIn for psychics and visionaries; I may shock them with a scientific explanation of how people may be able to be visionaries and ‘see’ the future! I like making the unbelievable sound believable!

    I must print out my friends address in China too; she sent the address of the university. It’s her birthday on October 1st but it’s a public holiday and so she seems keen to get her birthday card before then. I thought I had stamps but I only have domestic ones, so I’ll have to go to the post office and get stamps and air mail stickers and send the card in plenty of time. I send a little money usually too. I send £20 once for Chinese New year and she got 300 Yuan for that and it paid her hospital bill. I was accused of being a paedophile once for talking to young girls on the Internet. People are stupid; I had just been made an official campaigner for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Kim was at school then and I was even criticised for being friend with a girl who had left school and was modelling by that time. She is 23 now and Kim will be 20 on October 1st. I think when someone is 8,000 miles away it’s a little silly worrying. You never know the future. My friend who became a model turned out to be an heiress. Kim is planning on attending my local university to do masters in International Business studies. She introduced me to her friend and she is hoping to come here too, they have to become virtually fluent in English first and pass the Cambridge English examination.

    I attract attention on the internet and not all of it is good. We get a laugh though sometimes. Someone thought I meant marijuana when I mentioned pot plants. That is a continuous source of amusement for my friends! Lol

    Keep on blogging, I hope you like classical music, no words to interrupt your train of thought.


  71. sharisax says:

    Good morning, Mike. At least it’s morning stateside.
    I have posted your new photos onto my Facebook page for my friends. [Any and all commenters are invited to friend me :-) . . . to see your photos . . . and mine :-) ]

    You’ve got me curious about that Chinese horoscope. I hope there’s something about my predicting the end of the recession on September 1, 2010 was, indeed, correct! That goes along with your discussion [above] on visionaries and “making the unbelievable seem believable.”

    Of course, my prediction that we are going to become Rich & Famous with all this still stands. I’ll keep on blogging, and you do the same.

    >b> BTW, everyone should read all of Mike’s comments on his blog-within-a-blog:

  72. Driving Miss Daily, um, er, Miss Shari can lead to some interesting situations. A week ago Wednesday I drove Shari to her BNI meeting in San Rafael. I don’t normally do breakfast meetings as I have a daily economics newsletter I have to get out to my subscribers, but a friend in need…

    We all have our own individual definitions of what “Rich” or Famous” might be. At the same time I find Shari to have enough focus, determination and grounding to achieve the goal she is setting out for herself.

    • sharisax says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Howard . . . now, though, I am really interested in those “interesting situations” you refer to in your comment. Hmmmm, you met someone you’d been trying to reach for months? Or, maybe, you learned the answer to something that had been keeping you up at night for a week? Or, maybe when you started up your car and waited for me to come in, you glanced over to the passenger side and spied a letter on the floor that you’d been looking for???

      See what happens when you “hint” and don’t tell? :-)

  73. 2010/09/06 at 6:54 pm

    This is turning into a phenomenon rather than a blog. I still haven’t written up your Chinese horoscope yet. I at least bought some eggs at twice the price I usually pay. We learn from our mistakes though and I won’t forget them next time! I helped my Chinese student friend with her assignment about Clara Barton who founded the American Red Cross. Today, her friend came online and said she had a problem with her homework. Yes, it was the Clara Barton assignment and she didn’t do it over the weekend. She had to rush and the internet must have been busier because she couldn’t download the PDF reader from Adobe to read the PDF I sent. I could imagine you saying this quote from Clara Barton, Shari:

    “I may sometimes be willing to teach for nothing, but if paid at all, I shall never do a man’s work for less than a man’s pay.”

    That is probably why your husband cooks, chefs make better money than female cooks, generally speaking. Food always tastes better when someone else has cooked it too. I imagine your husband does it for the prestige of being the chef in charge of the kitchen rather than the money though; prestige and self respect can really enrich a person. I imagine you assist sometimes?

    You can play the classical music I sent while you eat the candle lit dinner your chef has prepared now. The music is called The Banks of Green Willow (Butterworth) played by the English Sinfonia and conducted by Neville Dilkes. It was played and recorded at the Royal Albert Hall for the Last Night of The Proms a few years ago. The Last Night hasn’t been the same since, gone are all the patriotic tunes like Rule Britannia – way too politically correct now to be seen to British and proud to be a Briton. I like the Fantasia on British Sea Songs; that is on Youtube if anyone is interested.

    I have done a little proof reading today, unfortunately I went to sleep; not I hasten to add because my novel is boring. I was at one of the most interesting parts; where my hero discovers he is rich and famous. You should read my novel it could be quite inspirational! I aim of course to inform, entertain and amuse. There is a lot of information in my novel that I hope will inspire people. I have unusual characters in it too. The hero of the novel is English, but I have an American, a German, a wealthy heiress from Italy, a young model from the Netherlands, a photo journalist, a tough Irish man who made his fortune selling a well known dark ale, a young man who has a girl in every port and of course the parrot! They all share a adventure and find untold wealth and the wealth isn’t just money. They all have enough money before they discover the wealth. One of the things they discover of course is each other and the pleasure of sharing an adventure together. Life is an adventure and it is a great thing to find true friends that are on the same path as us to share that adventure and create a new phenomenon. The internet is full of adventures of course and international by it’s nature.

    I know soldiers who have fought in Afghanistan, my friends in Australia are particularly funny, my friend in Northern Ireland is not only funny but is a good webmaster. Then there are the writers who are so creative they continually surprise and innovate. My friend in Texas who says you can insult anyone; just start the sentence with ‘Bless him’. ‘Bless him, he ain’t too bright but he attends church every Sunday like clockwork!’ I mustn’t forget members of the aristocracy of course. I have a Countess in my address book and someone who is related to the former Royal family of Russia, the Romanov’s. Strangely enough they were both models. I also like my friends in Malaysia, the Philippines and China; they are always trying to ‘better themselves’. You can make friends on every continent and in every country; strangely though I have no friends in South America for some reason. I think that is the only place really. I have friends in Western and Eastern Europe.

    Anyway, we make friends around the world and regardless of their skin colour or culture we accept them and they accept us; that makes us truly rich and diverse. With so many people knowing who we are we also become infamous!

    • sharisax says:

      Hey, Mike,
      1) I like thinking of DRIVING MISS SHARI as a “phenom” :-)
      2) Did you check your eggs for salmonella? This is what you must do: a) wash the shells and don’t eat them; b) make certain the whites aren’t runny; c) throw them away and eat cereal instead. Do you get Capt’n Crunch there?. My friend in Australia wanted some and couldn’t get any, so I sent him two boxes. Stupid me! I didn’t even package them up with anything more than wrapping paper. He was nice enough not to tell me they were Super Crunch.
      3) My hubby does the cooking because he wants to eat. :-)
      4) I’ll check out Fantasia on British Sea Songs on YouTube. Isn’t YouTube great? Did you see on my Facebook page where a YouTube video helped a friend of mine fix the derailer gear on my mountain bike [while my hubby was cooking dinner].
      5) I agree. The Internet is chock full of adventure . . . and new friends for us all!
      6) I can’t wait to read your novel. Any chance of publishing a dialogue or two for us?

  74. I love your Driving Miss Shari blog. It’s fun, creative and I’m looking forward to you getting 500 comments.

    I’ve been thinking of ways to make you famous through this blog. How about having a contest where people make up songs about this vehicle-less time in your life? They can put it on You Tube. The person who creates the best song wins something cool.

    Okay. I’ll be your first contestant. Here’s my entry to the “Driving Miss Shari” contest:

    Driving Miss Shari all around
    Is the best gig going in town.
    She’s super-sweet and lots of fun
    Have you met Miss Shari, she’s number one!

    She says “Thank you, Sir” for this ride.
    He says “Thank you, M’am, won’t you be my bride?”
    Miss Shari says I’m married,
    I’m really Mrs. Shari
    So, thank you Sir, but I really can’t tarry.

    Well, that’s my first try, Shari. Maybe I’ll write another song for you later.

    I admit it Shari. I’ve always adored Cole Porter’s songwriting and know every word to his songs, so perhaps I’m just a Cole Porter wannabe. But, you get the idea.

    In addition to the song, when you’re driving around, you’ve got to wear something that catches people’s attention so you’re recognizable. How about wearing a wide brimmed straw hat with an awesome, eye-catching scarf around the brim? I’m thinking a hot pink, red, purple or leopard scarf tied with lots of scarf hanging down and blowing in the wind as your window is open.

    Here’s my second idea: have a “Have you spotted Miss Shari today?”contest. People write in your blog when they’ve seen you riding around. They score points if they get the exact location and the time right. The person who gets the most points after 3 months wins.

    That’s it for my ideas tonight. Sleep well, dear Miss Shari.

    • sharisax says:

      Faith, I laughed myself silly “listening” to your contest ideas, and since you are comment 150 or so, I want to make certain to post this so ALL our friends can see it. You will have the second blog-within-a-blog, i.e., my next post is YOURS!!! Check out Mike Maynard. His comes right before yours. I do want to hear what our readers say about your song!

  75. randall w says:

    During a brief yet memorable period of my young adulthood, I too was voted off Drivers Island. We walk among you and can slip in and out of the drivers’ world seamlessly save one marking…The subtle but telling darker shade of tan on the right arm.

    • sharisax says:

      I hate to even ask when & why you were voted off Drivers Island. The time I heard that you didn’t yet have a license and drove my car over the Bay Bridge when I was out of town — that creeped me out enough . . .

  76. Hiroko Suzuki says:

    Having been brought up in Japan where everybody went everywhere by public transportation, on foot or by bicycle, I think it’s great if all of us make the effort not to drive.

    Walk to a bus stop and catch a bus, go to the post office or the bank by bicycle……etc. We have the perfect weather for this. The result is that we will be in better shape physically and the earth will be in better shape.

    (Now, what we need is a efficient public transportation system like Japan). However, I must tip my hat to you for turning the adverse situation into a positive project. Your drive and energy is admirable!!

    • sharisax says:

      You know, Hiroko, I intend to keep riding my bike to yoga . . . even after the driving ban is lifted. Although, there are those who think cycling is not the safest sport. [And I hope I'm not on the same road they are on!]

  77. I shall write more about my novel. I have so far this morning played Farmville of course, I have to stay out in front! It is more like a vineyard than a farm now though. I have wine on my mind this morning because I was asked how to make wine from Elderberries and someone asked my advice on improving a wine in a vineyard that will be made soon. Of course wine is made in California and for your big ‘bash’ you could go ‘frugal’ and make some wine. In my novel the hero originally made pineapple wine, but I had to cut 60,000 words and so that very informative bit had to go. It seemed like a good idea because much of the novel is set in the Mediterranean on sun kissed beaches and features barbecues, babes and beer! That is a good idea too, barbecues can be quite frugal. I did one and asked everyone to bring food and it worked quite well. The bag of chicken I had was huge and already cooked in a spicy something so all I needed to do was put it on the barbie for a couple of minutes. Winemakers quite often have 200 litre plastic containers and a with some grape and apple juice from the supermarket and a couple of hundred bags of sugar; it wouldn’t be hard to make a batch of wine suitable for a big bash. There isn’t much time though, it would take a month to make it. Never mind, we will store that idea away for next time. It would have been difficult scrounging 280 empty wine bottles to put it in anyway. Then we would have needed a head cook and bottle washer. I forgot, you have one! I have read this morning tips on driving on roads in the UK. There is no such thing as ‘your’ side of the road, we share. We drive on both sides of the road, while trying to drive on the left! It is sort of like driving through an obstacle course between park cars and over speed humps. The writer advised not driving in cities, good advice. This is an extract in case you need to cross the street: Even if you don’t drive, as a pedestrian you’ll have to remember that among our British and Irish cousins’ many unusual habits, traffic comes from the opposite direction — look both ways before crossing any street. The most dangerous thing on our roads? Quote: Horror stories about British and Irish traffic abound. They’re fun to tell, but driving here is really only a problem for those who make it one. The most dangerous creature on the road is the panicked American. Drive defensively, observe, fit in, avoid big-city driving when you can, and wear your seat belt. Definitely wear you seat belt, it will at least give you the illusion of safety! I found an error in Wikipedia this morning. It was on wine making though and winemakers are very secretive. I looked up the quote about making brandy from wine. When they distil they discard the head, the lighter alcohols that are produced first and then the heart is the alcohol that is used and the tail is heavy alcohols and again discarded. the discarded alcohols are of course used for something else. Pressing grapes is a skill and once mastered can be used for pressing olives to make olive oil or flowers to make perfume. The oil from the flowers mixed with one of those ‘discarded’ alcohols will produce a perfume or a cologne. Those oils can be worth a great deal of money. I should know what oils go into Chanel No5; but I’ve forgotten but they are the most expensive and sought after. Have my mentioned my family came to England from France when the Normans invaded in 1066? It must be where I get my interest in wine and food from. I find the French accent fascinating too, I wish I could speak French. Je serai de retour. (I’ll be back)

    • sharisax says:

      Morning, Mike:
      1) Pineapple wine sounds like an eye-opener in the morning . . . and a god way to slip into dreams of Hawaiian vacations past.
      2) Did Gatsby do a barBQ for his Big Bash. I think not. “Frugal” will lead up to the Big Bash . . . and perhaps follow it, but certainly not during!
      3) Have you ever been to Boston? They have a spot on the traffic accident form for events happening in the ROTARIES. Now those are dangerous places to drive!
      4) Have you checked out YouTube for winemaking secrets? I bet there are a bunch.

      As always, THX for starting my day with a dose of Maynard-ality. :-)

  78. Marilyn Redding says:

    You already are rich Shari, you have the most important thing in the world, a sense of humor. You are turning a situation into an opportunity to enlist the entire world. I am sure you will find your fame. I live in novato and am retired, so be happy to give you a ride anytime. Take care, Marilyn

    • Hey, Marilyn!
      How cool that you found me . . . and “us,” i.e. Mike, Faith, and everyone in the community. Let’s definitely chat on the phone soon. Email me and I’ll send you the phone number: 415/897-6052. Maybe you’d like to drive me to a BNI meeting at 6:30 some Wednesday morning. If you don’t already know what BNI is, you can get a great free breakfast and meet some awesome people!

      PS I’m copying your comment into the first blog post as well — where my goal is to collect 500 comments.
      PPS Looking forward to meeting you.

  79. Shari

    Famous? Famous for millions or famous for what you have done to help others? When we are in situations where we need to reach out and find help it is not always the easiest. I do a whole lot more helping than I do being helped. It has always been this way as it is a part of who I am I suppose.

    Millions are nice and there is no doubt about that as I think of all the families who need a helping hand and my millions could do just that but life is not always just about money and fame. For me, I am famous – to those that remember me each day to see how I am or what I am up to as I know I have had an impact upon them. As far as a millionaire, if it happens it happens. Truth is that I will share it to make someone else’s life easier.

    Feel better and hopefully you will be cleared to be back on the road soon.

    • sharisax says:

      Suzanne, I’m reminded of my mom’s assertion that “Beauty is as Beauty does”; so it goes “Famous is as Famous does.”

      We all know people who abuse their fame and their power and their wealth . . . and those who don’t. As you state above, how wonderful it would be to really support the health and productivity of a great number of well-meaning people. Our “intentions” are hugely important.

  80. Jerry says:

    Driving has so many meanings and connotation, where to start but at the beginning:
    You don’t realize what you have and take for granted until you don’t have it any more.
    You find out what you can do without.
    You realize who your friends are.
    And somehow everything always works out.
    Keep a stiff upper lip sister.

    • sharisax says:

      Hey, Bro’, you are actually the FIRST family member to check in. Thanks.

      RE: “Driving” having so many meanings and connotations: I’m counting on that; after all, I intend for this blog to live on past the driving ban . . . which I hope will end soon. We definitely do take lots of things for granted; that’s for certain!

  81. Hi Shari,
    Love your attitude. My life would stop if I couldn’t drive, considering I drive over 35,000 miles a year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need a ride especially if you need to get into the city.
    Best, Debra

    • sharisax says:

      Debra, I’d love to figure out a way for us to drive together. Of course, one of the great benefits of this “disability” is the opportunity to spend quality time with a friend, especially a friend who is willing to help out. So Debra, let’s plan a trip to the city, and then I can feature you & your business on the blog.

  82. I’ve already done a post today. I’ve eaten lunch and now I’m drinking tea. I’m not sure why I have to drink tea after eating, but I’ve done it a long time now and so why change? It is of course presumptuous to ask all your friends to drive you. We can be presumptuous when we help people all the time. I tried to explain that to one of my friends who constantly asks me for help with his college assignments, computer problems, photography, medical problems, car problems and so on. He would have more friends to ask if he offered people help more. It does take time, but you can multi-task, write and drink tea at the same time. I have to use my office today, usually I stay in the kitchen close to the tea!

    I have to print my friends name and address on a label so I can send a birthday card. I would write it, but my Chinese isn’t that good.

    I saw your phone number on one post; what a temptation! That would be a shock getting a phone call from England! It’s 1:30pm here; about 3:30am there – yes it would be a shock! If I said it was the Prince of Wales calling you would probably even be polite!

    I’ve added another post to the collection now back to printing and proof reading.

  83. Well, Miss Shari you’re off and running…. so to speak. What a great idea. Of course, that’s just the thing I’d expect from a smarty-pants like you. You rock, my dear! I’m looking forward to your ongoing adventures.

  84. One thing that comes up for me is that all of us in our society have become so “self-reliant” (because we can be) that we have forgotten what it is like to have to reach out and ask for help. humbling? Yes. eye-opening? yes. when Roby and I took our year-long journey across America, we were helped time and time again. I feel such gratitude for those experiences and what I continue to learn. I discovered that being in the “giving” role means always being in control. Being on the receiving end feels vulnerable, AND also allows me to connect more deeply with others…a good thing! Understanding the balance and value of both giving and receiving is the gift. It takes both to complete the cycle.

    • sharisax says:

      Dottie, this is EXACTLY the kind of comment I want everyone to read . . . so periodically I will “re-post” individual ones like yours to make “blogs-within-the-blog” :-)
      The whole idea of “surrendering control” is scary, isn’t it. But that seems like an ingredient of Love.

      • It is love of the highest calling…because it is transparent. no gimmicks. the only way i get control of my life is to give up control. Part of our commitment in our journey was to take it, and live it each day, unattached to a specific outcome. did that ever come in handy! it allows us to take whatever happens that could be frustrating and simply “feel” the disappointments that sometimes occur and move through them rather than becoming stuck in them. It is like the process of chaos which lies between stable and metastable in quantum physics. It is valuable because you cannot leap frog from stable to metastable…chaos is a living, breathing part of the process. Once that is realized, every aspect of life becomes a “hmmmmm”… let me dig deeper into that and be curious. enjoy being driven, Ms. Shari! Opportunities such as this don’t come around every day! :)

        • sharisax says:

          Dotti, happy birthday!
          You are thinking/writing some deep thoughts here, and I love the sound of them, but it’s a little late for me to dig deeply into them. First thing tomorrow, I’ll check out the definition of metastable . . . oh, shoot, there’s no time like the present . . . ooops, even Wikipedia is beyond me at this hour of the evening.

          I am, however, reminded of my yogic lessons to “live in the moment” and understand that what happened yesterday really has no effect on NOW, nor does what may happen in the future.
          Being in the Now is tremendously empowering. I have to wonder, though, whether “chaos” exists in the Now. At the moment, I think not.

          Dottie, did you read the latest piece dedicated to my Mom? My hubby, who can be stingy with compliments, suggested that I hit a “home run” with that post. However, I’ll be continuing to work on the 500-comment conversation on this post before moving to that one . . . or any of the others.

          Thank you so much for giving me/us so much to “dig deeper” into. I hope and trust that you have had a lovely birth day. :-)

  85. Liz Tracy says:


    What a creative and fun post. I love the way you mixed in video to add to the theater of the story line of “Driving Miss Shari.” You have made the best of a difficult situation and turned it into something fun and social.

    As far as rich and famous, you already have many riches in your writing, blog and art anything else is all gravy. But who doesn’t like gravy?

    from One of the Miss Shari Drivers

    • sharisax says:

      Liz, I can’t wait until we do the VIDEOS on you! That will be cool to video the videographer. I can just see you giving me directions on camera. Hey, that’s an idea.

      BTW, the gravy must be thick enough and NOT lumpy. :-)

  86. lol I have nothing to say about it besides build a popular company and start a blog. Then you’ll be rich AND famous.

  87. James is my behind-the-scenes guru. Here’s how he helped streamline this blog theme:

  88. The good news is the editing on my novel is nearly finished (about 15 pages left). The bad news is I have to cook lunch and I probably won’t have time to write a blog within a blog today. It depends a little on the weather. If the weather is good, I’m off to the post office and I’ll edit when I get back. If it’s bad, the post office can wait, I’m not getting wet! It’s looking good at the moment but it can change quickly. I’ll cook lunch and then decide the rest of the day. Enjoy your day; 12:30 in England, you’ll be getting up soon!

  89. Don Angel says:

    Hi Shari,
    Your humor and spirit are an inspiration, considering the frustration most of us would be feeling in your situation. It’s nice you can “drive around” on the web and stay in touch, but I know you miss the face to face interation. I certainly will be watching you crack this nut. What’s driving me is the concern for investors who just seem to fall into one bubble after another. I’m very concerned there is one forming now in the government bond market. It’s ok to invest in a forming bubble, the problem is getting out before it’s over. I expect gold to enter a bubble stage sometime in the near future. Perhaps that’s what the flow of money will inflate when the pop comes in interest rates. All the best.

  90. Michael,
    We could get together in London if a PR firm there honors my request. I told them I would report on their Getting & Rich workshop for my blogs if they fly me over.

  91. sharisax says:

    Here’s a birthday conversation that Dotti Berry and I are having on Facebook. It fits here as well:
    Shari Weiss When I turned 50, Dotti, I started to go backwards, you know, 49, 48, 47, etc. But then I found out I had to be 62 to get into shows for free, a Senior $10 lifetime pass for the national parks, discount on my health club, etc. etc.

    Dotti Berry Shari, Roby says that the best part about being with me and me being older is that she started getting AARP discounts 12 years before she could have personally qualified! :) There IS a silver lining in every situation (as you are discovering in your moment of being “driven!”

  92. Hi Shari,

    You’re hoping a London PR firm will fly you over? Don’t hold your breath. lol. London isn’t a particularly nice place anyway so you won’t miss much. I haven’t done much today and will cook dinner soon. I shall work the weekend! I did a little work on my website and bet on a couple of horses! the horse didn’t win but I didn’t lose money on them. Online betting is illegal in the USA but big business here. I put a bet on a horse at 12 to 1 and then took a bet online at 5 to one part way through the race and so then I couldn’t lose. It was winning! then it dropped back, but at least I didn’t lose any money.

    It’s fun actually. I just bet on another at 20 to 1 and I hope to take a bet at 10 to 1! the race hasn’t even started yet.

    I shall edit my manuscript after dinner. I’ll get back to blogging tomorrow. I liked the remarks about getting free stuff when you reach 60 years old; every cloud has a silver lining.

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, the operative word here is INTEND, not “hope.” :-)
      Given the final clause of your comment above, my experience is that London is very cloudy and has lots of silver linings. :-) )
      My American “language sensibility” smiles when I read the word “shall” in your sentences. I wonder how many other people feel that way.

      BTW, did you read the post dedicated to my mom?

      My hubby [who doesn't give me nearly enough compliments] told me I hit a Home Run with that one. So once I get my 500 comments for this post, I’ll be promoting that one, which does have a few comments so far.

      PS Maybe we need a blog post on the Secrets to Successful Betting??

  93. Hi Shari,

    I have done you a Chinese horoscope here:

    I collaborated with my Chinese friends. They have the culture and I can write it! I wonder if anyone would pay for a full Chinese horoscope? My student friends need to make money! There is only two years now before they hope to come to England to do their master degrees in International Business studies.

    The translation of I Ching the book of changes was brought back to Europe by Richard Wilhelm and given to the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung and he believed we could predict the future. There is a interesting website about Jung here:

    Some people say Freud was the ‘father’ of psychology but I think Carl Jung’s idea were far more interesting.

    I expect to get lots of emails now asking for Chinese astrology readings; I hope my friends in China have time to help with them. They usually want some work to do in the vacation time and they have just started a new year at university. My email address is on my website that I have improved a little recently. at the bottom of every page.

    I hope you like the astrology reading. I will do some work today! No betting on horses, unless it’s a good bet! I must finish editing the end of my novel and maybe write another few hundred words. I want people to be laughing when they finally come to the end and turn to someone laughing and say ‘that was good’.

    I still have a visit to the Post Office high on my priority list. I wish they hadn’t closed the one close to my home, it used to take 10 minutes to go to the Post office, now it’s an afternoon out. I took a photograph of the market place where the Post Office is and tried to count the number of posts in the photograph that had been put for lighting, traffic signs and so on; there were so many I kept losing count. The council has too much money; our money!

    We need frugal politicians! President Obama is going on a spending spree in the USA to improve infrastructure. They are doing the same in China (except they can afford it). It will be interesting to see which option is right, the spend, spend, spend option or the frugal cut, cut, cut option of the British government. I doubt if either will work. The USA will spend on the wrong things and the UK will cut the wrong things.

    If Shari was President and I was the British Prime Minister; things would be different!

  94. Hi Shari! Boy, I wish I’d known you were looking for rides. You could have ridden to burning man with us, and then been driven to all the great art in our art car! Well, maybe next year.
    As far as “rich and famous on the web” is concerned, I think the best route to any kind of success in today’s world is to figure out how to help the most people. It’s certainly the most fun way to engage our times! I hope to see you at a Bay Area Bloggers Society meeting soon. We’ll be having some great meetings in San Rafael, and everyone would be happy to see you. By the way, when is D-DAY (DRIVING DAY)??
    Keep up the good work,
    Suzanna Stinnett

    • sharisax says:

      WOW, did I miss out . . . except for the fact that I’ve had out-of-town guests, and we were going nonstop here.

      Re: Rich & Famous. The first thing that comes to my head in response to your wonderful suggestion that “figuring out how to help the most people” — which, incidentally, I agree with whole-heartedly — is that as a non-rich, non-famous person, I do believe I have been able to “help” a good number of people as a teacher. But I’m convinced that the only worthwhile thing to do once I [or anyone] get(s) rich and famous is to Spread the $$$$ and Bring Wisdom to the Masses.

  95. Hi Cousin Shari.

    You are certainly your mother’s daughter! A saleswoman to the end. Sorry to hear about your predicament, but then it’s always best to make lemonade when you’re handed a lemon.

    When’s the party? We could be passing through on Sept. 21 … heading from Vancouver to Vegas. Cheers, as they say up here in Canada. Cousin Helen

    • sharisax says:

      Hey there, Helen: my casa is your casa. We’ll be here on the 21st. Need a stopover place? We’ve got a great B&B room all ready for you.

      BTW, why not think about doing some blogging here. Check out two of my new friends Mike Maynard and Faith Kinslow, who have started blogs-within-my-blog. I can see all of our names in lights!

  96. Shari,

    Exciting to see all the wonderful responses to your post! You’re on the road to this particular success…I know you’ve had many others!
    One lesson I learned through the years that living a life of service to others results in people actually looking for the opportunity to give back and provide a service for you. Its almost like giving them a gift to return the favor. So, what you are doing for these three months is giving gifts to your drivers du jour.

  97. Dear friends of Shari… This is your chance to have fun and make
    Shari famous.

    Just enter the “Driving Miss Shari” song contest. Write
    a verse or two about Shari’s driving-less status, misadventures, or
    possible fun adventures on her blog.

    I’ve already written a song and several extra verses. You’re welcome to add to my song. Let’s help
    Shari have the longest song ever written about her! Laughter is the best medicine, so funny is better! And those of you who play musical instruments, we welcome any accompaniment if you’re bold enough to put
    it on You-Tube.

  98. I’m going to try to find what Faith wrote. You gave me an idea for a name for my website! I have just given you a link on one of my blogs. I changed the template on it. I want that background for my website! I shall try to steal it with my hacking skills in a minute. This is my artistic blog:
    I was looking at Hannah’s artistic blog. She is author M .J. Webb’s cousin. Nepotism reigns!

    You should join my school of art, I’ve been researching today and I could get a large grant to develop my ‘art’. There is always a catch… I have to tell them what I will spend the £10,000 grant on! I’ll make a list. First I need all my works printed on canvas. I need a expensive DSLR camera! Champagne and canapés for my first première exhibition; I can invite local dignitaries to that; then ask them for another grant… I can include my writing and so spend a bit on getting my book published and publicised.

    It has to have an international flavour too! I don’t think the USA is on the list of developing countries. Can you get a quick suntan and pretend to be a bit more under developed? You might get a free trip to the London Olympics! I shall think about what to do with the rest of the cash while I’m waiting for the lottery numbers to be drawn…

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, stay tuned for a theoretical post today . . . and after my meeting in a few minutes . . . I’ll check out your sites. Keep plugging away. My next post will be entitled: “Why Bloggers Blog, Why Blog Readers Read Blogs, and why anyone would/should comment on blog posts and the conversation.” [or something like that]

  99. James Armfield says:

    Your blog could most definitely be a launching pad to greater things. Now that you have the internet listening, why not start another blog that people can offer up their services for other people in your situation, where they are unable to drive themselves for one reason or another.

    It would be an inspiration to all.

    • sharisax says:

      Couple of things, James:
      1) No URL. Did you give up your blog? And you were the one who beat me to when I mistakenly stayed with for too long.
      2) What ARE you up to these days? You ought to be running Twitter or Facebook, or at least a department there.
      3) Your suggestion to help set up rides for Unfortunates like me is definitely something I’ve thought of; but I worry about the possibility of setting things up for unsavory characters . . . and then what responsibility would fall on my shoulders.

      Finally, what ARE you doing to get Rich & Famous?

  100. Hello Ms. Shari!
    are you fun and bubbly?
    can you pay me visit
    without announcing that i visit you first?
    then you will drive me crazily happy!
    are you Ms. Perfect, better than the rest?
    then you will drive me away.
    here’s to a happy day!

    • sharisax says:

      Hello Bendedspoon. Obviously [from checking out your blog, etc.] you have a twisted sense of humor, which in this world is often very necessary to fend off rocks coming your way:-)

  101. James makes a good point saying the blog could be a launching pad to greater things. We could just inspire people to help each other more without being intrusive enough to organise it! I just went on a social networking site (as we do) and posted this amongst the other 1,000 words I need to start the day:

    I’m also helping with a blog called ‘How to become rich and famous on the Internet’. It is about enriching your life and becoming ‘famous’ with the right people as opposed to appearing on tacky talk shows or getting a mention in some tacky rag.

    I think it describes what we’re doing quite well. I gave them a link in case they want to enrich their lives, we should be as socially inclusive as possible according to the United Nations. I’m not arguing with the United Nations…

    I do my blog in a blog on that other thread, if I can find it… I think I’ll have an early lunch first and while I do that I can think what to do with my afternoon. I still have to go to the post office, do some blogging and of course finish my editing. Read my blog in a blog to find out what I did yesterday afternoon (photographs on Facebook).

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, James was one of my star students at SFSU, studying marketing and social media. He was enterprising enough to bring Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, to speak to our class.

      I love to hear that “we” are doing this, that we are being inclusive, and we do truly hope to enrich lives. One of my friends actually read through all the comments and found NO value. He’s a scientist, though. Can we say that some scientists lack sufficient “imagination”? Or do they have to be the ones who discover stuff first? Or are lacking in some other important human characteristic? What do you think?

  102. Dawn says:

    Well, Shari, to find the pearl under the rock is the whole point. When unexpected events occur, having the creativity and fortitude to make the best of it and find a “new” way is what life is all about. Well done!

    • sharisax says:

      Dawn, I’m certain you know that a whole lot of “yogic meditation” has contributed to finding the pearls under the rocks.

  103. Jack Stein says:

    I am sure you have all heard the old adage “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well in your case it is surely true.

    Yes, you have been at the mercy of others for your commuting needs — testing the metal of friends and relationships.

    As your husband [who is finally getting around to adding my comment], it’s my pleasure to drive Miss Shari in good times as well as troubled times.

    This blog is taking social media to new venues: through Bart, Muni and Golden Gate bus lines; now we can ask you how to get from Marin to Oakland, whether we want to go through SF or Richmond.

    Keep your spirits high you will prevail!

  104. Hi Shari,

    Yes, although I started in science and technology, scientists generally lack imagination. If you are going to find the answer to an important problem, before you search for the answer, you need the imagination to know what the question is!

    Your friend could try this experiment. First dress and look as best he can, shower, do his hair, dress well and then begin the experiment. We all know repetition influences belief: the preacher preaches the same message repetitively; the advertiser shows the same advert repetitively; and the TV presenter repeats the same catch phrase repetitively.

    Now that your scientist has made himself look as good as he could, part two of the experiment is to look in the mirror throughout the day and say repetitively “I look good, today,” and at the end of the day assess the experiment.

    Ask the question, does believe he looks any better? My guess will be NO!

    Then the next day he reports the results of their ‘experiment’ to you. You simply say “You look nice, new clothes?” and that is instant enrichment; you instantly change what he believes with one comment. You can change someone else’s belief, but as hard as you try you cannot change your own. This is a well known secret known only to hypnotherapists!

    To be enriched by this phenomenon that you have created all your scientist friend has to do is write a comment and join in this phenomenal experiment in human belief. It will lead people to greater self esteem, greater success, personal enrichment and they will do even better if they read the thread that I write!

    • sharisax says:

      Love this “experiment.” But my friend won’t. No, it’s not that he’s stubborn, but he’s not very vain at all.
      So we need to design a new one, just for him. :-)
      I’ll figure out a way, though, for him to read this, and see if he recognizes himself. :-)

  105. Almost half way there! Congrats!

  106. Bob Crane says:

    Hi Shari ,
    Rich and famous… That’s a tagline that opens up a whole lotta something different to everybody.

    Richness or financially wealthy to me means the resources to pay for my lifestyle for so many days forward into the future.

    Rich in other ways include the many areas of my life I am grateful for. I am rich with the love of my beautiful wife Mary, my good health and great friends and love of my family.

    I am rich with productive work that adds value to my clients. I am rich with a great business partner and fabulous staff in our company. I am rich with a beautiful home, and the love of writing and playing my music. I am rich being very happy for the little things like squirrels in my back yard that we feed and have become friends with… the smell of coffee in the morning, Marys’ potato soup, sleeping in on weekends, fog over the Golden Gate, Season tickets for Giants baseball team .

    To sum it up… my little lifestyle makes me richer and more fortunate than most of my fellow humans on the planet in other countries. If I think I’m having a bad day I just remember the saying from that I felt bad about not having any shoes until I met the guy with no feet…

    As far as being famous… it would be helpful to me only as a platform to reach more people with something they would find valuable to them…

    Thanks for the space to share my thoughts and feelings Bob

    • sharisax says:

      Bob, your lovely, sincere thoughts and insights are exactly the type of remarks this “space,” i.e. the blog comment platform is designed to engender and support.

      Wasn’t it back in the ’90s when the talk of the day was Gratefulness. We seem to have lost a lot of that sentiment of late, but when people are asked to stop for a moment and consider what they do have . . . as opposed to what they don’t, then we are all better for it.

      Speaking of the saying you refer to at then end of your note, I cannot help but remember a day in a previous work situation where everything seemed to be going wrong. I was in an elevator. The door opened and there in front of us were three people in wheelchairs [because they had no legs]. They were chatting and laughing and enjoying each other.

      We need to all do the same. Thanks for your comment and the space to share my reaction.

  107. I like Bob’s comment, your fame Bob has spread across the Atlantic to England. Bob Crane is now a legend in his own lunchtime… Imagine what you could achieve if you commented every day…

    I shall write my blog in a blog in a moment; first a quote from an email I received:

    ‘Dear Mike,

    I’m not ashamed to say this…

    I LOVE direct mail… junk mail… mail order
    advertising… whatever you want to call it.

    So what if much of it is pure horse manure…
    the stench of lies and exaggerations wafting off
    the page?

    So what if many sales letters are so flimsy
    they’re fit only for laying on the kitchen floor
    when the cat has wet feet?

    For me, it’s a treasure trove.

    I’ll tell you something… and this is one of the
    secrets of getting rich and staying that way… it’s
    best to be open and aware of almost every
    marketing trick, special offer, new product
    range, scam and crazy sales idea going.

    And the stuff you get through your letterbox – or
    your email inbox – that’s the front line!’

    He is right though! I pay attention to junk mail and even go through my junk email – it gives me a laugh. I had the Fraud people in Nigeria on again today – offering to compensate me for a previous fraud if I supplied my name, address, email, copy of my birth certificate, inside leg measurement and specified whether my boxer shorts were S, M or L. I also have to pay the delivery man a small fee of about 200 quid when he delivers the suitcase full of money.

    I’m not bothered. I have enough money like ‘whatisname’ who just got famous. I have that enriched feeling that comes with being contented with sitting here knowing I can write the Prime Minister of Great Britain is a prat and not get thrown into jail… Wu, in China is also a prat but don’t say that if you happen to be Chinese or you may get thrown into jail.

    I’ll go and write my blog in a blog…

  108. Burt Dragin says:

    Hi Shari,
    1) Being rich would allow me to start a foundation for many worthy causes. Being
    famous is meaningless to me—unless I happen to write a best-seller.
    2)What drives me crazy are people who drive the freeways talking and texting
    away. My revelation on these “entitled” drivers appeared in a San Francisco
    Chronicle Open Forum piece Aug. 20. Here is the link:

  109. Chronicle Open Forum piece Aug. 20. Here is the link:

    and here is the WHOLE story which definitely bears repeating in this Driving Blog:

    My revelation was the result of a highway fatality. A driver who had pulled onto the shoulder to avoid traffic struck and killed California Highway Patrol Officer Philip Ortiz, who died June 22 after several days in a coma.

    What led to my revelation was the locale of the accident – the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 405) in West Los Angeles. My nephew Mike, who began his CHP career in 2007, had worked the same territory as Ortiz.

    Mike is the first in our family to go into law enforcement. We are not cavalier about the risks Mike takes every time he fires up his Ford Crown Victoria and rolls onto the freeway. Mike knew Ortiz and attended his memorial service. After learning of Ortiz’s violent death, I e-mailed Mike my condolences and suggestions for how CHP officers might avoid Officer Ortiz’s fate. (“Position yourself differently when writing tickets.”) It was, I now know, the most presumptuous e-mail I ever wrote.

    Mike’s thoughtful response was a jolt – my revelation. I was suddenly aware of swarms of freeway drivers badly in need of basic skills – and empathy – as they pilot several thousand pounds of deadly steel.

    Mike’s opening sentence put me in my place:

    “The real problem is not where CHP officers write tickets, make enforcement stops or are forced to stop on the side of roadways to render assistance to motorists, but how drivers choose to act when they are behind the wheel of an automobile.”

    Next came Mike’s litany of drivers’ habits that practically guarantee our state’s hideous number of highway fatalities, which totaled 3,401 in 2008, along with 241,873 injuries, according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System.

    “Drivers use alcohol and drugs, have huge entitlement issues (speeding, cell phones, driving on the right shoulder) and drive vehicles that are not roadworthy (bad tires, questionable engines.)”

    How many drivers enter the freeway with insufficient fuel?

    “If people who ran out of gas on the freeway were given $50 tickets,” Mike asserts, “the state would not have a budget deficit.”

    The more I perused Mike’s respectful rant, the more I envisioned our highways peppered with drivers who never should have abandoned their tricycles.

    Mike dashed my assumptions of what CHP officers do. Should Mike magically become All Powerful Lord of Highway Safety? He’d no doubt use the opportunity to bring drivers into compliance with the most basic behind-the-wheel behavior:

    “Make sure drivers know how to react to emergency lights behind them … know how to plan for a trip … how to drive safely when merging, changing lanes or approaching construction sites.”

    It’s the cell phones and texting that rankle me. But I had never thought of it as an “entitlement” issue. But it makes sense: Cell-phone users are oblivious of other drivers and therefore entitled to put everyone’s life at risk. The CHP is on the case; cell phone addicts were cited 244,000 times in the past two years.

    Mike’s final words seemed to be dripping from an IV, his blood pressure rising: “What should I do about the people who are so entitled that they think they can drive over or around the flares? I give them tickets when I can (if they don’t hit me first), but I can’t do anything about their lack of common sense or sense of entitlement.”

    CHP Officer Mike Dragin was twice given the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) award for his DUI arrests.

    Burt Dragin teaches journalism at Laney College in Oakland and is the author of “Six to Five Against: A Gambler’s Odyssey.” E-mail him at

    This article appeared on page A – 16 of the San Francisco Chronicle

    Read more:

  110. Good morning, Shari,

    You didn’t say if the DMV gave you your license back. I shall attempt a blog in blog this morning. My writing depends on my mood. It’s not good, I was awake early and cold – icy winds are sweeping across the UK from the Arctic. I hope it doesn’t last, it’s early to start using the central heating.

    the previous post by Burt Dragin was interesting and he obviously sees the usefulness of making a contribution to this blog. I agree that driving standards around the world are appalling. Using a cell phone while driving is moronic. My phone rang once while I was driving, the system took a message. What’s the problem? That day I had a meeting when I arrived I texted the person I was meeting to say I was there and checked messages and found out what the call was. I did do an advanced driving course and test when I worked for the British government and can drive very frugally saving fuel or at high speed and still be safer than most drivers at low speed.

    We have traffic humps to slow traffic down here and in narrow streets they are driving people on to A and B roads that are still quite narrow. It took me 15 minutes to drive 100 yards down a A road one day. I do take photographs while driving! The traffic comes to a halt for 5 minutes and I photograph things while I wait. I was taking one on Sunday and didn’t notice the traffic lights change! It was only a couple of seconds, but two seconds is a long time to the guy behind me!

    I’ll make another cup of tea and see if I can warm my fingers to write a blog in a blog. What shall I write today, Farmville news or topical news?

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, your note above asked the “perfect” question . . . for what I wanted to do in this comment section [and hadn't exactly thought how to do it].

      The answer to the question you pose is “No, but Yes”
      Did DMV give me my license back? NO, but they hadn’t taken it away!!! And I had only just found that out on Freaky Friday last when I’d had my first ridiculous doctor’s appointment during which he’d told me I had an enlarged heart . . . which, of course, anyone would know from reading “When it’s very, very, very difficult to be happy about Good News.”

      You can see that I’m learning from you to “hide” some of the Best Stuff within the chatter.

      Many people, men more than women, might be thinking “Get to the Point, already!” Of course, Mike, you and I know they are missing the point . . . i.e., the point being that there’s gold all through the hills.

      The other point, however, the YES part of my answer is that the DMV never took away my license. It was simply, the doctor told me, that it was “Doctor’s Advice” that I not drive. How much legal force does a Doctor’s Advice hold. Don’t know yet. May check it out. However, my NEW doctor, the cardiologist, who so apologetically told me that my echocardiogram had been MISREAD, filled out the DMV report and stated there was no reason for me NOT to drive.

      DMV will be issuing some report of its own in 2 weeks or 6 weeks or whenever they get around to it, but according to the DMV, my license has no hold on it!!!

      So, yes, yesterday I drove . . . what an experience! Just that morning after asking me how much longer I had before Driving Day, a friend had asked “Did I remember how to . . . drive”

      How silly! Maybe. I was very careful, and one of the things that meant [to come full circle here] is that I didn’t even consider making a cellphone call!

      BTW, I chose to “reveal” MY news here rather than “there” in a formal post for many reasons. Got any idea what those reasons are?

  111. Shari,
    All is now clear, we do things a little differently in England. If the doctor advises you to do anything or not do anything; you think for a minute then carry on as normal until you get a second opinion. This is because doctors only guess and usually guess wrong.

    After a break we always drive carefully and some people keep it up. It depends on your car, mine is great, even if I had won the lottery last night I would still have probably kept it or had a new one in the same colour. I don’t like other cars getting too close in case they scratch it!

    There is a picture of it outside my house – here in England:

    I send an email to Wardour pictures suggesting that they did a little promotion using social networking and have a Fanpage on Facebook for their new movie they are making. No reply of course! they did the Fanpage and you will get your invitation to be a ‘fan’. I was invited to the British Academy of Film and Television Awards for drinks and canapés by them! It wasn’t worth going all down to London for a couple of hours and I don’t drink any more. The litre of scotch in the kitchen cupboard is just to prove how strong willed I am! I nearly forgot the name of the film! The Hot Potato is a comedy adventure (like my novel) about a couple of East End lads who find a lump of weapons grade plutonium back in the swinging 60′s. I hope this film is funny and has mini skirts; it needs to be authentic…

    We do sometimes have that saying at the end of a conversation. ‘Now we have solved all the world’s problems lets get back to work!’ or words to the affect.

    I’ll take a look at my manuscript and remove the blank spaces and blank pages. Then maybe start my new website design. I’ll check Farmville in a little while but not much will happen today on there; I will just upgrade my winery to a 5* star later.

    I’ll be back… tomorrow morning with luck.

  112. I’m back…
    My fingers are numb. It about 6C outside and my fingers are numb from the cold. I shall ask why my hands get so cold next time I go to hospital, they are testing me for something and this could be a symptom!

    My friend called, it’s his day for college and teacher training. I shall write more about him in my blog in a blog, which I shall write if my fingers thaw out.

    The blog in a blog is here:

    My browser has changed, not sure how are when but I now have to click somewhere different to bookmark things and found I had to fiddle around to read the source code on a web page. I am into reading source code to see what tips and tricks I can steal. All writers steal ideas from whether we can even the coded ones… Nothing is safe!

    I drove my friend to the bus stop and when I came back drove a little too quickly on tom the drive. The window cleaners thought it was too quick anyway, I nearly hit their ladders and they went at the top of them!

    My blog in a blog should be good today, I’ve had an interesting week and began the design of a new website yesterday and of course finally finished the editing of my book. I wrote the synopsis of my psychological thriller yesterday – hell that is scary!

    Today in my usual frugal fashion I shall have my hair cut! My sister is doing it, she was a champion hair stylist and in the L’Oreal colour championship on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London many moons ago; she didn’t win but getting to the finals is as close to a miracle as most stylists achieve.

    I wonder if a hot cup of tea would thaw my fingers out?

    Shari, has people drive her. I have people shop for me, except last week when I ventured around a supermarket all alone. I’m not safe shopping, I read about someone putting their debit card in the wrong slot at the gasoline station – that is the sort of thing I would do. I don’t risk the self-service thing. I go in and let the girl do her job! Pay at the pump is a stupid idea anyway, if you go in, you often buy something else. At that service station I go to though they need to speed everything up, there is a constant queue.

    I’ll have lunch, early, a pre-haircut lunch to warm me up! Check out my blog in a blog later…

    • sharisax says:

      We are having virtual tea, Mike, because my morning [which gloriously began late this morning] starts with tea and your comments.
      And to help those virtuous souls who join us, I like to provide an introduction, i.e., the top piece of bread in the Oxford Sandwich, i.e., the Intro that sets the context for your insights of the day:
      1. Mike is warming his fingers with a cup of tea because they are numb from the outdoors. [We "shall" not tell him it will be at least in the 70s in the North Bay area of California . . . ooooops, or did we just tell him.]
      2. Mike has provided the URL so you can check out ALL of his Wit:
      3. He will be writing about . . . hmmmm, no, check it out yourself :-)
      4. But he may not write about one of his biggest cost-savings measures [which he will only need to keep up until we are both rich and famous] . . . his sister cuts his hair. [Mike, my hubby cuts mine :-) and probably still will when we are rich and famous. Just because one gets rich and famous DOES NOT MEAN that one throws economic measures into the wind!

  113. Elina says:

    Being rich doesn’t just define a rich person who has a lot of money. It also defines a person who has a rich life, meaning this person has all the love, happiness, health, friends, and support desired. The saying “Money DOESNT buy you happiness” comes to mind. Translation: by being rich you can BUY your happiness. I have to dissagree! The more money you have, the more money rich you are, but you can still be unhappy. However, if you have a rich life, you are happy and you don’t need all the money in the world to feel rich.
    While many may argue my point, I would take a rich life any day over being money rich.

    • sharisax says:

      Absolutely agree, Elina.

      Elsewhere in these comments I talked about a workshop I went to entitled “Building Wealth Through Relationships.” Two hours into that workshop, I realized that I was not in the right place “for me,” i.e., what I am looking for is Fulfillment rather than Dollars.

      Now when I look at the title of that workshop “Building Wealth Through Relationships,” I see something more akin to “using” people, rather than collaborating and supporting them. The latter, i.e. collaboration/support is what Fulfills Me. :-)

      • I’d like to add that this wisdom has helped me realize the true importance of what Social Media is all about. I think less about how to get ahead in the field, and more about encouraging and nurturing my relationships. No doubt in so doing, whatever success I achieve will be real wealth, that is, having friends and being able to do whatever I can to support them. Thanks again, Shari, for pointing me towards the light!

  114. Russell says:

    Hey Shari… if I’d known getting driven around could make me rich & famous when I was a hitchhiking teenager, I might already be retired… best wishes!

    • sharisax says:

      Russell, just think of all the businesses that would have suffered if you had retired early!

      . . . and another thing: hitchhiking teens rarely [not "never," but rarely] have the Focus nor make the Effort to do what it takes. Now when they get to Harvard and start a social networking site like Facebook, that’s another story.

  115. So glad to hear the great news, Shari! Like they used to say on Hill Street Blues, be careful out there!

    • sharisax says:

      Yup, Gregory. “Care” is definitely in order, but yesterday it was “too” easy. I’m going to blog about this, but there were four accidents back-to-back seven miles from my house, so it took me 55 minutes to go that distance.

  116. Loved having you at our seminar and can’t wait to see what you post about it!
    BTW, do you ever ride your bike to get around. That’s something I love to do –
    when it’s not too hot!

  117. I’m back to help with “Building Wealth Through Relationships.” I sent an article to an editor a few months ago, she said I wandered off the subject. I thought about emailing her again and telling her it was my wandering mind that produced such wonderful writing but then had an attack of apathy and couldn’t be bothered. She is of course a young ‘wannabe’ editor unlike Shari and I who are ‘beenanddunnit’ writers. We have been there, done it, got the tee shirt; now we’re going back for the sweat shirt.

    After major surgery in 2003 I had a very lucid dream about the future and people started saying I was a ‘visionary’. I can press a button on a remote control and know in advance that the television will come on. I can forecast recessions coming right after politicians do stupid things! This is of course simple cause and affect; my spooky dream was something else; even I don’t understand how I knew I would get a new free kitchen 6 years before I did…

    Anyway, I don’t have time to write my blog in a blog today so you’ll have to make do with the one I wrote last night; I’ll go paste it in… here:

    • sharisax says:

      As one “beenanddunnit” to another, I love your style.

      I, too, twice wrote something great and had people poopoo it. The First time was the Worst: I was in the fourth grade and had stayed up nights creating a poem for a Safety Contest at school. I submitted the poem . . . and was sent to the principal’s office because they accused me of COPYING it from somewhere. Of course they had no idea where I might have copied it from . . . but I was a young kid, very intimidated, and didn’t write again for years!

      Teachers, principals, the moral of this story is . . .

      And then decades later, I did begin writing a novel, and I let some KnowNothing [not even some young thing editor] tell me what he didn’t like about it, so I stopped.

      No one is stopping us now, Mike!

  118. Hi Shari,

    Yes, email your questions or you can do the ‘interview’ Windows Live or on Skype. Don’t ask me to talk though; it interferes with my multi-tasking – I can’t eat at the same time…

    I think you missed my visionary joke: I’m no visionary but had the vision to write my blog in blog last night. I managed to get my laundry and ironing done. The vacuum cleaner wasn’t disturbed. I talked to my student friend in China. She didn’t know what 9/11 was she had just heard about it from a teacher, so I sent a PowerPoint slide show. She sent me a PowerPoint slide show she had done and then asked me to check it while she had a shower before bed. Then she asked me to make it more ‘beautiful’ while she went to sleep. By a weird coincidence her slide show presentation was about sleep. Did you know smart people dream and stupid people don’t? I know a lot of people who don’t dream… I thought dolphins were quite smart but apparently not; they don’t get enough sleep to dream.

    We are al lright — we have our dreams even when we’re awake…

    • sharisax says:

      OOOOps, Mike, I gave you comment #238, and I had told my friend Joe this morning to check out comment #238 because i was going to talk about Sex. After all, if we do want to become Rich & Famous, there has to be at least a mention of Sex, right? Anyway, I’d better “hide” the Sex reference within the paragraph, rather than make it stand out all by itself. That way people who may think I’m writing about something “inappropriate,” “questionable,” etc., might just miss it. Right? OK, here it is: last night it came to me, i.e., the Biggest Secret to having a wonderful experience with a partner whom you’ve become bored with . . . hmmm, OK, now Idea #2 just came to me. I’m NOT going to write it until someone besides Mike asks me :-)

      • sharisax says:

        OK Mike,
        Let’s start your Interview. Here’s the first question: How has your upbringing contributed to making you such a unique personality, and obviously someone who dreams?

  119. Kathy Bloodworth says:

    Shari Dear -

    This is great! I’m looking forward to learning from you!


  120. OK Mike,
    Let’s start your Interview. Here’s the first question: How has your upbringing contributed to making you such a unique personality, and obviously someone who dreams?

    How do I answer this? I started collaborating on a novel, it was my idea and about a soldier suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I didn’t know what that was until I was a teenager. I’ll try to explain how I got the idea for the story.

    My mother was born in 1912, and my grandfather went off to France to fight in the First World War, 2 years later. I have the postcards he sent back from France and he obviously cared about his family. In the trenches things were back and it got worse when the Germans used mustard gas, this made it impossible to breathe and blinded British soldiers. Those that survived were led from the battlefield holding on to one another in a line, blinded by the gas. Many soldiers who cracked or suffered post traumatic stress disorder were shot by their own side for cowardice or desertion.

    My grandfather was a big man with broad shoulders. When his ‘mates’ were on the battlefield and the gas attack started he left the trenches and carried them back on by one on his broad shoulders, dodging bullets. He wasn’t brave, he just did it because he thought he could. He didn’t know the effect the whole war would have and he came home a different person; he had post traumatic stress disorder but in those days you just got on with it.

    Things were bad and so my mother left home and went into ‘service’ quite young. There she saw the wealthy gentlemen with their money, smart suits and very polite manners. She married my father in the 1930′s during the depression and he was very polite in public and very well dressed. It was a mistake but in 1935 she had my oldest brother, then a daughter in 1937 a daughter, then another daughter who died a few months old; that must have been traumatic. Then in 1941 yet another daughter. They got pregnant a lot in those days! Then like clockwork, she was pregnant again and had a son in 1943.

    This could have had some affect, because then there was a gap of 6 whole years before she had me (I missed the war) and I was supposed to be the last. Then she got very sick. It did not stop her having children. Another 6 years passed and she had another boy; this was the last again until my youngest brother came along in 1957. This didn’t help her health problems and she needed major surgery; it was the only hope.

    In 1963 around the time of my 14th birthday and and just before my youngest brother’s 6th birthday, she had the surgery; she died about 5 days later.

    These events shaped my childhood. Too many children, a sick mother, grandparents suffering the effects of war. I cooked, cleaned, read books to escape, took meals to my grandparents. My education suffered, my oldest brother did well because he grew up without 4 brothers and sisters! I got a scholarship just before my mum died to the same school as my oldest brother went to. I was taken to a restaurant as a reward and I knew how to behave, my mother had taught me what a fish knife looked like. She wanted me to be a gentleman and have integrity. At my new school she wanted me to learn music; didn’t have the opportunity but I’m the only one in my family to listen to Mozart and Beethoven and so I made an effort.

    My deprived childhood was about survival. I still sleep in the same bedroom as I was born in. This morning I read we are supposed to outlive our parents by 3 years. I hope to do better than that. I inherited a antibody from my mum that made me very sick at a much younger age than her, but I survive. I have outlived her, I’ll probably outlive my father by decades. My childhood taught me to survive, look after myself and most importantly if you are ill and in pain; your imagination can be your escape. If you’re anxious, depressed, scared, waiting for some surgeon to cut you open – your imagination can be your escape.

    I’ll do my blog in a blog now, my friend is coming later. The one who doesn’t dream… :)

    It’s here!

    • sharisax says:

      Two questions, Mike:
      1 – Not the interview question: What do you think of some of your life story chapters appearing as their own posts on DRIVING MISS SHARI, and then you can later edit them and put them in your own memoir?

      2 Next interview question: Knowing what you know now, how would you recommend Shaping Childhood, i.e. what would you suggest that Parents and Communities do for children?

  121. Shall I start my life story in 1912 or go back to 1066 when we invaded England? I suppose another thread could be done. I can’t write that every day though and have no idea what I would write. It could be interesting. I told one of my friends I taught maths at 12 years old and she was impressed. I’ll tell her went to the Nuclear research establishment at Harwell when I was 15 next time; that was impressive – we got free sandwiches, cakes and tea. We were obviously checked for radiation too. Then came my years working for the government and official secrets. That wasn’t my childhood though. I’ll stick to my childhood, I can skip my love life then… I’ll answer question two tomorrow. I need an example of what not to do and what to do. Shall I give advice for grand parents too? :)

    • sharisax says:

      re: question 2, the more advice we can get “out there” to influential people who will listen and do something about it, the better :-)

  122. Chuck Balcher says:

    I have to say that a near-death experience earlier in my life propels me to live every day as if it is my last. I feel that I have to cram as much as is humanly possible to make my life the most productive that it can be.
    Who knows if there will be a tomorrow?
    At the end of every day, while contemplating everything I have done, I always ask myself if there was anything I could have done more. Whether it is at work, helping out a friend or even listening to a good song, these are all the things that drive me and push me to fulfill my purpose in life.

  123. Those are wise words from Chuck, I have a similar attitude not because of a ‘near death’ experience but because I was was very ill. I suppose being very ill is a ‘near death’ experience too. You wonder if you will survive.

    That leads me on to answering question two: 2. Next interview question: Knowing what you know now, how would you recommend Shaping Childhood, i.e. what would you suggest that Parents and Communities do for children?

    At the end of 2008 I went to a day hospital after being referred by a doctor. I was still suffering withdrawal symptoms from all the drugs I was on when I was very ill. On the way there some children ran out in front of my car one day. I had been going a while and listening to some overpaid guy with his own company and attending as a consultant talking a lot of rubbish. I used to do individual counselling, trying to repair the damage many parents had done to their children. I had a session this day with a counsellor. She asked a lot of questions and I helped by just telling her what she needed to know. I had looked after my mum as a child, my grandparents, my younger brothers after my mum had died, my brother when he had cancer and most recently my sister when she had a cancer. The counsellor advised me to stop caring about other people and look after myself. I didn’t agree but didn’t argue; the subject was changed to the incident with the children when I was driving. I explained what had happened and said we all had a responsibility to children and I had a greater responsibility. I was an official campaigner for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). I also explained that I did a first aid course when I worked for the government so I would have a responsibility if I saw a child have an accident; in fact if I saw anyone have an accident. She agreed! I was of course using my counselling skills! She had argued that I only had a responsibility to myself and we are all responsible for ourselves only. Now she was agreeing we have a responsibility to children in particular because we are older and wiser, we have a responsibility to teenagers for the same reason. If we have skills like counselling or first aid, then we had a responsibility to everyone – to use our skills whatever they may be. The counsellor decided on the next session that I was far too well adjusted and I didn’t need counselling! :)

    So my first advice is to take responsibility for everyone you have a responsibility towards and especially children and more so if you were responsible for bringing them into the world!

    You are their mentor and their role model and as such you will shape their beliefs. I don’t have children but I have lots of young friends; yesterday one who is half my age actually said he enjoyed doing my garden in the cold! I didn’t criticize when things went wrong, which they did. I used my experience to fix things. It was quite funny when he stopped using the trimmer and said it was because there were frogs everywhere! I doubted this. I looked carefully and there were lots of tiny frogs in the long grass!

    Some of my friends on the internet were having problems this weekend. I mentioned one
    who I said had a love – hate relationship with her mother. My young friend said he knew what that was like. I have heard his mother in the background when he has been trying to talk to me on the phone; I understand!

    While I have been writing this I had a phone call from my sister; we’re no longer children but the responsibility continues. Her phone has been off all through the weekend, I reported the fault on Friday and now the broadband has gone too. I rang the company. I can do better because I have a certificate in telecommunications that I got at college when I worked for the British government. I got put through to Bangalore eventually, after I had circumvented their stupid voice mail system! When the call centre operator became condescending after i said they could adjust my line so it would be less noisy. I got condescending and told her about the link control protocol dropping giving an LCP down message on my router log and I was losing sync and ADSL; this isn’t in the script she was taught from! Now she listens! :)

    I just got a call from my sister – it will take 5 days to fix the phone; in the meantime they are doing as I suggested and transferring her calls to her cell phone.

    There is natural rivalry between siblings but this isn’t to be encouraged. They should be taught to cooperate. I have a better relationship with my younger brothers because I looked after them. My older brother is CEO of a computer company and I only see him if someone is dying. He visited my sister when she was very sick and sorted out her estate after she died. I haven’t seen him since in 7 years. The sister who just phoned me was considered to be the ‘black sheep’ of the family. I didn’t judge her.

    That is the second rule of setting an example to children, don’t sit in judgement. One of my young friends was told throughout childhood that she was stupid. I tell her how clever she is and I fully expect her to do her masters degree in 2 years time.

    I wish I had written this and then pasted it in! I didn’t expect the phone call. Children have vivid imaginations. I once knew a child minder who looked after a few children. I amazed her because the children ran to me when they returned home from school and showed me their pictures they had drawn. Her 2-year-old fell one day and I ran to him and picked him up and told him it was all right he hadn’t hurt himself. He would usually cry for an hour but that ounce of reassurance was enough and he was fine. His mother wondered how I could stop him crying so quickly. Often the secret to my success was children trusted me because they saw me with other children.

    One young man became very angry with his stepfather a long time ago. He went out and smashed the windscreen of his stepfather’s car. He was saving to go away with his girl friend for a while. He was only 14 years old. Should he punished? Should be be allowed the holiday? I sent him a cheque and told him to go! I haven’t seen him since he was about 2-years-old. He has got his degree at university now and last week connected to me on LinkedIn. He hasn’t forgotten that I understood his need to get away when he was young. I helped his sister even more; she sent me her new cell phone number last night; I don’t think she has forgotten – but it may be convenient to put it to the back of her mind. We all want to forget the darker days in our lives.

    Try to understand children; even after they have grown up…

    One of my young friend on the internet said I was like a father to her after she broke up with yet another boyfriend; another said something similar that I was like family. This is flattering, but dangerous, I don’t really want them to be that trusting. We also have to teach without being judgemental. My one friend said her boyfriend was prejudiced, I asked why and she explained. She knew the problem but had difficulty accepting that just because she isn’t pure white; she is considered by some bigots to be inferior. I know one young woman who has Asian parents but was born in England and so is British; she is like a target for abusive men who think she is inferior and can be controlled. Her Indian mother thinks she should accept an arranged marriage to a stranger from a culture that is alien to her. He ended up in an abusive relationship because of loneliness; accepting an abuser when rejected by her parents and siblings. Her father tried to make things right but then he died and she had to ended up having psychiatric treatment. Her family said she rebelled against them. My advice to her was, maybe it’s time to rebel again!

    We define the beliefs of children if they grow up full of hate they learned that from us.

  124. Betty Jo Waxman says:

    LOVE the concept Shari. Not only have you found a way to turn this into something very productive, but you are out there asking for what you want. Amazing to me how many people have the opportunity to do exactly what you are doing but haven’t seen it as a possibility – it doesn’t even occur to them. Opportunity is within every challenge and you have demonstrated the joy of finding it in a powerful way, in part because of how many people this will reach. Way to get out there and create your world as you’d like it to be;-)

    • sharisax says:

      Betty Jo, so very happy that you have joined the conversation. :-)
      This is exactly where Social Media can lead: productive conversations, collaborations, mutual benefits.

      Now that I can drive [my car], some people have mistakenly thought this blog has no purpose. Au Contraire! For one is the recognition for all my friends who helped make this “trial” a first step to better things. Equally important will be the continuing discussion on topics of importance to all of us. :-)

  125. sharisax says:

    Mike, earlier I said I was reading Malcolm Gladwell. Well, coincidentally, I came to a part of The Tipping Point in which the author reports on How Children Learn, which is exactly what you and I are discussing in Question 2 of your Interview.

    Here’s the relevant info: [p.118] NYU psychologist Jerome Bruner says that the narrative form is absolutely central to children because they are not able to deal well with theories. They need stories to make sense of their experiences.

    One of the things that has become abundantly clear to me in the whole Social Media Evolution/Revolution is the paramount importance of story-telling. Keep up with your stories, Mike.

  126. I still remember the first book I read, not the title unfortunately; but I remember what it was about and how it changed me into a compulsive reader! If you’re writing for children,, you need to use lots of narration and little dialogue. Children don’t particularly like dialogue. Remember when writing for adults they were once children and don;t overdo the dialogue. There is very little dialogue in my novel. It’s 11 o’clock and time to write my blog in a blog; I’ll check today’s news first for inspiration:

    • sharisax says:

      Morning, Mike . . . that’s another “title thought” for you, i.e. “Morning, Mike” — could mean many things. :-)
      You mentioned the first book you ever read; at least you remember it even if not the title. That’s something! I, too, was quite the reader, so much so that some of my elementary school teachers told my mom to get me outside to play. What a concept, i.e., going outside to play. I imagine that I could have been a “gamer” if computers had been around in the Middle Ages. And now maybe I’d want to play Farmville.

      So, hey, there’s question number three for you: Why Play Farmville? Most of my friends/prospective clients want to avoid more time on the computer. Why SHOULD they consider learning and playing Farmville. “Inquiring minds want to know” as they say often in the supermarket tabs.

  127. David says:

    Hi Shari -

    Just stopping by to say hello! Great to connect with you on LinkedIn. I’ll be reading along your blog -


  128. As for being rich and famous — I don’t think about it much — strive to be happy and live a fulfilled life-giving and receiving to and from all the beautiful people in my life. Kathleen

    • sharisax says:

      Interestingly enough, Kathleen, in my English class today, I asked the students who had fun this past weekend. Almost no one could remember anything fun they did. So I suggested that next weekend, they INTEND to have some fun and then report back to me. We’ll see what happens. As far as being rich and famous, weren’t you the one who told be about the Kardashian sisters having successfully achieved Wealth and Fame?

      But, of course, what Wealth and Fame really mean is definitely up to interpretation, thus, these blog comments.

  129. It’s 11 o’clock all ready and time to do my blog in a blog…

    Today, will be the latest news, why I play Farmville and why I want a weekly column in a magazine that pays around $15,000 a year! I’ll try to keep the typos to a minimum today. I’ll make a cup of tea before I start; that will help…

  130. I’m driven by an intense desire to help business and people understand and become effective in realms where they are fearful or uncertain.

    For many years I worked in print media, helping people with the technical aspect of the industry and educating them on what they needed to do to achieve their aesthetic and budgetary goals.

    I’ve now turned that skill to the Internet and are helping businesses better understand and effectively wield the technological tools that can improve their business and bottom line. I am energized and enthused about attaining their goals and watching the results of our partnering efforts.

    I am their bridge across the digital divide.

    With me, they need not fear the distance nor the depth of the chasm because I escort them directly to their goals.

    What drives me crazy is when people do not understand the spirit of that motivation or value the intention and sincerity of that desire to help them become effective.

    Being “rich” to me, is to have my basic needs and expenses paid for, so I can work to help people remove obstacles to their success without too much concern for compensation. To have the ability to provide assistance when asked, and not have to refuse because I do not possess the necessary time or resources.

    • sharisax says:

      Joe won some free social media lessons from me as a raffle prize in a recent networking event, so I’m certain we’ll all be seeing him expand his bridging across the digital divide. He has amazing creativity and energy — definitely someone you want on your side.

  131. Consider it an experiment in becoming more environmentally consciouses. Transportation is the single most damaging environmental activity we engage in each day – the Union of Concerned Scientists state that if you want to do just one thing to help protect our planet, change your driving habits. It is the single most impactful activity.

    • sharisax says:

      Ethan, I began riding my bike because “I had to” but I’m continuing to use it to run errands AND go to my health club. :-)
      Every little part helps!

  132. Ken Klein says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were. Better safe than sorry. Interesting how your life changes without a car, especially here in Marin. Now’s the time you find out who your real friends are.

    Good luck and I hope you’ll be driving again soon.

    • sharisax says:

      “I’ll be back” as my new friend-across-the-pond Mike Maynard says. Check him out on the comments section here, on his own blog-within-my-blog []

      Also he did a great piece n Why He Plays Farmville, and I’ll be publishing that on BOTH my blogs later today. He’s a HOOT. Why get dressed to go out and pay for a comedy show when all you need do is check out Michael Maynard on DRIVING MISS SHARI.

      PS Ken, I started driving last week. 55 days . . .and out . . .

    • Jacqueline Black says:

      I agree, its better to be safe than sorry. Everything can change so drastically — being without a car is very difficult. But when you have the help from others, it really makes things so much easier, not to mention, those who have helped will never know that they may need you in the near future. And I am sure that you will be glad to return the favor.

  133. kabita says:

    it was nice meeting you and hearing about and now reading your blog! I hope you don’t have any more episodes. I am sure I would be devastated if I could not drive, but if you look on the brighter side, think of how much you are reducing your carbon footprint by carpooling.

    Hope to see you Wednesday! i will share this link on fb to help you make your million!

  134. Michael North says:

    Well, that is such a hassle for you.

    About how to get rich: the answer is a willingness to trade energy frequently. Money is just a way to account for an energy transfer for one person to another or one group to another.

    The more willing you are to trade, the more people will come your way

    Sounds easy; it is very hard for many people to do, including myself at the moment

  135. Susan Keel says:

    Way to turn lemons into lemonade. You are an inspiration for those who encounter life’s challenges. One can complain, give up and be miserable, OR, like you, one can find a way to turn a challenge into a positive experience.
    What drives me is a desire to continue to learn and to be of service. One way I like to be of service is sharing what I have learned with others.
    I look forward to getting to know you and your work better.

    • sharisax says:

      Susan . . . learning from one another via listening carefully & engaging is what So Much in life is all about. It’s what this blog is about, what our BNI referral group is all about, what your great coaching sessions accomplish, and why we live in communities.

  136. What really drove me crazzy was when I moved back from the States to Australia I had to go and stay with my parents until I found a new apartment in the city. At that time I had to look for a job and still go to uni. My parents live 2 hours from the city so the train ride was looonnnggg!! Both my parents would leave at 5am to go to work so I would be in the house without any transportation (I sold my car because I went overseas to study). The trains went every hour to Sydney which was fine, yet there was no bus that took you to the train station and it was a good hour walk. Plan b. was to get a cab in the mornings to the train station. You would think this would be simple right? No! Cabs could take up to an hour to arrive meaning I would miss my train.. Easy pre book.. No they don’t do that in the country either. So I was forced to get cabs that would get me to the station an hour early or late and then I would have to wait an hour for another train.. Needless to say I packed a bag and went couch surfing at all my mates places until I found an apartment because I never knew if I would make it to work/uni/appointments on time!

    • sharisax says:

      Independence, i.e., not being dependent on anyone else to get us places is VASTLY under-appreciated. When I first began driving again, I was in a traffic jam, and it took me 55 minutes to go 7.5 miles. AND I DIDN’T CARE. I was so happy to be behind the wheel!!

  137. Shari

    Stopping by to check you out on route!
    You go girl…

    In friendship and caring

    • sharisax says:

      Ziona, if you get a chance some time, read a few of Mike Maynard’s comments. He’s a real hoot. I’ve even given him a blog-within-my-blog!

  138. Shari: It was certainly a pleasure to drive you last week to the BNI meeting. However, I am glad that you finally got your OK to drive again. As we discussed recently, unless you personally have been through what you have gone through, people who drive have no idea what it feels like to suddently be dependent on others to get around. (I said to Shari as I was driving her, “A lot of seniors go through this.” Shari said, “Ya, now I know how they feel!”) So, as I said before, I do not know what it feels like to not be able to drive suddenly, but because I work with seniors, I can certainly emphathize. Look on the bright side, this whole episode helped motivate you to bike ride…which is really good exercise. ;>) Cheers, Diane

    • sharisax says:

      Diane, I’m looking forward to featuring YOU on one of my Driver du Jour posts, which will keep me VERY busy for a long while. There were so many of you wonderful friends Out There!

      Now that I am driving again, I can really see and feel the dramatic difference in my life and, even, my own self-confidence. We do need constant reminders of all the things we should be more appreciative of.

      And as you point out above, I feel so much more empathy for our seniors who lose their driving privileges. Life gets a lot tougher, believe me.

  139. Natalie Leadbetter says:

    Hi Shari…I didn’t forget about you! Great job on the blog! And to answer your question about what drives me, I would have to say at this point in my life it’s traveling. I am so ready to learn and experience new things. This is exactly why I think YOU are going to become rich and famous on the web. You are not only constantly learning and experiencing new things, but you are very good at sharing them. I really appreciated your enthusiasm and ability to connect with your students. That’s why I wanted to participate in your blog. I want to help you reach your goal of 500 and I’m sure many of your students, colleagues, and friends feel the same! And glad to see you are driving again!

    • sharisax says:

      So cool to keep in touch with my students, or I should say “fellow” students. You have hit the nail on a head that continuous learning is what keeps us all Vital and Really Alive! Have fun on those travels. I remember my sister taking off for Europe right after college . . . as a matter of fact, most of my siblings did that as well.

      I “kind of” took off because soon after getting married, my husband was stationed overseas, so we got to tour Europe . . . before he went to Vietnam. Hmmmm, Vietnam, that WAS a long time ago, wasn’t it?

  140. Good morning Shari,

    I shall write my blog in a blog shortly. I’m early today it’s not yet 10:30. I went to hospital yesterday, so that will feature, enrichment will feature, becoming infamous will feature and I will again mention 9/11. I was sent a link to this Youtube video this morning:

    It makes you think. For those readers’ that would like to read the blog in a blog it’s here:

    I think we need a new thread for the blog in a blog. Something like: Mike would like a new car, please help…

    • sharisax says:

      YouTube: 9/11 fake footage testifies to the conclusion that if people are sufficiently traumatized, they will believe Anything!

  141. Shari, Only you can turn a set back into a positive. You are the quintessentila social media queen. When you reach your goal, remember the little people who knew you when…….
    Best always and keep blogging!

  142. Colleen Mahoney says:

    Shari – have you picked up a ride in a truck yet? Gotta get that “keep on truckin” phrase in. Might look to some great country western song lyrics as well . . . they are often about loss. Loss of a girlfriend, loss of a job, maybe loss of a car? Don’t forget those other modes of transportation too! I want to see a photo of you on a skateboard or scooter!

  143. Tom Gehrig says:

    Shari: What fun! I’m always amazed at your energy (which is always positive). I’m not surprised, however, that you turned a negative experience into something to have fun with and engage people. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

    Very best,

    • sharisax says:

      Tom, “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” :-)
      I actually have tons more plans for this particular post & conversation . . . as well as the blog. Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to seeing you again.

  144. Ron Poggi says:

    If I couldn’t drive… Hmmm? Without a bike, I’d have to walk or run everywhere. That would be easy enough for this marathon runner, but how would I get my kids to school and to their many activities. And, come to think of it, they probably won’t let me take that cart from the Costco parking lot. And it would be realy challenging pushing it the 6+ miles home loaded with all that stuff I buy weekly. Talk about a killer workout. Then again… I think I would end up driving my in-laws & friends crazy from constantly asking them to shuttle my kids around. But, my daughter has the puppy dog eyes thing down to a science, so I would solicit her help.

    • sharisax says:

      Hey, Ron, one of the bennies of not driving is how much money I saved because I couldn’t take that Costco cart home with me.
      I did start riding my bike the five miles to my health club for yoga, and I’m going to keep that up. :-)

  145. Ron’s post about what we would do without a car made me think. How to get the cart home from Costco? No one had a car when I was a child that we knew and I had four brothers and two sisters and my parents who all had to be clothed and fed.

    How did we manage? We had legs! We walked everywhere and riding a cycle was one of my first ambitions and when I got into cycle racing I wanted the job delivering groceries on a cycle with a basket on the front! What a nice simple ambition! We rarely bought clothes and that was a big event to get something new. Food was a big item to carry home but some was delivered by the kid on the bicycle with the basket on the front; whose job I aspired to. Milk was delivered by a milkman. This was an important part of my development, even though I hated milk and am allergic to the stuff. Helping the milkman do his deliveries proved useful later in life and i also learned how to drive a horse and cart. God I feel old… Deposits left on the road by the horse were very good for growing vegetables in the garden…

    The van the bread man drove had three wheels I think. Harry Oldham had a bicycle with a box on the front and he told ice cream; he later had van. It broke down and he had to give all the ice cream away; he should have stuck to the bike! Newspapers were of course delivered and that was one of my first entrepreneurial ventures, buying pink sports papers on Saturday night and re-selling them. Davenports delivered beer to your door we didn’t bother with that; my dad sent me to the pub instead. I don’t know why Catholics ate fish on Fridays and we weren’t catholic but ate fish on Friday anyway because it was sold out the back of a van.

    I can order all my shopping on the Internet now and they will deliver it. I have to get my prescription delivered I phoned a few times yesterday but the number was engaged. My neighbour is going to the supermarket and kindly asked if I needed anything, I gave her a list. I’ll buy her a voucher for Christmas to spend at the supermarket.

    I shall go and do my blog in a blog. Today I will write about Consolidation, this could be interesting. I shall also probably mention last night’s storm that had rain bouncing of windows and it was heavy. My neighbour just told me how it seemed to shake her house when the thunder clapped. I haven’t seen rain like that since the tornado a few years ago. I may also write about manic depression or bi-polar as it’s now known. You don’t have to be bi-polar to be a creative writer; but it helps…

    I still want to make £10,000 a year extra for a weekly feature… The blog in a blog…

    • sharisax says:

      . . . and this is the way we will do it, i.e. Build to the 10 pounds a week and more . . . I’ll be back [after I see Ron and tell him to read your answer].

  146. Roger says:

    Hey Shari,

    Wow, that’s crazy about losing your license for three months. Driving has become a privilege we seem to often take for granted – at least I do. It isn’t until it gets taken away that I think people realize how essential it is to our lives, especially in the suburbs. I currently live in a suburb of St. Louis and you simply cannot do anything without a car (well, maybe you can walk to get your mail). I grew up in the northeast where public transportation was king and driving was actually not as essential. Since moving to St. Louis, I have learned just how important this privilege is because even grocery shopping can be a challenge. In St. Louis, the public transportation system is significantly underfunded and as a result not very effective. This makes driving even more important out here. My fiance and I were sharing a car recently – which is considered strange out here – and making it work was quite the challenge.

    To answer your question, I drive me around and used to drive her around. In fact, for about a year, I called myself her chauffeur.

    Well, I wish you the best of luck getting around until you get your license back. I’m sure you are going to meet a whole bunch of awesome people along the way!

    • sharisax says:

      Roger, great meeting you here. It has helped to have so many people to “whine” to. But the great news is that I started to drive again last week and now I realize just how much I have taken for granted “that privilege”!
      So many other things come to mind now like what it must be like for those whose driving suspension is PERMANENT. I’m thinking we need to figure out ways to support those, especially seniors, who may begin to feel useless and dependent.
      I do believe this subject deserves more thought and conversation.
      BTW, the hottest most humid July 4th I ever spent was in downtown St. Louis. We really appreciate it here in the Bay Area where “summer” is about to begin, i.e. sometimes our hottest days are at the end of September and early October!

  147. Ron Poggi says:

    Yes, Mike. You are a bit older than I… And, ya know, Costco does deliver to businesses (not home yet). Funny thing about shopping carts, tried to remove one from a store in San Diego and the wheel just locked up 10 feet out the door.

    However, growing up in a small town, everything was within walking distance, but not just down the street like some neighborhoods in big metro areas. I do remember as I got older that my mom, after losing her license, did walk all over town. This kept her young and relatively healthy until the ripe old age of 99. Something to look forward to.

    Flash forward to my two kids, ages 15 & 12. If I’m not driving them somewhere, they are either walking or riding their bikes or scooters. Sure beats sitting on the couch playing video games, watching tv or playing on the computer all the time like some kids I know.

    • sharisax says:

      First thing that comes to my mind is all the “non” kids sitting on couches, drinking beer, and playing with their remotes.

  148. Good morning Shari,

    Remember when I went to the supermarket and was worried about getting a shopping trolley with a £1 coin? It’s weird. You put your £1 in a slot and it releases the trolley (cart) and you carry the £1 around the store with you and when you link the shopping trolley back with all the others; your £1 coin is released and you get it back. It is an ingenious way of making people return their shopping trolleys and on some car parks I have seen kids on roller skates offering to do it for shoppers. At a £1 a time that is a good little business, but would only work on a big car park full of idle shoppers.

    I picked my friend up one day from the Tesco car park, that’s big but too far away for me; but they deliver for a fee. Asda is a 1/4 of a mile away and they deliver too; their car park is a nightmare and combined with the nighmarish roads you have to negotiate to get there it is a place I tend to avoid. Morrisons is about 1/4 of a mile in the other direction and it is easier to park, but once inside it’s hard to find anything; they have the £1 coin in a slot trolleys.

    That bit about starting at £10 a week or more reminded me of my first cheque for getting something published. I cash it and that is accepting the copyright sale, no messing with contracts. I forget how much it was. It was more than £10 and I submitted an electronic circuit and a little write-up explaining how it worked. I still have that magazine somewhere. the headline was Ingenuity Unlimited . Some things don’t change.

    I shall consider your suggestion to join BNI. What ‘free’ time? I never seem to stop except to eat. If I have free time, I’m going to vacuum and clean up.

    Today’s blog in a blog will be about Farmville and co-operative farming. Social Networking . Using virals to promote your blog and writing your own newsletter. I’ll think of something else; there is always the news .

    It is here:

    • sharisax says:

      Good afternoon, Mike, although it will be morning when you get this. Usually I start my day reading your posts, but today BNI was just too early, i.e., we had Leadership Training because I’m jumping into this Business Networking Referral game with both feet and no flotation device. Which makes me think: perhaps we need a BNI game . . . I should say a BNI-like game — where we could learn farming. I suspect that if you learn business with a farming game, then it makes perfect sense to learn farming through a business game.

      We learned the “Remember When” game at the training session, e.g., “I remember when I was one of the most famous bloggers and everyone wanted me to write his or her story.” You can “remember when you were just finishing your third novel on a marvelous advance because your first two had been such runaway bestsellers and now they wanted you to do the screenplays for all three.”

      See how useful BNI is?

  149. BNI and lateral thinking.

    Yeah, BNI is about using imagination to set goals, plot your future and indulge in a little lateral thinking. I’m laterally thinking about it; first I have an email to write to a major publisher.

    I had an email with advice from James Hilton, he advised finding a WordPress theme; which I had just done. There is a new one that I like the look of, I may email him again when I need help with WordPress.

    My blog-in-a-blog is about Farmville as a business model. My trials as a writer and my ever present desire for a weekly column that pays me £10,000 a year of course.

    Shari, be sure to watch the Youtube video. You will like that. The blog should be error free. I even deleted an adjective. I wrote it in Word, spell checked and grammar checked. I’m keeping it for inspiration. My blog-in-a-blog has now moved to a new location:

  150. Sis, I notice on Comment 239 you have advice to share. So what’s your advice?
    Connie Balcher recently posted..Workshops

    • sharisax says:

      THX, Connie. I needed the request, but first I’ll re-run comment 239:

      OOOOps, Mike, I gave you comment #238, and I had told my friend Joe this morning to check out comment #238 because i was going to talk about Sex. After all, if we do want to become Rich & Famous, there has to be at least a mention of Sex, right? Anyway, I’d better “hide” the Sex reference within the paragraph, rather than make it stand out all by itself. That way people who may think I’m writing about something “inappropriate,” “questionable,” etc., might just miss it. Right? OK, here it is: last night it came to me, i.e., the Biggest Secret to having a wonderful experience with a partner whom you’ve become bored with . . . hmmm, OK, now Idea #2 just came to me. I’m NOT going to write it until someone besides Mike asks me
      So this is the “formula”: (1) Remember when the relationship first began? How both of you were so enamored with the other person that all you could think about was making your partner happy? (2) If that wasn’t you, pretend. (3) When you want to have a great sexual experience with your partner, then simply clear your mind of every thought except making the other person as happy as you can. (4) Then do it.

  151. Hi Shari,

    I thought you had moved the blog because that thread is really long. I think a link at the top of the new thread to the ‘old’ one for people who want to read what I’ve already written would work and not make that thread even longer. We could keep doing that – starting a new thread with a link to the ‘old’ ones when the thread gets too long. I wrote my email to send to the publisher. I sent it to a friend for an opinion, she thinks I have laid it on ‘a bit thick’ but approves. She wants the email address so she can do it too! I’ve read it six times to correct typos and mistakes, I can’t see my own like I can other people’s.

    Today’s blog is more informative. I try to inform, entertain and amuse. It would help if you add a comment – if you like it or whether the more amusing ones are better? I think I’m writing primarily for an American audience as well as an international one. You know that audience better than me.

    I’ll be back…

  152. Carol says:

    When I lived 25 miles from Tulsa I thought, “If only someone would drive me to and from work every day, I could get four more essays graded.” If my wish had been fulfilled, I would have missed that huge field of black-eyed Susans where the interstate met the turnpike, and missed the sight of the river iced over and the thousand other things I saw in 28 years of to and fro. Sometimes not getting what you wish for is the most satisfying.

  153. Bodhi says:

    Hi Shari, I love the pic with you in the Corvette! Way to make your non-driving into a fun documentation . I look forward to being your driver!

    • sharisax says:

      Me, too, having you as a driver, that is. I’m looking forward to featuring you in an upcoming blog post. Together we’ll help make some people a lot more comfortable with their “look.”

  154. Good morning and this is my latest blog-in-a-blog

    The video on social networking that Shari wants to see is here:

    Cool music!

    Today’s Blog-in-a-blog is about the psychology of association and suggestion and of course Farmville. I’m on my countdown to getting my novel published by a Internationally known publisher. My friends think I may get a rejection letter like them… It’s OK, I have a backup plan. They do think however if anyone can pull this off – I can!

  155. Good morning Shari,

    Today’s blog-in-a-blog starts with:

    Warning today’s blog-in-a-blog contains sex and is not suitable for people with an over-active imagination…

    Today I help with enrichment, make our readers more infamous and as we promised improve their sex lives.

    I was wondering after writing about association (was that yesterday?) what I could associate this site with. Park Lane in London is OK for me; but you need something American and up-market. I posted a link on a website used by the Beverley Hills set! I hope one of them needs a feature writer for a glossy magazine.

    It’s just gone midday and I have already had lunch. I have a meeting with a writer. I am popular, I have the email address for a major publisher who is accepting submissions – they want to share my ‘window of opportunity’.

    Enjoy the blog.

    I’ll be back…

  156. Good morning Shari and our readers who are chasing, riches, infamy and tips on sex. My blog-in-a-blog today is about learning to be successful in business and think like an executive while playing Farmville on Facebook! Then I run out of ideas and had to go back to writing about sex – you have been warned…

    No new episode in my psychological thriller – I don’t have enough readers to serialise that yet. Becky will remained shackled to the wall in her sexy underwear, short skirt and low cut top for a while longer…

    Warning this post contains sex – people with an over active imagination please look away…

    I did warn you…

  157. Today’s Blog-in-a-blog is about the overnight changes to Farmville. The latest news is bad, my friend in the Netherlands is catching me and eating into my lead fast. This is really bad; it means she has stored coins over a long period and just spent about 2.5 million or she is commiting that most heinous of internet crimes – spending real money! Ahhhh…. I have principles, I will it spend real money!

    The prat at Capital One still hasn’t sent my credit card anyway; Ranjit’s cousin in Bangalore probably forgot to arrange it. Pandowa my imaginary parrot is in India; she, as you may remember is a pirate parrot that’s can’t say Ar. She has promised to wite and tell me all about her new friend; an Indian Pawwot named Wanjit…

    Read my blog, I’m going to make more tea…

    • sharisax says:

      OK, Mike . . . the time has come. How about a TUTORIAL on How To Play Farmville, and maybe I’ll try it over the weekend. :-)
      BTW, I’m working on a story about the difference between POPULARITY and INFLUENCE. Don’t ask me why. We all already know that, but it seems to be a HOT TOPIC on blogs these days, so a site wants me to write a Guest Post about the subject.

      So . . . what do YOU and anyone else who happens here think about when people ask you the question: “What’s the Difference between Popularity and Influence?”

      BTW #2 I saw that yesterday someone TWEETED your Farmville blog posts :-) )))

  158. The 5 psychological devices of influence:

    1. Dedication: Show dedication to something and it influences people.
    2. Liking, if they like what you are and what you’re doing – you have influence.
    3. Harmony. If you promote harmony and are in harmony with them you have influence.
    4. Common goals – great influencer – have common goals with the people you want to influence.
    5. Shortage: If you have something in short supply and they want it – you have influence.
    6. Weight. If you have weight, like a title or position – you have influence.

    I’ll do popularity tomorrow. I must look at Twitter, it sounds like sending a text. I warm up with 1,000 words.

    • sharisax says:

      I’ve copied the above for notes in the story I’m writing, so, of course, I’m looking forward to your descriptors of Popularity. . . or anyone else’s, as well.

  159. Jeanne says:

    Your story has me thinking about how much I depend on the freedom to go anywhere I want when I want. Glad you got the OK to drive again. Enjoyed your class last night…it planted a lot of seeds!

  160. Howard Blum says:

    IMHO popularity has more to do with being liked by others for any number of
    possible reasons. Influence on the other hand is a form of control and
    power. Influence implies to me the ability to make people do what you want
    them to or what you think they should be doing.


  161. Today’s blog-in-a-blog is funny if you like that sort of thing…

    Farmville for beginners, Frugal Friday, my latest social networking videos, news about my new hospital appointment – exciting stuff.

    What do I know about popularity?

    I just remembered the babe in the chip shop picture with legs up to her armpits – she’s popular… The picture was too big to go in a video, I’ll resize that – it was her legs probably. I got the video to pan down to her legs or up to her face but not both – never mind, better luck next time.

    You can be very popular if you dress right. I tried stockings and suspenders, didn’t work for me…

    Webby said people love me because I help them on Facebook last night after he uploaded the video I did for him; I’m sort of popular when I’m not making fun of people…

    Being a writer helps, mention that to the young girls and you get their attention. That’s all you get, but at my age I take what I can get!

    If you have money it helps. If you have ambition and dreams it helps but not quite as much as a few million in the bank.

    Even a nice car can make you popular, people often look at my car and think; where did he steal that from?

    Being a nice person can help… not much but it helps with the nice people. Dreamless people are better of going for short skirts, low cut tops, flashy cars and visual appeal.

    Dreamers like me go for the attraction of intelligence, conversation, creativity and a nice car…

    Your pupils dilate in candle light or firelight that is supposed to attract the opposite sex and make you popular…

    I have to get up early in the morning. If I have breakfast early, I can have lunch early. My brother tends to come around noon – so I’ll have lunch out of the way and then about 1:30 if he’s still here. I’ll tell him to sod off and go to the hospital. If Sunday’s blog is weirder than usual I was replaced by my clone at the hospital. I’ll try to take a photo of the outside. I won’t attempt inside; the security will nab me and I’ll end up in the basement talking to my clone. I’ll try to stay above ground and talk to pretty nurses again; I’m popular with nurses usually. Being funny really helps you become popular, so does wining the lottery – people who look like me win the lottery a lot.

    • sharisax says:

      Looking forward to the blog-within-a-blog since you seem to be in Great Spirits. This was funny, but the truth is, isn’t it. I told my husband you were funny, but I don’t think we can get him to read comment 318 since reading my blog is about 318th on his list of things to do everyday.

      I especially loved your line above about writers and young girls. :-)
      I just said that just in case my husband chooses to read the comments and he sees my short one. He would always choose short over long, but he might read yours just to see what you said about writers and young girls . . . especially because I’m a writer.

  162. Woodman says:


    You are already Rich and Famous.



  163. Shari –

    Love the blog and your energy. It’s evident that you are passionate about this place!

    Keep up the great blogging and hope the driving thing gets resolved for you.
    Frank Dickinson recently posted..Closer to the heart …

  164. My blog-in-a-blog,/b> for sunny Saturday can be found here:

    I did my best, I was up early and I haven’t woken up yet. I didn’t warm up with a 1,000 word email either. I mentioned Farmville, the hospital (I’m there this afternoon) and the lottery (the draw tonight); it’s all happening on a Saturday. I’ll prepare veggies for a light lunch now…

  165. sharisax says:

    My SHARISAX IS OUT THERE blog article about Influence vs Popularity . . . and “What’s Wrong with the LIKE Buttons”:

    When we are really “all about” LIKE — and forget what might be most beneficial — then we’ve got a problem.
    The Topic Du Jour in the blogosphere is Influence vs. Popularity. One wonders why we should even be discussing the subject. Isn’t it obvious?

    Apparently not.

    Some of my favorite bloggers, including Brian Solis and Suzanne Vara, have blogged about the topic recently as have a slew of others.

    1) Brian‘s newest article on the subject highlighted the findings from a survey on What Makes an Influencer.Here are just three of the conclusions to ponder:
    ∞ Popularity is just that people like you; influence is when people listen to you.
    ∞ Popularity is fleeting. Influence lasts.
    ∞ Lady GaGa is popular. Bono is influential.
    We can now measure a FICO score for how influential we are by such tools as Klout, TweetLevel, andPeerindex. The most important action a person or brand can take to increase influence is to create and share compelling content that is relevant to an audience.

    2) Suzanne discussed how today’s world is different:
    “The Web and all things digital have changed the game on us. Influence is quickly becoming the currency of choice on the web.”

    3) Jennifer Mattern studied the difference between influence and popularity in blogging and concluded:
    “The relationship between the bloggers and their audiences determines influence much more than traffic stats . . . [One] blogger’s audience might be even more likely to do what’s asked of them, think a certain way about a niche issue, try a new tool, take part in a survey, or even buy a product. That’s influence.“

    4) A recent Mashable article case study of Kim Kardashian’s stats on Twitter characterized popularity as quantity and influence as quality:
    “And we think the ability to direct web traffic is a pretty big part of influence.”

    5) Malcolm Gladwell’s powerful book The Tipping Point described three types of Influencers who can tip the balance to make things happen: MAVENS, who know a lot of data; CONNECTORS, who know a lot of people; and SALESMEN, who know how to persuade:
    “Simply by finding and reaching those few special people who hold so much social power, we can shape the course of social epidemics.”

    6) My new British friend and blog-within-a-blogger, Mike Maynard, listed five psychological devices of influence;
    • Dedication – Show commitment to something and it influences people.
    • Liking – If people approve of you and what you are doing, they will be influenced.
    • Common goals – When you share goals with people, it is easier to influence them.
    • Shortage – If you have something that is scarce or rare, you can influence those who want it.
    • Weight -Those with titles or high positions will have influence attached.

    7) Here are some “quotables” that make sense to me – from a Copyblogger post entitled 60 Ways to Increase Your Influence Online [I "like" them]:
    Mike Volpe: “We share lots of things that most companies would keep internal. By sharing both the good and the bad, you build digital influence.” @mvolpe
    Scott Porad: “Make connections with people online, and then go and meet them in person in the real world, offline.” @scottporad
    Scott Belsky: “Share your ideas liberally. Accountability and letting people know what you’re up to can make all the difference.” @scottbelsky
    Mark Silver:“Many people are afraid to speak; if you speak for them, they will be listening.” @markheartofbiz

    In Chapter 8 of Stephen Covey’s Principle-Centered Leadership [remember his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People], he writes that our motive for achieving positive influence is to win new business, keep customers, maintain friendships, change behaviors, and/or improve relationships. Among the 30 methods of influence he lists are these ten:
    → Refrain from saying the unkind or negative thing.
    → Exercise patience with others.
    → Keep the promises you make to others.
    → Assume the best of others.
    → Seek first to understand.
    → Admit your mistakes, apologize, ask for forgiveness.
    → Renew your commitment to things you have in common.
    → Prepare your mind and heart before you prepare your speech.
    → Don’t give up and don’t give in.
    → Let natural consequences teach responsible behavior.

    9) My own thoughts:
    When I think about “popularity,” I can’t help but be reminded of the vacuousness of the In Crowd in high school (even though I was part of it). When I think about “influence,” I think of Responsible Parenting, Compassionate & Passionate Teachers, and Geniuses in the Arts, whether they are Writers, Artists, Musicians, or Actors.

    Of course, people can be influenced for the good — or, unfortunately, for the bad. So when we think about defining, recognizing, and applauding Influence, let’s envision a better world and the people who make it so.

  166. My blog-in-a-blog today:

    I have of course written about my visit to the hospital and playing doctors and nurses.

    I’ve decided I’m influential and a little popular. I’m influential to the people that matter and that’s what’s important. I need to influence publishers a little more; I’ll work on it.

    Popularity doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want the paparazzi following me down to the chip shop. I saw Lady Gaga down there: she walked out stuffing chips into her mouth to a barrage of flash guns – no I don’t fancy that; it would give you indigestion. She has those Kebabs with chilli sauce with her chips too and it looks bad in a photo when you have red chilli sauce running down your chin. She looked like a vampire with blood running from her mouth… urrrgh… At least she goes to the decent chippie in Park Lane…

    It is now Sunday afternoon, I’ll do some planting on Farmville, access a few banks accounts online and go to the Victorian sweet shop. I think it’s stopped raining… I’m quite popular when I have a big jar of sweets…

  167. Sierra Oscar – it is me and not a clone… Unless the clone got my password…

    Today’s blog-in-a-blog is here:

    The latest news from this side of the pond hit the internet just as I was finishing my blog and the post (mail) was late. I put a stop press in for the latter. The latest news is the British government is going to stop paying people child benefit of £140 a month if they pay the higher rate of income tax. I should think so too, the high earners got us in to this mess; let the buggers suffer. The top rate of tax has increased I think from 40% to 50% – I have mixed feelings about this. I think it should be temporary just until I win the lottery; then we should have tax cuts for the rich… It makes sense…

    We have sunshine and blue skies in England and people in offices wondering why it rained all weekend when they were off work; it’s Sods Law.

    I don’t have much to do now. Cook lunch and phone the bank and tell them to give me the money they owe me. I could write something like my new psychological thriller. I could make a video. I could go out and take photographs while the sun shines. I could switch my camera to movie mode and do a video — video with moving pictures instead of slides. I could email the CEO of the hospital and get permission to photograph the inside of the futuristic new super-hospital…

    I’ll cook lunch and play Farmville…

    I’ll be back

    • sharisax says:

      For one thing, how about going more indepth about Sod’s Law. I bet you could do a phenomenal piece on that — perhaps with photos and/or video. In fact, it could probably be a movie to surpass The Social Network [when we're both billionaires because of it].

  168. Marta says:

    Hi there,

    Wow – this is great and I am so thrilled to see the response you’ve received regarding this blog. Happy you are on the mend and happy friends came out to assist you. I hope you can take your classes on tour and head out east one day. Thanks!

    • sharisax says:

      Have $$$$, will travel, i.e. to teach the classes. You find me the the needy clients and I LOVE to show them what to do.

      THX for checking in.

  169. I love your idea Shari. When I read your comment on my blog about the DMV I really didn’t get it until I visited yours. A little something I can share with you. Over 25 years ago I had seizure on a plane flying into Vail, CO for a ski trip. Rushed me off the airplane via ambulance, in the hospital for a night for observation and the only thing they could come up with is I had oxygen deprivation. Since then I have never experienced anything even similar to it. One thing I can say that at the time I was CEO of a company and stressed out. I think I brought it on myself. I’m not saying that happened to you, just wanted to share the story.

    Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry recently posted..Personal Development Simplified

    • sharisax says:

      Michael, actually I suspect you will be one of the half dozen TSA-ers that I have the most in common with. One of our instructions, I believe, is to find those six people. Any way, I have an idea for your blog based around something I’m personally trying to evolve, i.e., taking blogging to a new step. If you have any interest, shoot a note back to me.

  170. Sod all, follows… Sierra Oscar

    I’ll start with the Chinese astrology that appears to be reasonably accurate: the first week in November looks interesting. I’ll check my Lottery numbers on the first day of the third quarter of the Chinese New Year. I bet Christmas comes up in conversation when you spend time with your family on the 10th of November.

    I have two etymologies for Sod off and Sod’s law. It appears something to do with sodomite and the bible. The version I heard, though, is a sod is a piece of turf. Now if the grass has peat underneath and the farmer goes to the bog to dig the peat, these are sods. Peat absorbs water and if he plans to go sod digging then it’s sod’s law it will rain that morning and the sods will absorb a gallon of water and be 10 lb heavier and take longer to dry out. They are also a sod to dig up when they are sodden with rain.

    Incidentally, after the farmer has dried them out they will burn slowly on the fire; they are used as fuel; but peat is also used as a high grade compost for seeds and things. If you interrupt the farmer while he is digging his sods he will probably tell you to sod off and you’ll get sod all from him. That’s sods law; if it can happen, it probably will. Sod’s law is similar to Murphy’s law, perhaps less Irish…

    My cheque…

    Now this is interesting. When I was first on the internet, a website offered me 1,000 free shares in its company and 1,000 free for everyone I introduced. I got the 1,000 free shares and didn’t get another 1,000 when I introduced someone. The 1,000 free shares over the years have been subject to share swaps are are now 11 shares worth about £12. I collected points, when they send me an email I click a link and get 5 points for reading an advert. Sometimes I use their site when I buy something. I got points when I bought my last computer. I got a discount and points when I bought the 1Tb Seagate hard drive; that was a good move. I got the free Muvee software with the hard drive too and that launched my new career in the movies… Anyway, 5 points here and there and extra when I actually spend money mounts up and for 1,500 points I get £10. Fast forward 10 years from the year 2000 to 2010 and I have £100 and I claim my cash – it took a while to get here – but I have a cheque for £100! £60 = $100 US.

    The moral of this story is when you’re frugal and accept shares worth just a £1.00 you never know where it may lead, one day you could be a movie producer…

    I used to have seizures when I was trying to sleep. I found out if I stayed in for the evening I had seizures; if I went to the pub – I was OK. It was stress, stay in get nagged; go out get sozzled… I didn’t go to bed sober for a while and I was cured. I don’t drink now; but I’m not nagged either… I had a seizure in hospital they sent me for a brain scan – I have one…

    • sharisax says:

      I’m relieved you have your brain. Otherwise, I’d be wondering where all this exquisite material came from, certainly not the 10-year-old website. I’m also relieved you received that $150 or so. I worry about checks in the mail, myself. So, Mike, if I publish today’s “gem” as a separate post on DRIVING MISS SHARI, can we still keep adding to the Farmville blog-within-a-blog? I’m awaiting your OK. [I don't want anyone to miss this, and some people may find you who wouldn't normally because I just joined TSAmastery, which is a "syndicate association" or "tribe" where we "like" each other's stuff] [Clear as mud, right? If that expression is not used across the pond, then don't fret, my college students here didn't know it either.]

  171. I’ve read that three times and I’m still not sure which little gem you want to add – just add it, whichever it is…

    I read about this joining a ‘tribe’ with similar interests a few days ago somewhere; I read so much I forget where I have read stuff. The doctor asked how much time I spend on the internet; I said I start at 9 in the morning and finish 11 or 12 at night!

    I should do something useful today, like write my psychological thriller, but my friend said he would come here in 30 minutes. I’ll try to persuade him to hold the camera and take him on a high speed drive – he shuts up if I go over 60 and play opera on the stereo.

    I’ll have to find a tribe to join. By the way, Al on Facebook is Alex from Texas, she is nice, I like her and she does have life hard. I like people from Texas, I used to think they were even more weird than me; perhaps that’s why I like them?

    Sierra Oscar… it was me…

  172. Benny says:

    No driving for 3 months.Not too bad considering during the next 3 months it will allow you not only becoming rich and famous during this short period but also having your own “CADDY”.As we all know the rich and famous never drives!!What a way getting used to this. 90 days and counting………….

    • sharisax says:

      Benny, actually it was only 55 days, and I’ve been driving for 2 weeks now. HEAVEN . . . you cannot know! I do have to take a Behind The Wheel driver’s test this coming Mnday, though. Wish me luck!

  173. Benny Germany says:

    I do wish you all the LUCK.Hope everything goes well and you get back behind the wheel.
    Backseat driving does get old.LOL

  174. Today’s blog is over 1,000 words. i wrote half before going to the doctors and half while lunch was cooking:

    I have another essay to write this afternoon, apparently I didn’t write enough about marketing when I wrote about Carrefour and Wal-Mart but marketing techniques like loss leaders are so well known to me I hardly notice them any more. I’ll do that first and then venture into website updates. I’ll think about videos later. i was uploading a HD video to Facebook; I wonder if it’s still uploading? They send me an email when it’s finished – it could take a while – over 60Mb. We made a video yesterday, we will have another go on a quieter day.

    Mike will be back tomorrow; I’m a clone…

    • sharisax says:

      I knew it!

    • sharisax says:

      Here was my Pet Peeve posted to Facebook:
      Pet peeve of the day:Setting a meeting time requires umpteen phone messages and emails because “one” of the two people needed a secretary. A secretary? . . . to handle a meeting for two people?? Am I missing something?

      My husband said that the “secretary” was really a clone, i.e., simply a made-up presence to make the “boss” look more important. There are some people we want to spend time with emailing back and forth — and others we definitely don’t want to.

  175. Sierra Oscar.

    My blog-in-a-blog. is here:

    I have done some Farmville today; I think I may maintain my lead after all, it pays to persevere.

    I have a problem now. If I go South, there is a new Arts centre – it cost over $100,000,000 and is a waste of money and space. That is nothing compared to going North to the new Super-hospital (the one with my clone in the basement), I’ll have to send photographs. It is truly amazing and half the site is the old hospital that is being demolished mainly to make room for a car park.

    The doctor said I should email the CEO and ask for permission to photograph the inside, too. This means getting permission, printing consent forms for people to sign who may get in a shot and spending an afternoon wandering around a super hospital. Bearing in mind it cost maybe $250,000,000 or more, why do I think this could be a good idea. I can’t think of one reason to do it; except this little voice inside me thinks it’s a good idea. I don’t think my photography or camera is that good that I’ll sell the photographs and I could do with an assistant to carry a tripod and stuff.

    If it helps, the university campus is maybe 1/2 a mile away and they are on Facebook – the Hospital Trust is bigger and more important and image-concious and not on Facebook. The CEO’s assistant is on LinkedIn; the CEO isn’t. I have a vague idea I can network doing this but I’m not quite sure how or why.

    Ideas required… I have a little time to make my mind up, I will wait for them to fix the leaky roof.

    • sharisax says:

      1) Persevering . . . to the goal, i.e. winning Farmville and Becoming Rich & Famous is the necessary “cost”
      2) Your photo expedition could do well with Melissa
      3) The hospital reminds me of a friend who sent around an RFP looking for a person to “Do ‘his’ social media for him” — Now the reason I put the ‘his’ in single quotes within the quote was because this person wanted people to be behind the scenes doing social media work “anonymously” without talking to the client at all. This is NOT Social media. This is flack-work “cloning” as “social media.” The whole idea behind social media is not to just DO things, but to Engage with people. And until marketing strategists learn that, we social media types will have a double teaching task, i.e., teaching the uninitiated AND teaching people who think they are initiated.

  176. Sierra Oscar it is me; the eccentric English writer.

    My blog-in-a-blog is here:

    I usually post this around noon and it’s nearly 3pm – things are hectic. I was signing a contract for a different energy supplier and talking to China at the same time.

    At least a senior copywriter (award winning) thinks my writing is good. Today I wrote about Dreams, lateral thinking, Farmville, déjà vu and why I may photograph the super-hospital. I wonder if I can get down to the basement and photograph the clones?

    Read my blog, it’s interesting – I will go for funny tomorrow…

    • sharisax says:

      I suspect that many more are reading, but only the good readers feel confident enough to respond. :-)
      Do I hear a challenge there, folks?

  177. Sierra Oscar it is me; the eccentric English writer.

    My blog-in-a-blog is here:

    I wasn’t happy with what I wrote yesterday, I’m happier today. I wrote a 1,000 words without calling anyone a prat. I did get a letter from a prat at the bank this morning . They looked at my account and said there was nothing to do. That is the problem with the internet, you tick boxes, there is never anywhere to say ‘Not that account dreamless; the one with loads of money in it’ – I’ll phone them on Monday.

    If I write something and think it’s good when I’ve finished, it usually is good; if I read it again 24 hours later and still think the same – it’s brilliant!

    I’ll read that again tomorrow…

  178. It is me again – I’m back. Sierra Oscar it is the eccentric English writer…

    Read my blog-in-a-blog here as usual:

    I have been multi nationally; multi-tasking again; writing a blog and helping with a university essay in China 8,000 miles away at the same time. I have to explain to my student friends in China why being male, English and 185cm tall is an advantage in England and why being female, Chinese and much shorter can be a disadvantage. I only have two years to explain that… It could be difficult. Today’s blog is interesting…

  179. Sierra Oscar, it is me…

    Today’s blog-in-a-blog is here:

    Ask your husband to read it, if he doesn’t laugh he isn’t normal… It is a little risqué today; there is another accent for you to struggle with… :)

    I am helping both Chinese students today. One asked where the squirrel in my garden got her baby from – that was asking for trouble! :)

    I’ll be back…

  180. Sierra Oscar it is me

    It’s here:

    I didn’t sleep well and so I dreamlessly forgot the password when I pasted the blog. It is more informative today. I try to inform, entertain and amuse… today you have informative. People may relate to it though… I also forgot Farmville,, I’m still winning by 56,000 XP so I pulled a lead out a little, but don’t have much time for it today. I must do some useful things. I may even go nuts and do ironing and cleaning later. I think I could be the first of my friends to get 1,000,000 XP at Farmville; that will be psychologically advantageous.

    I’ll cook lunch that will be nutritiously advantageous…

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, forgive me for posting this so late . . . it’s been nonstop since Monday morning when I took my driver’s test, then had three meetings, then saw three movies at our local Film Festival where I volunteer.
      Today i was up and out of the house by 6:30 am and didn’t get home until 6:30 pm AFTER being a small traffic accident where i was stopped at a light and a truck-type van banged into my auto’s back end.
      I’m trying to figure out when and where that photo/situation will appear on DRIVING MISS SHARI . . . never a dull moment!

  181. Sierra Oscar I’m back…

    Wednesday 13 October is English Language Day.

    My blog-in-a-blog seems appropriate today:

    I had a Newsletter from the children’s charity i wrote for; I’ll paste a little in:

    The Ring of Yellow Heart Event
    As part of the community project, Monty’s Corner, we plan to hold annual events organised by us. The Ring of Yellow Heart event is the first event started in April 2010 and will finish in April 2011. Nandini (USA) is our Event Manager and has been working with us over a year already. She has been managing all the communications with other charities around the world and coordinating the event activities. She is doing a fantastic job! Thank you Nandini!

    Mike M. (UK) kindly shared the characters from his book with us and wrote a story for kids participating in the event. Thank you Mike!

    I think my children’s story is in India now, the pirates have been to Mexico, Australia and Chile so far – if my novel gets published I can do even more to help. The video and story is on Youtube and embedded on my website.

    They are starting a new 2,000,000 campaign. I’ll have to think of something – like sell 2,000,000 copies of my novel :) or get 2,000,000 subscribers to a blog… get 2,000,000 XP at Farmville? I am going to get the first 1,000,000 soon! :)

    I’ll think of something to raise a few quid for charity…

  182. Sierra Oscar – it is me and this is not an automated post; not even pasted and not edited and full of typos; but no one is perfect…

    In today’s blog I messed up the italics tag and didn’t close it after déjà vu so half a paragraph is in italics. I read the blog about auto posting on all social media sites – quality is what counts not quantity and you can post one thing on one social media site like LinkedIn and then something a little more dreamless on Facebook! :)

    Quote of the day:

    Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion.

    Tomorrow’s quote:

    God must love stupid people, he made so many of them…

    I’ll try to think of a good one for Saturday – preferably about winning the lottery.

    My blog is here and is not suitable for children and people of a nervous disposition…

    Sorry about the auto accident, that happened to a dwarf once; someone ran in the back of his car. He got out and said to the other driver, “I’m not HAPPY!”

    That was asking for trouble, the other driver just said, “Which one are you then?”

    I’m going, lunch is cooking. I am going to ask my Chinese friend if they have any secret rice recipes later… I fancy something nice made with rice…

    • sharisax says:

      I almost couldn’t click on the “Approve” link because I was laughing so hard about the dwarf.
      Thanks for being there. :-)
      . . . and back :-)

  183. <Sierra Oscar it is me…

    My horoscope for today:

    As the Moon moves into your sign you can now ask the Universe to grant some of your more interesting wishes. If there is anything you want and you have had trouble getting it, try today and you may be surprised when it finally comes your way. Overall your luck holds, especially if you have a brilliant idea that needs funding. Go for it. You might just get it Aquarius!

    Thank God for that. My Chinese horoscope predicts a winter of depression. I am promised some interesting Chinese rice recipes later. I can’t write about rice because my interest is related to something pertaining to that reference was scatological! :)

    This will interest you as no one else appears to commenting:

    The rise of social media has added to the promotional element of the marketing mix. Marketeers now have an additional communication opportunity to attract and retain targeted consumers often relatively inexpensively.

    Social media can be used by marketeers to create awareness about products, news, and other business related issues, it can be utilised to lift the profile of a campaign and change the perception of a brand.

    As brand loyalty is becoming increasingly fragmented and often easily lost, social media offers a further opportunity to build a relationship with consumers as it should encourage online discussion where users are able to exchange views and gain further information from what the user considers to be a trustworthy source. It could be said that as well as increasing brand loyalty, social media gives marketeers the ideal opportunity to gain opinion from today’s youth which has always been seen as the most difficult target audience to reach.

    Studies have shown significant increases in sales via social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Although measurement of the social media element of a campaign is difficult it can be argued that qualitative information gained from consumers online comments will give an immediate indication as to the success of any campaign.

    Social media is still in its infancy and developments such as the iphone places application for facebook continue to provide further opportunities for marketers to communicate with their target audience virtually at a personal level.

    Marketeers should take full advantage and add social media to any marketing campaign. Social Media is King right now, and everybody should be involved.

    That was apparently written by a local marketing ‘expert.’

    This was also written by an ‘expert’.

    To put the power of social media into perspective, computer giant Dell generated around $6.5m of revenue through its use of social networking site Twitter alone last year. The company currently has 1.5 million followers. This shows how integral social media can be to a brand’s marketing strategy.

    It sounds good and so why did I laugh? I looked at his ‘corporate’ Facebook page. I copied this:

    people like this.

    Up to 3 already! WoW… Expert…

    The page couldn’t be more boring. People are also posting sarcastic comments (no I didn’t but it was tempting).

    Stay out of social media unless you understand it…

    Pay me and Shari for advice… I do this side of the pond where the frogs are…

    Today’s effort is here:

  184. What did you publish on ‘Sharisax is out there’? Give me link, I have probably seen it. I didn’t post here earlier, I was too busy. My brother visited, email to do and food to eat… See previous post for link to my guest blog…

  185. Sierra Oscar it is me – the irreverent English eccentric…

    That link doesn’t work. I may have read it, but don’t think so. I have of course, I wrote it. I just had an email from Jane she likes my editing of our joint novel, she said it’s funny. The sun’s shining and she seems happier. The novel has improved and she likes my new one. I wrote chapter one of ‘abduction’ yesterday. Jane said it’s gripping and she hasn’t got to the good but yet. She did ask why Becky got abducted and I’m glad she asked. I nearly forgot that! The why is the most important part!

    I’m not telling you why. I’ll let people guess and comment! Why did Becky get abducted? I may paste an excerpt tomorrow and tease the readers into guessing… Why?

    Today’s bit of irreverence is better than yesterday and can be found here:

    Lunch time, I’ll be back. Did well today; 1,000 words in 75 minutes and did my email.

  186. Both of the links work now. I have written more of my psychological thriller this afternoon. went out and got cash and sweets! :) The thriller is a bit steamy now. I usually use innuendo to be funny; doing it to be scary is a new idea and Jane said it was gripping; she will probably say I’m perverted when she reads the rest of chapter one. she did help though by saying she wanted to know why the abductor picked Becky and that is the whole point of the novel to help young girls understand why some men choose them as victims.

    A clone wrote this…

  187. The iclonic comments get better… :)

  188. It is me, Sierra Oscar…

    I looked at those Enterprise autos on their website, I said I was in California and so they showed me cars in California and they were low mileage and good condition. I would buy one by General Motors preferably or Ford as a second choice; they gave me prices in pounds sterling and so they looked expensive. They must have thought I was a dreamless Englishman with more money than sense moving to California…

    Today’s blog is funnier – it wasn’t very good on Saturday. Read to the end… This is the punchline… I have a young, attractive and sexy nurse at my disposable, complete with push-able buttons and I’m paralysed from the waist down from the epidural – life sucks some days…

    Comment 666, Spooky…

    I’ll cook lunch and write a little on both the novels I am now writing. I really want to finish chapter two of ‘abduction’.

    I looked at Twitter… I could Tweet lines like: I have a young, attractive and sexy nurse at my disposable, complete with push-able buttons and I’m paralysed from the waist down from the epidural – life sucks some days…

    It would need a short URL, I wonder how they sort the Tweets and decide which are important and which are not. I would need to research how to get followers. I feel an apathy attack coming on…

    How many characters are you allowed? I could get my WordPress blog working. I thought about serialising ‘Abduction’ in a WordPress blog… I don’t think a novel has been serialised in a blog before, especially while it’s still being written and definitely not one as risqué as this one…

    I shall think while I cook…

    • sharisax says:

      We looked at more cars yesterday. I’ve always wanted a Jaguar. I can get one with 71,000 miles for a “steal” — the question is “Who’s stealing from whom?”

    • sharisax says:

      Re: Twitter
      Surely you’ve looked at SHARISAX IS OUT THERE? I’ve got lots of posts on tweeting and how to get followers. The next question is What Kind of Followers do you Really Want?

  189. I’ve only just began thinking about Twitter. I suppose I could build a following of readers using a new blog. I will have to research it and find a theme I like for my WordPress blog. It could be pre-publication market building? I could also try out new ideas on the readers if I persuaded them to comment! It is the very short text like message that wouldn’t be easy; maybe I need a stock of stand-by messages for when I have the occasional dreamless moment?

  190. Sierra Oscar it’s me…

    My latest effort is here as usual:

    I read the blog on Tweeting, I still don’t understand the short URL’s are they provided by Twitter? Some kind of forwarding? I have an account with and may blog using my user name and then Tweet the link. I need a strategy. I need lunch!

    The Great Escape was a good film, but British except for launching the career of Steve McQueen.

    Have you noticed those little icons that appear in the tabs of you browser. they are Favicons. The Facebook one is a blue F, In in blue for LinkedIn; I did one for the Jake West site and then did a miniature pirate ship for my site! There is corn for Farmville on a tab in my browser… I also have a European site advertising a party hosted by a woman who calls herself Lily the Tigress, in Brussels.

    I’m going now I’ve teased you into wanting your own Favicon… I like the Jaguars but they are expensive to run. I have a set of alloy wheels for an XJ6! :)

  191. Today’s blog:

    Yes, Jag’s are reliable but they are expensive to maintain, have serviced and that sort of thing. I have to check out the site for short URL’s to follow tweets. I think the social networking group on LinkedIn is a good idea. I can contribute psychology and learn Twittering.

    I must get on, I need to cook lunch I’m running late and have a lot to do.

    I’ll be back…

  192. I keep trying to post and can’t.

    I’ll be back later….

  193. Lynne Butterworth says:

    Hi Shari, congratulations on driving again! Your drivers will probably miss driving you! I know you won’t miss those long mass transit rides to Oakland.

    Don’t know much about Kia Amantis except that they don’t appear to be made anymore: So perhaps you can get a good deal for that reason.

    If I were to buy another car now I would go for a Subaru, but then where we live in southern Oregon a 4 wheel drive vehicle is essential!

  194. Lynne Butterworth says:

    As to your questions about what drives me or drives me crazy….

    What drives me now has changed a bit from what used to drive me, say, 6 years ago. Family and friends are more of a driver now than career or ambition. Now I evaluate a job or potential career move based on what it will enable me to do for others.

    Some of what drives me crazy includes trashy streets and neighborhoods (you don’t have to be ‘rich’ to be tidy), rude and unfriendly people, snoring, and having to buy things made in China because that’s all there is!

    • sharisax says:

      Lynne, you have a BLOG right there . . . in every topic you list above. Try it, you’ll like it.
      It will showcase you and your expertise, i.e. joining the blogger ranks.
      Safe travels.

  195. It’s freaky Friday and couldn’t post yesterday. I’ll try to post this. I think it could be a PHP error or maybe the server was being backed up at the same time I was posting? It’s in Texas and they tend to do back ups in the early hours and I was on early yesterday. I think it was over an hour earlier than usual. I’m 30 minutes earlier today. I’ll attempt to post this and then look at the other thread…

    I’ll be back (with luck)…

    I found out … is an ellipsis… :)

  196. I think everything is working today… It could have been a server backup coincided with my blog submission. Yesterday’s blog with a little addition for today is here:

    That worked out well — I have finished over an hour earlier than usual. I could do all kinds of things now, put the vacuum cleaner on, finish the ironing, write How to make your fist million with Twitter…

    The sun is shining in England, I could go out and take photographs, nah; it’s too cold… It#s only about 6C out there. I nearly froze cleaning the cars. I forgot that Mazda Kia Amanto, they have transmission problems and use a lot of fuel after they have done about 40,000 miles. That could be they lose compression. It doesn’t sound good and transmission problems are expensive; not that I would ever buy an automatic. I change down going in to a roundabout, that’s a rotary or something on the other side of the pond, and I put my foot down and blend into the traffic. I have an expensive safety test soon and service… I’ll phone and get the garage to pick it up, sort it out and bring it back. They are usually reasonable. I’ll ask them to try and figure out why the battery goes down every few months. It could just be the alarm is on 24/7 and it has electric locks and windows.

    I hate putting the vacuum cleaner on… I’ll just finish my packing…

    I’ll be back…

    • sharisax says:

      I’m going to post this part of your comment all over, asking for more input: I forgot that Mazda Kia Amanto, they have transmission problems and use a lot of fuel after they have done about 40,000 miles. That could be they lose compression. It doesn’t sound good and transmission problems are expensive; not that I would ever buy an automatic. I change down going in to a roundabout, that’s a rotary or something on the other side of the pond, and I put my foot down and blend into the traffic. I have an expensive safety test soon and service…

  197. Sierra Oscar it is me…. :)

    I checked on the Mitsubishi Galant, I can’t find problems in the reviews; but the general impression is it’s OK, just OK; nothing special about it. One writer said test drive the Chevrolet Malibu first, it looks a more interesting car. I look out of the window earlier and saw 4 Vauxhall Vectras and they say they aren’t popular! I also saw an Astra and a couple of Corsas. My nephew has the sporty Astra, I like it but would struggle to get in and out. I want comfort, power, good brakes and of course it must be baby blue!

    I think a car that doesn’t sound or look too sporty but is fast is great, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to insure and does what I need it to do.

    I have a book to read and review, I just read the blurb on the back cover; it sounds like it’s about me! I may enjoy it after all.

    I may write a blog for my own WordPress blog today. I also have to continue with my new novel. I’m on about 10,000 words and have only started it this week. I hope I win the lottery tonight, I’ll get a proofreader and editor. I could start a publishing company?

    I’ll eat lunch, I’ll be back. I have that much to do, Twitter, blogging, cleaning, making videos, reading, eating – where do I start? Eating…

    • sharisax says:

      THX for checking. I plan to drive the Galante today. I already drove the Malibu and didn’t particularly like it. You might have also been driven crazy by the Jeopardy-theme-song-sounding turn signal sound. I’m still partial to the Amanti I drove. Were you confusing it with the Miata when you wrote about the Mazda Kia Amanto? It IS a Kia [now Hyundi] but not a Mazda.
      Speaking of baby blue, there’s a Genesis [Hyundi] that’s baby blue that I might try to drive today. The Genesis is the reason Hyundi is dropping the Genesis, so I’m told, i.e. competing models by the now-same maker.

      BTW, what’s the title of the book you have to read and review? Do you review books for a publication? I’ve done that, but it’s actually been “too much” like a school assignment. HMMMM, what’s wrong with a school assignment — I give them all the time.

  198. This video is interesting about the Genesis:

    My blog as usual is here:

    There is an HTML error, I put a typo in closing the italics after dreamless

    I was going to write about the anatomist in Germany selling body parts on his website. also thought after mentioning ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and ‘Strawberry Fields’ by the Beatles, that I could follow up with a mention of that other hit ‘When I’m sixty four’ I’ll save that to another day.

    I have an update on Chinese astrology for this week too.

    I am not a clone – I am the original – Sierra Oscar lives…

    • sharisax says:

      Looking forward to the Chinese horoscope . . . in time for my birthday this coming Tuesday? :-)
      BTW, when is your b-day, Mike?

      Thanks for the video on the Genesis. It reinforced my fondness for that model . . . which I testdrove yesterday . . . and I’ll be trying out the baby blue one on Tuesday. Ran out of time Saturday.

  199. I forgot the book, I am about to read. Therapy by Harrie Rose, she lives across the pond.

  200. Full title of the book: Therapy. A novel. I did therapy and so volunteered to review that one. It seems a good story but the lack of editing means bad punctuation like opening quotes and not closing them. I get narration mixed up with dialogue; it’s a good story I think. I was interrupted and did homework assignments for Chinese students.

    Chinese astrology: Important things tend to happen after your birthday. In your case it will be the third quarter of the Chinese year when something happens on the 10th of November and you become pre-occupied with Christmas or something pertaining to Christmas. I may be able to predict something for this week though.

    It’s a shame you didn’t pick up on the Beatles’ song. :) You perhaps don’t know the words as well as me! :)

    I predicted my brother would visit because he does it every week, usually on Saturday but because he didn’t visit yesterday – he came today. We predict a lot of things and tend to go slightly schizophrenic when we don;t predict our futures. Spooky.

    This message was brought to you by a hospital clone… genetically engineered to perfection…

  201. Sierra Oscar it be me.

    Today’s blog is here, very Chinese…

    Before I forget, I think I got my Youtube downloader from I put in the URL of the video and it downloads it as an MP4 that I can then send to China – because Youtube is blocked for them. I can also split off the audio with the same program as an MP3, it’s not very good quality; but it’s OK. I got Chopin’s funeral march like that and used it as background music to a picture of Kermit the frog lying dead in an alley. He died from Swine flu; guess who he caught it off? :)

    I’m in the video making mood today. I think a pirate one for Captain Jack: A ship’s Log in HD would be good. I have the music to The Muppet show, cool background music! Where can I get a picture of Miss Piggy? :)

    My sister said she may visit this week. I don’t think I’ll tell her grand daughter took her clothes off and got her friends to paint her body, then posted the photo on Facebook. Why do I seem to find everything weird, spooky or dreamless just lately?

    I’ll make some tea…

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, I want to tweet your comment so others can send videos to China. Tell me how you find the URL to the particular comment :-)

  202. Videos to China

    You get the Youtube downloader from here – download it.

    Install it. Then find the Youtube video you want and copy the URL in the address bar, I just copied this one:

    I pasted that into the Youtube downloader and it downloaded it to an MP4. My previous version of Windows Media player wouldn’t play MP4′s but this one does – my friends in China have no problem with MP4′s and they are smaller than WMV, but the downloader will convert to WMV. That video is quite funny but the quality isn’t as good especially at full screen if it’s downloaded.

    I usually send videos using Windows Live IM to China but that one is 11.4 Mb so would attach to a email. You can also upload then to a Windows Live Skydrive and share them; I must do that with my videos.

  203. Sierra Oscar I’m back.

    Happy birthday, Shari, and my clone said to say Happy Birthday; he is otherwise engaged, giving blood or stem cells or something… I have written some fascinating stuff as usual:

    I’m going to research the Buddhist Three Lives Book about regressing into previous lives; that should make for an interesting blog. I believed in reincarnation in a previous life; but not any more…

    Have a nice day… It is a new beginning…

    I have so many new beginnings, I forget where they start and end…

    • sharisax says:

      and what a cool birthday it has been . . . beginning with dozens and dozens of Birthday Greetings on Facebook. I’m behind in my “engagement” today, so I’ve only responded to half the greetings, but the night is young!

      speaking of “new beginnings,” it is interesting to think about the role that old experience has in new beginnings. . . and I suspect that has a lot to do with “regressing into previous lives.”

      BTW, my birthday celebrations came to a close with a few glasses of champagne with a few of my BFF’s. [Check out my Facebook responses where I extended invites to some of my local friends]

  204. I don’t know what I’d do Shari, but you’ve thought “outside the box” and reached out for help, and I admire that. Nothing like a little humbleness in life right? Now if you lived in the city where you could walk to everything that’s different, but out in the suburbs is a whole new ball game. Hopefully the 3 months is going by fast for you.

    Mike Pedersen recently posted..What’s Your Brand Say About Your Business

    • sharisax says:

      Hey, Mike, thanks for checking in here . . . it’s always nice to have another Mike, right Mike?

      The three months turned into “only” 55 days, but the “driving” adventures continue. I had to take the Behind=the=Wheel driving test, and passed it, and then got rear=ended. So the car saga goes on and I’ll be adding more chronicles soon.

  205. Sierra Oscar it is me

    Today’s blog-in-a-blog is a little scientific and it’s here:

    Another Mike, it could have been my clone playing games, he does that…

    The TV was crap last night and so I watched Youtube. I was watching those duels they have between a guitar player and a banjo player; remember that one in the movie deliverance – it’s on Youtube.

    I could have had a blogging duel with the other Mike, or I could check to see if my clone is free at the weekend? or those people who say, “I don’t know what to write” when I tell them to write a blog; read today’s blog. I read a little scientific research and write a 1,000 words about it – no worries, just read the news, research the background information and use your imagination – easy unless; you are one of the Dreamless ones…

    If there is anyone I haven’t offended with today’s blog, let me know and I’ll do you tomorrow! :)

  206. Sierra Oscar, it is me.

    Today’s blog:

    I just had an idea, we could write a book for the clueless and they could read it to the dreamless or would that just be hopeless?

    I’ve spiced today’s blog up with a excerpt from ‘Abduction’ – sex sells…

    I must get on and write more of that, but have to finish reading this book I volunteered to review. I have been asked to judge something – a synopsis or something – not a full manuscript. It could be interesting. I have decided, no more reviewing, no more editing except my own stuff. It is too time consuming and like watching paint dry. I must leave something for the clueless, to do….

    We have the Halloween blog to look forward to, my Christmas blog could be interesting… Then we have my New Year goals for 2011, Chinese New Year, my bloody birthday… There is lots more to come, stay tuned…

  207. Sierra Oscar it is me and I’m running late…

    Today’s blog:

    It is shorter and more serious than usual. I write a shorter blog and it takes longer. I did stop to talk to the window cleaner (philosophy) and my neighbour (Christmas shopping).

    It is as usual a dreamy blog and not to be missed. I covered evrything from Capital punishment to social networking.

    I’ll be back…

  208. Today’s blog is here:

    To clear up yesterday’s confusion — and that blog is well worth reading; virtual trading of stocks is a type of social networking. You don’t talk much to other traders but you watch what they are doing! There is actually a forum to exchange information. :)

    I have added a link to The London Stock Exchange today; it works; but you have to click 3 years if you look at that graph and if you check Christmas when that stock price was it’s lowest; you will notice the reason was the stock market was closed 6 days over Christmas and of course the LSE computer can’t work without the dreamless,/i> ones at their computer screen trading. I forecast a takeover bid of the LSE if they don’t sort themselves out and go for computerised 24/7 trading. They were the subject of a bid by the NASDAQ before the world economies went into free fall — it could happen again. If the LSE ends up owned by the Chinese – you heard it here first! Volvo today, the London Stock Exchange tomorrow! Communists owning a devotedly Capitalist institution — you have to love the idea.

    Tomorrow’s blog could be good, it’s Halloween… Spooky…

    • sharisax says:

      OK, I’ll check out yesterday’s post again, but is it like online poker that my husband plays where he wins BIG, but loses no money?

  209. I did it again, didn’t close the italics tag properly. I finished this and the phone rang. It was the bank: Do I want to go to the branch and have a free consultation with a financial advisor? My life is so spooky. I don’t know why I write fiction… I explained I had just written a blog about finance and I had a bond with his bank at 4.15%. “You can’t do better than that,” said the dreamless one in the call centre… :)

    • sharisax says:

      Simple, we’ll do better when our fictions are acknowledged by the masses — dreamless or not.
      But bonds may be a good move now, or not. Some people have told me that with the inevitable rise in interest rates, bonds may be a poor choice at this time. Perhaps some investment gurus can chime in??

  210. Bob Crane says:

    Hi Shari,
    It might not make me rich and famous but it sure is fun to take photographs and write songs and produce our own little music videos in our home studio.

    Here is my wife Mary & my little YouTube song to celebrate with all our other San Francisco Giants Fans about our Giants being in the World Series. We call it “Giants Baseball, Torture” Mary took the photos, I wrote and performed the song and produced the video… Hope you like it .

    Bob Crane

    Giants Baseball, Torture 2010
    Bob Crane recently posted..Are You In Over Your Head with the IRS

  211. Sierra Oscar it is me

    Todays blog:

    I liked that video; it used the rhetorical and psychological device known as repetition.

    The last day before the Christmas holiday and traders tend to sell stocks so the price drops, this is good time to BUY. When they return after the break on the 2nd of January usually, they think prices are low and they haven’t moved for a week or so. They are also into a new year with resolutions to do well and a positively dreamless attitude and so they buy; the price goes up and so wait for it and SELL.

    Trading stocks virtually is as complex as doing it for real. When I look at a fund there are 15 things to choose from on the menu. I chose stratification and that leads to another 8 things to do with the market and I have invested in about 40 companies. A chart comes up to show all the data on those and I have 4 funds to look at. This is the data on just one company:

    TRGL click me $13.76 5,000 $68,800.00 5.48% $14,422.02 -0.15% 26.52% 26.52% Details

    That is a micro cap energy company. I have 5,000 shares @ $13.76 and so far my return is 26.62%. The investment represents 5.48% of my fund and dropped .15% on Friday. This is not for the dreamless.

    If you are good and can beat their fund and the market consistently – they will give you a job as a fund manager. The pay is a bit rough, some fund managers have to scrape by on as little as $500,000 a minute…

    I forgot bonds — government bonds are garbage. Corporate bonds are worth considering, depending on the interest rate. I had a bond last year from the bank at 4.15% which may cover inflation; it will cover my personal inflation. I don’t buy designer crap and the VAT increase at the end of the year won’t affect me much. It won’t increase the price of food or energy. It will put the petrol price up, but I don’t use much going to the chip shop… A bond is important because it’s safe as is gold, then a savings account is handy, then riskier stuff like equities. I don’t need money for anything except a new car, or newish car and so I take calculated risks and hope for the best! :)

    Today’s blog is good, especially if you need to blog with SEO keywords in your blog for example. I wrote a blog about how to write a blog on Halloween! :)

    • sharisax says:

      I just heard that some people think the day after our November elections the market will hit a high, and it will be a good day to sell. What do you think? I need to sell some stock to pay cash for my new Hyundai Genesis. :-)

  212. Sierra Oscar it is me:

    In today’s blog I have written about buying and selling equities at the time of an election. would look at buying equities on the LSE if I lived in the USA. The prices look like going up because we have a mildly fascist government and the pound will go up against the dollar – because we have a mildly fascist government. That could make for attractive returns. I should look at Canadian investments – I would think they are doing quite well. I’m not sure they have cut government spending but domestic bills for energy have doubled. That is good if you invested in energy companies – but bad if you’re invested in luxury goods – people need energy in Canada – they don’t need luxuries.

    My guess is stock prices will drop before the elections on the basis of fear of the unknown and rise a couple of days after on the basis of the disaster didn’t happen as expected.

  213. Sierra Oscar it is me…

    Before I forget:

    That is the before the bell news from Reuters. Trading of stocks in New Yrok was light yesterday as investors were cautious (scared) ahead of election results. Now investors are buying futures ahead of a Republican victory. They expect tock to rise, when is the question. It could be tomorrow right after results or there could be a delay. if the result doesn’t go in favour of the Republicans – they may not go up at all or there could be a bigger delay…

    Google is suing the US government; I hope they get counter sued and wiped out.


    They are all dreamless

    I wrote about it, sort of…

    Beware of politicians bearing acronyms…

  214. I like today’s blog and so I posted it here too:

    I’m making a start and of course saving all the best stuff for my blog! :)

  215. Sierra Oscar I am back…

    Today’s blog:

    I wrote about the insurance problem in the appropriate thread, wherever that is…

    Youtube videos are good, I’m listening to this one. I like the comments, “Can I get one of those on EBay?” :)

    It is nearly midday on this side of the pond. The NYSE isn’t open yet but stock futures appear to be on the up before it opens:

    After yesterday’s freaky blog, I will try to give some good news. They will hit a high and drop back, the question is will the high be today or tomorrow?

    I wonder if the guy playing the organ in the Youtube video is a memory enhanced dreamless one? How does he do that? It’s spooky, good; but spooky… :)

  216. Sierra Oscar it is me…

    I can’t see my blog now and so I think it’s because I deleted cookies. I had the nurses come to give me an injection and a parcel arrived with my new graphics tablets. I use the quick install, four hours later…

    I can blog about the nurses tomorrow. I won’t put a link in just in case it’s not working…

    • sharisax says:

      I just clicked on your website and saw your thoughtful mention of this Rich & Famous post; however, the link led to a “can’t be found” message :-(
      Dreamless readers won’t know to click HOME to get some content.

      So . . . where are you? Did the parcel come to the hospital?

      BTW, I have a wonderful new “LIFE GOAL” now that I have lost 12 pounds . . . and on to losing about 5 more.
      . . . fanfare . . .
      I won’t exactly leave the “business world” but my aim is to become a 64-year-old fashion model. :-)
      Thanks to Isagenix. I may even start by checking with that company :-)

  217. Sierra Oscar it is me…

    Today’s effort:

    You lost 12 pounds, you can lose 12 pounds on this side of the pond just paying a cab fare in London! :)

    I used to write diet sheets for a slimming group, I am very convincing – I can lose 12 pounds going to the bathroom. I lost 36 pounds in 3 weeks once. They didn’t believe me until I was weighed. Hospital food! :)

    You need lots of fibre, the F-Plan diet was a good idea, but put the 5 a day in your diet; too much muesli isn’t good. 5-a-day is 5 portions of fruit of vegetable every day – it reduces free radicals and puts fibre in your diet. You lose weight or maintain a healthy weight and are less prone to certain nasty diseases. I shall have to write a blog on super-foods.

    I’m going to look at a story competition or something on the BBC website now! We keep trying…

    • sharisax says:

      Speaking of hospitals, one of my two clinic trips today was to have my annual bloodwork; I’m hoping my cholesterol number will go down AND that all the other tests show that the Isagenix is “good for me.” :-)
      BTW, one of the reasons my cholesterol has been 250 has been because the GOOD cholesterol is so high, so the all important ratio of Bad to Good is better than normal. What do you know about cholesterol numbers?

  218. Sierra Oscar it is I…

    I don’t worry about cholesterol, except for the fact I nearly always spell it wrong. I don’t digest fat very well and so it isn’t a problem. And I had too much alkali in my digestive system; it had something to do with the gall bladder producing bile and my pancreas not working properly. I take a medicine, off-label (off-label means taking it for something it wasn’t designed for) and that is a vegetable resin that binds with bile and makes me feel a lot better. It was designed to reduce cholesterol and so mine should be super low.

    Wikipedia has a chart of LDL (bad cholesterol) here:

    Eat your 5 fruit and veg a day and it will help, even fructose in fruits and vegetables will help lower LDL cholesterol.

    Today’s blog is very Chinese beginning the first day of the third quarter of the Chinese astrological Year. If today has been different – this is why. There are spooky people in California trying to sell spells as in Witchcraft spells – send me the money I get genuine Olde English ones wholesale. :)

  219. Sierra Oscar I am back…

    My blog is entitled:
    Farmville, murder, suicide and other stuff…

    and found here:

    I like this car, cheap, cheap to run compared to the monster engine ones. Gasoline will go up in price. It was expensive when I looked yesterday, but I’m past caring. Mine is a 2L and bigger than most cars on the UK now. I’m not going for a small car, I need leg room.|City=Novato|RegionLong=California|VehicleUsedDataLookup=1|VehicleUsedIncludeCarsDotCom=1|VehicleUsedIncludeSuperPremium=1&NumListingsPerPage=15&PageNumber=1&sortBy=&sortAsc=True&index=0

    I hate the colour, white is horrible, but engine size is good, front wheel drive is good; I can do fancy driving. Automatic is bad, but what do you expect?

    How has the third quarter of the Chinese year started? I think you were spending time with your grandchild this week. There will be photographs… Christmas will be on the agenda…

    I am so spooky when I get going…

    It’s lunch time and I have the Victorian sweet shop this afternoon…

  220. Sierra Oscar it is me…

    Today’s blog is here:

    For an up-market Facebook page, one should go here:

    I don’t understand RSS and Atom feeds, is there a blog that explains them in words that don’t run into too many syllables?

    Did you buy a car? You need also to look at the ‘Most stolen cars in America’ and avoid them. They are mostly SUV’s though.

    I have a long list of things to do and phone calls to make, I would like to go back to bed. I’ll cook lunch, I forgot yesterday… :)

    • sharisax says:

      I’ll be checking answers to your questions throughout the day, but YES I bought a Gorgeous blue Hyundai Genesis coupe which will be featured SOON on DRIVING MISS SHARI, and of course I should begin talking about my new Life Goal of becoming a 64-year-old fashion model [for this year, anyway. Next year, of course, it will be 65-year-old, etc.]

  221. Today’s blog:

    Today’s blog is a little serious, it’s about online and offline management. It’s not funny; I wrote it last night because I have things to do today. I have to buy A4 envelopes and read my short story again for the BBC and maybe print it read to send.

    My gem this morning after reading a dreamless article on peer to peer lending by a fresh out of university writer. She obviously had no experience of peer to peer and so deserved the comment: There are those that do, those that teach and those that write about it…

    I think sacking experienced writers and journalists, ignoring freelance write,r and keeping the expensive up market offices could be a mistake for that company. Their office space is their biggest outgoing (after the useless executives on the board); they should use tele-workers who will research properly and email features in on time. I’m not bothered their competitors are interested in my writing.

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, yesterday was mostly recovering from spending the previous night on the plane — and getting to bond with grandson Tyler again. Both of those are difficult to do when I spend hours on the computer, but as you said earlier today . . . you predicted it. :-)

  222. Sierra Oscar it is me…

    I was wondering why you didn’t read yesterday’s blog; then I realised I predicted something for yesterday in your Chinese horoscope and so you were probably too busy with your grandchild, photos and discussing Christmas. My Chinese horoscope seems accurate; I am sick of this weather already. I shall be glad when the Chinese New year starts and I can win the lottery, become an extremely famous writer, and make all my dreams come true. You’ll be starting your modelling career; I see you on the pit lane of a formula one race with all the hot babes…

    Today’s blog is more like normal, if it’s ever normal and to be found here as usual:

    I’ll be back…

  223. Amazing! I have been researching google all night due to this and that i finally found it the following!

  224. shaun noll says:


  225. Sierra Oscar it is me with another blog here:

    I have to edit my Chinese students speech now and explain more why her family is important. She has strong views about family loyalty and thinks her friends are spoiled and take what they get as only children for granted. The good news is the other student is becoming interested in Chinese astrology and knows something about it. They can make money out of that when they come to England; Chinese astrology is popular here. the one student says she will cook and do housework for me when they come to England; I wonder if she is any good at ironing. I could save it all up. Maybe not, I am running out of clothes now.

    Today’s blog is about dreams, dreaming and the dreamless and so we’re back to normal. I must do hopeless, priceless and clueless one day… I’ll write about my siblings at some time. Christmas would be a good time, I may see some of them.

    My mind’s on a £70 dreamless parking ticket… I need more tea…

  226. Today’s blog is here:

    Some days are good, some days not so good. I usually get good reviews when I think it’s poor so today’s may be good!

    Five ways to make money from social networking:

    I would like an opinion on that… I have written for that site. There used to be lots of comments but today only one and that guy just wanted to plug his forum – they are all newly graduated and are boring… Shoot me if I get boring…

  227. Today’s blog:

    I’ve pasted it in the odd square is because my smilies don’t paste! :)

    I’ll go back to helping Chinese students now; what a way to spend Sunday!

  228. Today’s blog is here:

    I also have a question. Should companies use social networking to communicate messages to their share (stock) holders? They need inward investment in the recession and small investors are looking for companies that value their shareholders. Is this a good idea? maybe they could also do a newsletter for shareholders linked in to social networking? I would probably invest more if someone was responsible for shareholder interests in a company.

    Today’s blog is interesting, nit funny but interesting – watch for the joke, you may miss it!

  229. I wrote today’s blog even though yesterday’s hasn’t been approved yet. I wrote about social networking for a change. It’s in the usual thread. Shari must still be in Ohio, I wonder why every time I write Ohio I think of the seven dwarfs? I’m going cook lunch and listen to music. I keep whistling and I have Bach in my mind; its driving me nuts…

  230. Today’s blog is here:

    It’s interesting today! It is back to being really irreverent!

    That Cambridge educated journalist I mentioned has written 3 articles this week and made a video! The experienced ones struggle to write one article. the video wasn’t bad either, he got out on the streets. I’m not an inverted snob, he is at least trying… He can’t write yet but he will at least learn fast! It is a shame that he has no mentor to learn from; his editor is an idiot.

    • sharisax says:

      very interesting! How do you have time to do EVERYTHING, i.e., writing, helping Chinese students, play Farmville, and think?
      . . . and sometimes go to the hospital? Someone asked me today how much time I spend on the computer . . . my answer ought to have been “Not Enough!”
      It’s impossible to spend enough time when you leave the house at 6am and don’t return until after 6 pm. It has now taken me 4 hours to get through my emails!!!

  231. Today’s blog:

    How do I have time for everything?

    I don’t. I haven’t had time to write my psychological thriller and writing is therapeutic for me. I need to get back to that! I write this of course and I write for my students.

    I also need to get back to designing my website and I need to sort out my WordPress blog. I’m not that keen on theme. i thought dark would reduce eye strain, but I paste into it anyway. Putting pictures and video on is weird. It sort of has to be hotlinked in from another server of folder on WordPress. I haven’t had time to get used to Twitter either. I tweeted my blog three times after getting errors.

    It has been reviewing a novel that has taken up time. I can multi task normally but you can’t do much else when you are reading. I switched from writing a blog to helping students the other day and even doing Farmville. Farmville is too time consuming is I let it be. I have spent 30 minutes early this morning and i just spent another 10 or 15 minutes. I don’t mind, if I have nothing better to do. It helps not having a family or visitors to disturb me.

    I do less on Saturdays when my brother visits and usually get more done on Sundays. I wrote 20,000 words in a weekend when I didn’t help students or anything and My brother was away. I’m going to do Chinese cooking and photograph the results next! I shall photograph my Christmas food again; not I have the macro working for close up shots! People are fascinated by those photos and that will be something to put on Facebook after Christmas. I’m writing another blog now… I’ll cook lunch…

    • sharisax says:

      I suspect this will not be one of your more popular posts.

      But here is more info on gerunds: they are verbals, i.e., they look like verbs. They are made from verbs with -ing at the end.
      Gerunds are verbals that are used as nouns.
      If the verbal is used as an adjective, it is called a participle.
      One clue to whether an -ing word is a “verb” or a “verbal” is the use of helping verbs [or not].
      Swimming is my favorite hobby — “swimming” is a gerund
      Swimming in the ocean, I felt very free. — here “swimming” is a participle
      I have been swimming for many years. “have been swimming” is a verb.

      any more grammar questions? :-)

  232. Today’s blog is in the usual thread:

    I’m going to cook lunch now and then try to do several months of ironing. I hate ironing. Then I’ll take my newly serviced car to the chip shop. I’m cooking Chinese this weekend. I also have a plan, I am going to ask my Chinese students to do something for me for a change. They are business students so can give me an opinion on a internet company entering the Chinese market. This company could be a very good investment; the shares are very cheap. It is also very risky; so I need some ‘extra information’. I also hope to buy the shares without a broker’s fee. I keep trying…

  233. Today’s blog-in-a-blog is here as usual:

    I usually start writing at 11 and at 11:10 and I’m finished. It’s better today than yesterday, too. It’s how to avoid getting hit by a train — which is an analogy for dealing with a sudden crisis. What would be a sudden crisis in social networking? The Facebook server going down? Farmville giving away FV cash by mistake? I’ll vote for that!

    I may write more about psychology this week while I’m on a roll. I hope my Chinese students are online early. I’m having lunch ,and then I’m off out. I shall go and raid the ATM, change the PIN on my new credit card to something memorable, go to the Victorian sweet shop and then see how good my car really is now I have spent a load of money on it. The garage used 2 litres of petrol so it was tested well!

    I read a blog from nearly 20 years ago and it is worth reading if anyone has the time. How to solve our oil crisis and economic crisis – it’s a shame no one listened to this guy 20 years ago we wouldn’t be in such a mess:

    That is two blogs to read on a Sunday… :)

    I shall do a miserable Monday blog tomorrow.

    • sharisax says:

      10 minutes, eh?
      If people who are afraid to write could just read three of your posts AND THEN discover they had each taken you only 10 minutes . . . either they’d see how “easy” writing is, or they’d set down their pens [i.e. computer fingers] and just hire you!!!!

  234. Today’s blog is here:

    The subject is:
    Hypnosis, collective psychology and social networking

    I’m doing well today, I wrote 1,000 words on that and edited 2,000 words for a Chinese student. I told her the topic for her next speech would probably be her future and the topic for the next paper was ‘My personal development planning.’ I think the speech is at the weekend. I was whistling Bach’s Toccata and Fugue when she tried to talk to me using VOIP. I didn’t know my microphone was on! :)

    I may ask my readers for some feedback; both of them. I could even take requests.

  235. Today’s blog:

    We have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    We also have… Hypnosis, psychology and social networking continued…

    Today’s blog is a little longer because the second part will be pasted into my blog. I think i have readers at last and they are interested in psychology and hypnosis and so I write for my readers; both of them. :)

    There is a method in this eccentric madness that will become apparent when I write about making money from your blogging. Stay tuned – I’m getting there!

    We do need people to comment and ask questions though so it will be more interactive. The sun is shining in England, cold but crisp. I have a new mind reading trick to do at Christmas. I don’t need a partner for this one – I can use my laptop! :)

    • sharisax says:

      I’m in the midst of reading an ebook on blogging [amongst other things] and just saw where you guys in the UK like to comment more than blog. HMMM, I can see it. Your an expert. :-) Can’t wait to read today’s entry. Of course, I chose the shorter one first.
      PS Thanks for being “here.”

  236. Hi Shari,
    This is my first visit to Driving Miss Shari and it’s pretty cool.
    I couldn’t imagine having to rely on others for transportation for 3 long months.
    You must have developed or deepened quite a few relationships in the process and it was a great inspiration for this blog. You did turn lemons into lemonade. Great job!
    Are you know driving again or did you decide to continue on your great taxi adventure?
    Keep up the great and creative work and you will find success!
    (Dave) and Dawn
    Dave and Dawn Cook recently posted..LeadNetPro Review – Can LeadNetPro Possibly Solve Your Frustrations With Attraction Marketing and Your Offline Marketing Methods

    • sharisax says:

      Well, Dawn and Dave, with your help — and all our TSA friends — the lot of us can achieve what we are after. Thanks so much for the support. I hope you get to read some of the other posts, especially from my new BFF across the pond, Mike Maynard. He is really a hoot and writes more often than I do!!

  237. Shari~
    Hello! Dave Cook shared your Driving Miss Shari site with us on facebook! What a riot! I didn’t take the time to find out if your health issue was resolved, but it looks like you have become famous!!!
    Take care!
    Linda G. Cox recently posted..“A lot of no’s… finally a yes! – A dream come true from Sunshine Foundation!”

  238. I have written about blogging today, it will save you reading that ebook.

    It’s 3 months since I first wrote a comment on this site. I must have written around 90 blogs since then and they tend to be around 1,000 words. 90,000 words! My novel was only 190,000 words and that took 8 months. It is around 130,000 words since I re-wrote it. It worries me, I have improved my writing since I wrote that but if you never improve – you will never be great!

    We should do a special for the end of the year, all the things that was edited out during 2010! :) That would get some readers! You would be shocked at what I edit out and that Keira Knightley stripping in the park blog would be popular. :) We need something special for Christmas and the New Year. Christmas gift suggestions for the terminally eccentric? It’s only 800 words today and so easier to edit.

    • sharisax says:

      Great idea, Mike . . . special blog post for ALL the “edit-outs.” Only problem is that some people might be getting bored just reading lots of semicolons.

      Re: a holiday present for our readers: Let’s ask them. Hey, folks, give Mike a topic, ANY topic. He really can write about everything — and well, too!

  239. Today’s blog is here as usual:

    I’ve been reading about social media metrics, I’m none the wiser. I still think the difference between people who understand metrics and people who don’t is how they order candy in a candy store. Some people order a quarter of a pound and some order 100 grams…

    I order a 100 grams sometimes but usually just buy the jar – why waste fuel going to the candy store to buy just 100 grams?

    I have mentioned Café Niente which has everything and nothing to do with social networking.

    Is buying the jar to save on gasoline – lateral thinking? Or just sound environmental thinking?

  240. My blog today is here as usual:

    I will have to buy more sweets on Sunday assuming I don’t get snowed in. I’m not even sure if I will get to the chip shop today. It’s Black Friday apparently, I wondered what all that was about. I don’t see any real bargains just stores trying to get rid of their junk. People have tried Netbooks, and their kids don’t like them. They were a cheap gimmick and now they can’t give them away. I had to explain to my Chinese student friend the expression ‘hopeless’ — thank God it wasn’t dreamless. I found another exploit at Farmville but it is too time consuming. I am not interested now, will not part with real money.

    • sharisax says:

      I love MY Toshiba Netbook :-)
      The accompanying material promised me 11 hours of battery life, and I only get about 8, but that’s plenty!!!!
      And it is so convenient to carry around. :-)

  241. I like today’s blog:

    I got the link right too. I think… :)

    Shari wants 500 comments on this thread. She mentioned it on Facebook. I wrote “Shall we tell them about all the money when it gets to 500?”

    Only people who comment get a share… :)

  242. Today’s blog: :)

    I couldn’t think what to blog about today. I could have written about becoming rich and famous; the inspiration always comes too late. :)

    I’ll have an early lunch, it will help keep me warm. The weather forecast says it is going above freezing tomorrow. I’ll try to get out and do something useful while it’s warmer…

  243. Natasha says:

    Shari, your attitude towards life is inspiring. I love reading your blog! :)

  244. You have a reader, spooky…

    Today’s contribution is here:

    If you write a list of everything you spend you money on and put food and housing at the top and miss off all the luxuries like alcohol; you would be amazed at how rich you already are…

    I slept better last night and it shows in my blog.

  245. Today’s blog:

    I slept better because I had a couple of drinks. I don’t think I will make a habit of it. I think my Chinese student may have gall stones. Oh God, it’s snowing again…

    I think it may be just above freezing.. I will consider venturing out and removing the white stuff from my car before it freezes again.

  246. My blog is here:

    I have started to wonder if podcasts are a good idea. I just listened to the beginning of one — it was awful. I am thinking of buying the gadget that records them. Are you up to 500 comments yet?

  247. Ron Poggi says:

    Your social media tips and how to’s have been invaluable to me. Keep spreading the joy and boundless inspiration. Thanks. :)
    Ron Poggi recently posted..Maybe It Will Go Away

  248. Today:

    One of the financial journalists wrote this lunchtime: Make money by growing things in your garden. My comment: Is there a big demand for Snowdrops?

  249. Today’s blog:

    This time zone stuff is confusing. It is midday in England and so 8pm in China and so it is 4am in California… So if it’s 3pm in California – it would be 1am on Saturday here. Do I want to stay up until 1:30 in the morning? I thought I had missed this Twitter thing. My heating goes off on the timer at 11pm. I go off on a timer about 11:30pm and sleep…

    • sharisax says:

      We did miss you. :-(
      But interestingly enough, a Twitter Buddy, Owen Greaves had responded to my Twitter announcement last night. So we SKYPED last night and then again today during the get-together. Everyone thought it was cool. Next time!

  250. Today’s blog:

    I’m pleased with today’s blog and so I will re-post it in my own blog. There was a request for guest blogs in Niente. That is a good cause, cancer patients are being encouraged to write as a sort of distraction, it can help improve their remission rates. I did a story for children with cancer and I may guest blog for this charity or perhaps edit and re-post?

    It was a shame about the Twitter group. I shall Tweet a link to my blog later. I have to work on websites and so may link them to my blog and vice versa. I am cooking today, I have done enough writing. I did soup yesterday, chicken stir fried rice today. I am taking photographs of the food and my kitchen for a website.

    Your bloggers who write sh** can learn my secrets of writing successful blogs today.

    • sharisax says:

      Mike, we need to do some research on British vs. English use of SEMI-COLONS :-)
      I’ve been changing yours to match American standards, but I don’t change your spelling. But I just read a GUEST POST on a writing/grammar blog [] and the Guest Poster was WRONG about semicolons, and dozens of commenters told her so. However, perhaps you can look up British rules for semicolons. And if they allow them in the way you are using them, that will save me LOTS of time editing. :-)
      Looking forward to today’s post on your site:

  251. Semi colons:

    I am addicted to the semicolon, though for years I didn’t know how to deploy it and just wrote run-on sentences instead. The semi-colon is useful when you need a sentence to shift or surprise; to be modified or amended; it allows a generosity, lyricism and ambiguity to creep into the sentence structure. So, yes, it can also be the sign of a self-indulgent writer and should be used with care.
    Anne Enright

    You practically do not use semicolons at all. This is a symptom of mental defectiveness, probably induced by camp life.
    George Bernard Shaw to TE Lawrence, on the Seven Pillars of Wisdom

    I love it; it is useful for many things. My understanding is, it is correctly used to join two complete, but related sentences; this way, the reader feels the link, albeit subtly. I love it so much, in fact, that I am currently writing a story made up of only semi-colons; it is quite a challenge, but I believe in it very much.
    George Saunders

    • sharisax says:

      When I get home from yoga, today, after I finish editing [or maybe before] my YouTube videos of a presentation by a Lawyer talking to Journalism Students, I will write a DRIVING MISS SHARI post all about our Semicolon discussion AND link to back posts. It will be a labyrinth, much like using semi-colons :-)

  252. More semi colons

    Semi colons and colons derive from Latin and earlier than that Ancient Greek.


    Semicolons are followed by a lower case letter, unless that letter is the first letter of a proper noun. They have no spaces before them, but one space after (possibly two when using monospaced fonts). Applications of the semicolon in English include
    Between closely related independent clauses not conjoined with a coordinating conjunction:

    “I went to the basketball building; I was told it was closed for cleaning.”

    “I told Ben he’s running for the hills; I wonder if he knew I was joking.”

    “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”
    “A man chooses; a slave obeys.”

    Between independent clauses linked with a transitional phrase or a conjunctive adverb
    “Everyone knows that he is guilty of committing the crime; of course, it will never be proven.”[2]
    “Bob’s friend was refused admittance by the doorkeeper; as a result, he left before the flamingos.”

    “I like to eat fish; however, I don’t like to be eaten by them.”
    “I like being odd; yet, I hate being different.”

    Between items in a series or listing containing internal punctuation, especially parenthetic commas, where the semicolons function as serial commas:

    “She saw three men: Jamie, who came from New Zealand; John, the milkman’s son; and George, a gaunt kind of man.”

    “Several fast food restaurants can be found in each of: London, England; Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland; and Madrid, Spain.”

    “Examples of familiar sequences are: one, two and three; a, b and c; and first, second and third.”

    So now you know!

  253. There is an error in today’s blog; the custom built laptop turned out to be just expensive, not custom built.

    It’s shorter than usual too:

  254. What drives me is the classic corvette in my link. That’s for sale, btw. No, what drives me is the challenge of achieving my dreams. So that I can empower people to have more abundance in their lives.
    Debbie Lattuga recently posted..Classic Corvettes for Sale Top 10 Sites Online

  255. Anne Egros says:

    Hello Shari, I cannot believe you have not gotten rich already…short by 3 posts, let’s finish it

    Kindness is a big driver but nobody want to admit it because of fear of looking weak !
    Anne Egros recently posted..Dear Executives- If You Are Not On Linkedin- Your Competitors Are!

    • sharisax says:

      Common Wisdom tells us that when we have kind, wonderful friends like you we are very rich indeed. :-)
      Thanks for your support!

  256. Anne Egros says:

    If I could cash out my English spelling and grammar mistakes posted on the internet I would be much richer than you
    Anne Egros recently posted..Dear Executives- If You Are Not On Linkedin- Your Competitors Are!

    • sharisax says:

      Anne, when Mike and start our Pesky Punctuation Page on Facebook, please be a frequent commenter. I’m certain you’ll be able to CASH OUT big time!

  257. Anne Egros says:

    Only you have the power to drive your own destiny by choices you made or did not make
    Anne Egros recently posted..Dear Executives- If You Are Not On Linkedin- Your Competitors Are!

  258. Anne Egros says:

    Hi Shari
    I am like the turtle, I take my time but I finish what I started: You should have your 500 posts now!
    Can we expect Driving Miss Shari Season II ? Not that I wish you cannot drive your car again but something like a compilation of the “Best off ” ?

    Again thanks for this incredible story
    Wish you a wonderful festive season and Happy New Year 2011 :-)
    Anne Egros recently posted..Dear Executives- If You Are Not On Linkedin- Your Competitors Are!

    • sharisax says:

      Anne, THX so much for the PUSH TO THE TOP :-)
      Now for certain one of your comments should be #500 . . . unless it’s one of my responses to you :-)
      As far as Chapter TWO is concerned, my next push will be for the post I did on the last time my mom was DRIVING MISS SHARI. I believe that my story, and the few commenters who have added their own, are addressing an important set of issues, i.e. what happens WHEN seniors shouldn’t be behind the wheel and what happens TO them when their licenses are taken away. If you haven’t read that post, please please kick off the comment parade here: “Call your mother, but watch those car keys”

  259. Oh..i love this site,How to be rich? getting rich is getting smart. Investing your time in yourself and becoming knowledgeable about the business of something you really love to do.It doesn’t matter what it is. Whatever your hobbies, interests, passions are. Find the one you love the best and GET A JOB in the business that supports it.

  260. Pia says:

    I am addicted to the semicolon, though for years I didn’t know how to deploy it and just wrote run-on sentences instead. The semi-colon is useful when you need a sentence to shift or surprise; to be modified or amended; it allows a generosity.
    Pia recently posted..Dog Training Collars

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