BUS 300 Students gather here Wednesday, Oct 29

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BUS 300 WedHi all:

Please follow all instructions below. Plan to be online from 7 pm – 9:30 pm

1) After viewing the video “What to do with Big Data” [12 minutes]

GO TO BUS300-Comments on Wikispaces.

You should have received an invitation with a link.

Register with YOUR NAME and a password.

Go to the PAGES on the right sidebar.

Each video/assignment has a separate page.

Write TWO comments the Big Data video: one will be what you learned from the “content” of the speech. AND . . .[you may need to watch a second time] describe the structure of the presentation and how well the various stages of the speech worked for you.

Each comment needs to be at least three sentences.

Finally, please choose two comments from classmates and respond to what they say.

Seth Godin2) CHECK OUT Seth Godin’s blog: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

Find 3-5 blog posts to read and think about
Write a comment of at least three sentences about any two of them in Wikispaces site:BUS300-Comments
Topic: Seth Godin
Comment on at least two of your classmates comment.

FINALLY, view this video and list at least THREE things you understand about communications from Kate’s satirical look at Wearable Technology
Write your own comment and comment on one classmate’s comment on Topic: Wearable Tech
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