Who knew? California’s DMV has YouTube videos to help me pass my Behind the Wheel test

This post is for EVERYONE who needs to take the Behind-The-Wheel driving test — whether they’re 16 or 60.

Driving definitely is a privilege that I now appreciate in ways I could never have imagined before my 55 days as a passenger. Despite being cleared by doctors, I’m scheduled to take the Behind The Wheel driving test — which I haven’t taken since way back when.

The student in me was really excited to learn that California’s Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV] produced dozens of videos, and below you can view the ten clips featuring the most common reasons that people fail the test.

#1 – Unsafe Lane Change
#2 – Failure to Yield
#3 – Failure to Stop
#4 – Illegal left turn
#5 – Improper Speed
#6 – Lack of Experience
#7 – Unfamiliar with Vehicle
#8 – Poor Scanning
#9 – Being Too Cautious
#10 – Unfamiliar with elements or situations

1 Unsafe Lane Change

On your to-do list: signal, check mirrors, and turn to check blind spot.

2 – Failure to Yield

Make to understand right of way, i.e. who goes first in different situations.

3 – Failure to Stop

Make complete stops and stay BEHIND limit lines. Do not turn right on a red arrow

4 – Illegal left turn

If there are double left turn lanes, then stay in your lane.

5 – Improper Speed

6 – Lack of Experience

Do not hit the curb when backing up. Make certain to look behind you.

7 – Unfamiliar with Vehicle

Problems happen when test-takers borrow someone else’s car.

8 – Poor Scanning

Pay Attention and always be on the lookout; do not have tunnel vision, ie., just looking straight ahead.

9 – Being Too Cautious

10 – Unfamiliar with elements or situations

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6 Responses to Who knew? California’s DMV has YouTube videos to help me pass my Behind the Wheel test

  1. Hi Miss Shari,
    This blog is delightful! I love the clean design and the laser-focus on your topic. I am not surprised that you are finding the videos for passing the Behind-the-Wheel portion of the test useful. I am quite surprised that the DMV produced them and made them available on YouTube! I saw a presentation on the Socialnomics website recently which said that YouTube has higher viewership than all of the major broadcast TV channels combined. That certainly makes it hard to ignore from a marketing perspective. However, since they have a pretty captive audience, I would never have expected a DMV to take advantage of that fact. That will teach me to make snap judgments about the DMV! Thanks for the post and good luck with the road test! Continue to have a POWERFUL week, Allegra

    Allegra Sinclair recently posted..Tired of LinkedIn Are you missing the point

    • sharisax says:

      Allegra, thanks so much for checking in here. My intention is to grow a “different kind” of blog. I will eventually be promoting this particular post, but first I’m collecting 500 comments on the first post “How to become Rich & Famous on the Web.”

      If you have a moment, please check out the first article on the blog [link above]. I’m now asking people to find one of the 300 comments already listed and then make a comment on it. Thanks so much. Now I’m heading to your LinkedIn post since that great social media platform is a particular favorite of mine.

      PS I’ll definitely be chatting more about DMV . . . after I take that Behind The Wheel test.

  2. Kendall Kramer says:

    And today a big article ran in the SF Chronicle about the DMV brand spankin new website that has had its share of hiccups. Perhaps they can spend more time getting the IT right and less time on the UTube infomericals. The poor folks in Oakland CA had to go over a day without DMV service. Talk about lines. Geesh.

    • sharisax says:

      A couple of things:
      1) I was driving in Oakland today and ran into traffic jams both going and leaving. I’d thought everyone was on the road, so they wouldn’t have been able to get to the DMV, anyway.
      2) The videos were apparently helpful to MOI: I passed my Behind-The-Wheel driving test and got the notice from our DMV that I’m Good To Go :-) )

      3) Oh, that same evening, my car was rear-ended. More stories for the blog . . . i.e. continuing to make lemonade out of lemons :-)

      PS I’ve got an idea for a new CA video: What to do when you are in a minor accident, i.e. all the info that should be collected, whom to contact, etc.

  3. Gennaro says:

    After viewing a few of these, I’m thinking it might be a good idea for people to take refresher courses of safer driving. Maybe a push from insurance companies with a nice little rebate beyond 10% for three years.
    Gennaro recently posted..Best Car Rental Companies

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