How to “re-do” a blog . . . and WHY?

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Re: Re-doing . . . and re-newing my blog and my blogging

Date: March 2015

Following the Oxford Sandwich format, I’ll be “telling you what I’m going to do, then telling you, then telling you what I told you.” So this paragraph is my intro and includes a little of the WHY I’m doing this. I started my blog in 2009 and learned while I was doing. After a few years . . . and some significant life changes, I “kinda” stopped. But now I’m restarting and redesigning and rethinking and redoing.

1. First step: Re-doing all my CATEGORIES. My content is going to evolve away from primarily Social Media into additional directions. So let me think aloud here: (a) I’ll keep categories for Blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and I should add Other Social Media posts. (b) I’ll add English class stuff and Business Communication class stuff. (c) I must also include posts that have to do with Self Publishing, but I’m not certain whether to call that Independent Publishing . . .  what to do? People are more likely to recognize the Self Publishing label, but Independent Publishing really means the same thing these days AND has more cache. (d) Hmmmm, should I do a marketing category? Why not? (e) So, if I want to do some creative writing of my own, what should I title that significant category? (f) Oh, yes . . . EDITING. I’m having a great time helping authors spruce up their books, so that category is a must.

2. Second step: Oooops, that means I must go over my 200+ previous posts and change the category listings . . . and as long as I’m doing that, well, why not look over each post to see if I should rewrite in some way? add or subtract some info? or maybe just ARCHIVE? For certain I will have to re-examine the tags . . . now that I “know the difference.” Smiley face. When I first started this thing, I didn’t know the difference. Frowney face.

3. Third step: Start adding the kind of posts I’ll now be doing . . . and maybe even set myself a regular publishing schedule . . . or not. Sometimes one just has to post.

4. Fourth step: SOCIAL MEDIA promotion on Twitter and Facebook, and maybe I’ll even learn Instagram so I can post my blog photos because every blog will have an image.

As they say at NIKE, now Let’s Do It. BTW, one of my Plug-ins has eliminated Commenting, so if you want to reach me, best to send an email to sharisax@aol.comcats 2

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Posted by Shari Weiss   @   22 March 2015
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